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  Madison Riley, 2014   1   Observation One Sunday, September 7, 2014 Showtime’s “Dexter”   Relevant background : Dexter is about a man named Dexter Morgan and his life as a forensic scientist for Miami metro police depart and oh yeah as a serial killer. When Dexter was three years old he lost his mother in a tragic accident that change him forever. Dexter became messed up in the head after his mother’s death and enjoyed killing. The only person who knew about De xter’s condition was his adopted  father, Harry. Harry was a former police officer who found Dexter at the scene of the accident and took him in to raise him. After a couple years he found out that Dexter has darkness in him that can’t be taken away. Harry helped Dexter by making a certain code that he must follow in order not to get caught. Some of the rules in the code are: Don’t get caught; don’t tell anyone your secret, and only kill someone who deserves it and more. While growing up Dexter had a sister named Debra. After their fathers death they both joined the Miami metro  police department, Deb as a detective and Dexter as a blood spatter analysis. By day Dexter lives a normal day. He gets up brushes his teeth, eats breakfast and goes to work like any other citizen. But by night he stalks criminals who were failed to be locked up and kills them to fulfill his “dark passenger”, which is really just Dexter’s urge to kill. Dexter only kills high-class criminals who get away with murder, which is ironic cause Dexter himself gets away with murder everyday. He doesn’t kill for an yone but himself, if anything it hurts the Police Department by lowing their solved crime rate due to the sudden disappearance of the suspect. No one knows about his dark passenger, Dexter is very to himself and has a very difficult time showing emotions towards others. This  becomes a problem when trying to interact with other people but helps him not become emotionally attached to any type of case. In this show there are a lot of communities of  practice. One for example is the police department. Figures World- a social place where social norms and rules are enforced to cause acceptable behavior. The figured world within the Showtime series Dexter would be the Miami Metro Police Department homicide section. Everyone who works in a police department has a common interest of catching the murderer. The main purpose of the police department is to catch the bad guy and with out these rules and conventions they would not be able to do their  job correctly. One-way to do the job correctly is to listen to the lieutenant or sergeant that is in charge. Listening to the superiors will help catch the person who committed the crime. In this figured world there are a lot of rules and conventions that help the police department run correctly. One of the major rules that the police department has is to catch the murderer, not kill them. It would be very ironic to kill someone when your job is to stop others from killing. You also have to be honest and work hard at the job you have. If you work hard and stay an honest cop you will usually get promoted into a higher paying  position. Stealing evidences or purposely messing up evidence is frowned upon, also very illegal, in a police department. If you get caught tempering with evidence you can be locked up as accessory of the crime. Whenever there are rules there are also a rule  breaker. In the particular figured world the rule breaker would be the blood splatter   Madison Riley, 2014 analysis, Dexter Morgan. Dexter breaks every rule that a police department could have. He hides evidence to help himself out or lies about it. He keeps secrets about the cases that the department works on by not telling them everything they need to know to help solve it. The biggest rule that he breaks is that he is a serial killer. As he helps solve murders he commits one almost every night. Actors- the people that make up the different parts of the community or figured world Dexter Morgan- Dexter serves as the main character of the show. He works at Miami Metro Police Department as the blood splatter analysis. By day he goes to crime scenes that deal with blood and tells how the person dies. Dexter may seem like a normal person  but he has a very dark secret. By night Dexter stalks criminals that get away with crimes and plans away to kill them. Dexter is a serial killer. Debra Morgan- Debra serves as Dexter’s little  sister and detective at the Miami Metro Police Department. Technically Dexte r and Debra aren’t blood related; Debra’s dad adopted Dexter when he was three. Her and Dexter are extremely close, after their father’s death they relied on each other for everything. The only thing that she doesn’t know about Dexter is his “dark passenger”, which was the main reason why their dad  paid more attention to him instead of her. Through out her life she always tired to get her dads attention and approval. Debra joined the police department and does her best to  prove to her dad that she is worthy, even though her dad is deceased but she still does everything that she thinks will make him proud of her. She also does her best to prove to everyone in the department that she can be a women and a great detective. Debra is a very loud, foul-mouthed woman but cares with all her heart. Detective Dokes- Dokes is a detective in the homicide department who works closely with Debra and Dexter. He is the only one is the department that believes that Dexter is a weird person and that something is a little off. Him and Dexter always get into heated argument at work. Through out the observation we find out that Dokes is hiding a few things also. Lieutenant LaGuerta- LaGuerta is in charge of everyone inside the precinct. She over sees what Dexter, Dokes, Angel, and Debra does. She secretly has it out for Debra and won’t listen to anything she has to say even is she is right. She abuses her power and is really only a lieutenant due to politics. Detective Angel- Both a good friend to Dexter and Debra along with their work college. He is extremely good at his job and tries his best to stay neutral in every conflict. Artifacts- Objects that have a significant value inside a community of practice or figured world Dexter’s Knives - These knives are just not regular knives; they are the tools that Dexter uses to kill his victims. They are significant because the represent how Dexter goes against the social norms in the figured world. These knives are Dexter’s world . They help him commit the perfect kill and if he miss places them or gets caught with them they could end him for good. The knives represent going against the social norm cause they aren’t used for what they intended for, like cutting up meat, instead the y are used to cut up and murder other human beings.  