OMD Real Time. Discovering consumer, brand and communications insights to drive your business forward. OMD Real Time Insights Offering 1

OMD Real Time Insights Offering Discovering consumer, brand and communications insights to drive your business forward OMD Real Time Insights Offering 1 Insights, Ideas, Results As the pace of commerce
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OMD Real Time Insights Offering Discovering consumer, brand and communications insights to drive your business forward OMD Real Time Insights Offering 1 Insights, Ideas, Results As the pace of commerce continues to quicken, fuelled by technological advances, it has never been more important to understand consumer behaviour, quickly and decisively. Today s digitally empowered consumers are no longer simply the receivers of brand messages, but the senders as well. Their paths-to-purchase have shifted, and continue to evolve, rendering standard communications models obsolete. Now, more than ever, we at OMD rely on real time consumer information that will generate insights to create the powerful ideas that ultimately drive business building results for our clients. Critically, we understand that the insights must be garnered quickly and reliably in a marketplace where agility is essential. OMD s suite of Real Time Insights systems enables us to gain timely, relevant and trustworthy insights efficiently and effectively. OMD Real Time Insights Offering 3 OMD Real Time Insights products are tailored to deliver: Actionable insights Our army of insight gurus (100 across EMEA) start the OMD RTI process by identifying gaps in consumer, brand or communication knowledge. They then rapidly select, design and deploy the most appropriate research solution from an OMD Snapshots online survey to a bespoke consumer blog project to virtual focus groups. Once actioned, the findings are swiftly fed back into the communications planning process. We leverage our understanding of the client s business to ensure the insights we derive are actionable and influential, and make an immediate impact on a campaign s direction: not only the who but the when, how and, most importantly, the appropriate messaging tone. How engaging the survey is will affect the quality of the responses gathered. Across all our online research products we use the most innovative and creative techniques available to ensure that our research participants are fully engaged with our surveys and motivated to share their behaviour and opinions. Global reach & robustness OMD can reach any target audience in almost any given market in the world. In some of our markets we even have an in-house panel representative of the demographic profile, to whom surveys are distributed weekly, and we design our research around these needs. We also work with the best in class sample providers. Quality outputs A brand s research is itself a form of brand communication to those involved. We believe participants should enjoy a user-friendly, engaging and thought-provoking experience. OMD Real Time Insights Offering 5 At OMD we understand our clients concerns and the main questions they face every day... Do I know what my competitors are doing What is the general What does my brand Do I know how much in the social media sentiment about my stand for and how consumer interest space and what brand and consumer does consumer there is in my product/ consumers are saying passion towards it? perception change and thinking about brand territory? over time? my brand?...and therefore, we have created a number of Real Time Insight products to help answer these questions. An OMD consumer analysis tool which delivers deeper understanding of brands, products and campaigns as they are discussed in social media environments. Qualitative sessions, where respondents are asked to input comments and ideas and complete a series of short creative tasks to come up with ideas for the advertising of a test product. To whom will my brand and products appeal? And how are they being used? Are attitudes and behaviours changing? Does my advertising appeal to them? How could it be improved? What does this audience think of my brand and its products? Who is my target market and what do they look like? How do I know if my marketing and advertising is working? Do I know the latest trends that are affecting my consumers? How do I know if my brand proposition is the right one amongst my target audience? How do people make the purchase decision within my market? Do I know my consumer as I should? With my new creative, is my brand communicating the way it is supposed to? Tells you what is happening in the marketplace, what the consumer general interest is and what is being thought about your brand; identifying any negative sentiment before it becomes mainstream. Provides real time, one-to-one interaction with your consumers through personal blogging, offering them a chance to share their stories, experiences, and feelings. Provides a comprehensive understanding of consumers path-topurchase, from start to finish, and allows you to see how purchase decisions within a specific market are made. A community of trend scouts across the OMD network who continually feed new trends into a central think-tank for collation and interpretation. Provides an understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of a proposition or ad before it goes live to the markets. OMD s online surveying tool which gives the most relevant and up-to-date information about consumer behaviour, opinions and attitudes. m:snapshots is essentially the same product as Snapshots but delivered on the mobile phone to gather data in real time. The next few pages feature a more detailed description of these tools OMD Real Time Insights Offering 7 Antenna is an OMD consumer understanding tool which delivers a deeper awareness of brands, products and campaigns as they are discussed in social media environments. Antenna keeps you in the loop and lets you measure and monitor the online conversations across the internet as a response to anything that your brand does offline and online. Where sentiment can be meaningless, inaccurate and not actionable, Antenna provides consumer insights that move at the speed of culture, allowing you to respond quickly to any issues and/or any competitor s initiative. Antenna can provide you with all of the following: Alerts Once a day Antenna will generate an alert sent to key stakeholders that summarises all negative comments and highlights those that are worthy of clients attention on the basis of either Reach or Relevance. Connections Antenna Connections provides a real time summary of conversations about your brand, your category or your competitors, depending on calibration. Brand Reports Antenna provides an analysis of all conversations about a particular brand. Audience Reports Audience Reports focus on what a key target audience are talking about online. Antenna has the capacity to identify and tag target audiences. Category Reports Reports of all conversations about a particular category or topic, highlighting any key issues and identifying any key influcencers. These reports are customisable to client needs. Antenna in action Example 1: PlayStation Gamers from all over the world were sent into a frenzy of rumours, speculation, and debate surrounding the PlayStation MOVE after its announcement in March 2010 about its upcoming release. With each subsequent announcement and rumour such as the E