Madison Riley, 2014   3   Dexter’s kill trunk  - Dexter’s has a huge trunk in his closet that included everything he needs to perform a perfect kill. The trunk includes the knives, plastic wrap to wrap his victims to the table and animal tranquillizer to subdue his victims. This trunk has three sections and a hidden section with two locks that all the supplies are hidden. Blood- As a blood splatter analysis Dexter is in love with blood. He can tell how someone was murdered by just looking at the blood; he is extremely good at his job. As a serial killer he looks at blood in a totally different way. When he murders someone he cuts into their cheek, collects a little bit of blood and saves it on a slide as a trophy of the kill. Dexter keeps his trophies in a little box in the AC unit; the box contains around a hundred plus slides. Debra’s Badge - In the figure world Debra worked her butt off and became a detective for the police department. With being a detective it comes with a badge. The badge represents Debra’s authority in the police department.  This badge also represents her dedication to her job and something that her dad could be proud of her for. Community of Practice- a group of people that share a common interest or goal and share the same idea of achieving that goal Miami Metro Police Department- Everyone who works within the department all work together to reach the same exact goal. They work together by investigating and looking at evidence. The goal that everyone is trying to reach is to catch the murderer. Dexter Victims- Even though they may not know each other every victim Dexter kills has the same interest and goal. They all are either murderer or serial killers that beat the system and got away with it. Their common goal they share is to continue to get away with it and not get caught. Domain- a commitment to the community of practice that helps reaches the goals. Solving murders- All the detectives, lab techs, cops and other employees of the Miami Metro Police Department all have a commitment to solve the murders that occur in Miami. They all come in everyday and work their very best to find new evidence to help convict the correct person. The department will receive a murder that happened in the Miami, some of just a single murder while other could be a serial. These are not the murders that Dexter commits they are completely separate, Dexter murders murderers who won’t be missed and get rid of their body completely so if the police do need them they just suspect they fled the city. Dexter is smarter than the rest of the department and is usually two steps ahead and investigates illegally, breaking into suspects house to find  proof, and will sometimes kill the suspect before the police can arrest him. Locking up murderers- once the police department solves the murder and find out who committed it they have a commitment to lock away the suspect. They do this by making sure they have all the right evidence and interview the suspect correctly. After they can hundred percent sure they have the right man they arrest the suspect and send him to jail. Practices of the community- ways or habits that the community shares to help reach the common goal.   Madison Riley, 2014 Investigations- When a murder has been committed the police department sets up a team to investigate the crime. They go to the scene, collect evidence, interview witnesses and hope that they find something that will help them find the murderer. Analyzing evidence- After investigating the crime scene they take back everything they collected and analyze it in the lab. Analyzing the evidence helps reach the common goal  by hopefully finding a trace to the killer. Literacy Practice- a type of practice that relates to the way communication within the community Lab Reports- a way of communication within the police department is through lab reports. They use lab reports to tell a lot of things about the crime scene. They can tell who’s finger prints are at the scene, who’s bloo d is there, if there is any odd substances and they way the victim died. Without the lab reports the department would have no leads or knowledge of the crime. Press Conferences- One way that the department communicates with the public is through press conferences. This is were the lieutenant on the case goes out to the press and gives them an overview of the case and what they believe they are dealing with. On certain cases they don’t have press conference cause they don’t want to scare the public. Observations one: I observed the first 30 minutes of episode one season one. 5minutes:  The observation starts out with a man driving around the city of Miami in a grey Ford Escape. After driving for a while he stops at a  boys’  choir recital, at this point we don’t fully understand what is happening  or who the man in the car is. Then the man in the car mentions that he is stalking another man names, Mike Denavan who was accused of crimes against little boys but never locked up. This comment leaves us wondering, is this man an undercover cop, secret agent or possible a hit man? Once Mike, the man accused of touching and killing little boys, enters his car the man who was stalking him somehow got into his back seat and starts to choke him with a wire. With the wi re around Mike’s neck the stranger   makes him drive to a private location. Inside the  building the stranger threatens Mike until he admits to the crimes he committed. After the awful confession Mike is injected and knocked out with animal tranquilizers provided by the stranger. Once he wakes up he is wrapped up naked on a table with the stranger cutting his cheek open with a scalpel. The stranger take a sample of his blood and puts it on a blood slides to save as a kill trophy. 10minutes:  After collecting the blood slide trophy the stranger stabs Mike in the chest and chops up Mike’s  body and then the scene goes to the stranger on his boat like nothing had happened. On the boat ride the stranger finally introduces himself as Dexter Morgan, a blood splatter analysis and oh can’t forget a serial killer. Dexter takes us back to his childhood to where him and his adopted father are having a chat about Dexter brutally killing animal s. Dexter doesn’t just kill wild animals but family pets and nei ghbor hood animals. They are sitting on the boat on the bay where he buried his first kill, a dog, and where he ironically buries the rest of his kills, human beings. After the flashback we are taken to Dexter’s apartment where he hides the blood slide in his air conditioning unit along with about a hundred more trophies. It ’ s clear to see that Dexter, who looks like he is in his upper twenties, has been killing for quite sometime now. Then Dexter gets a call
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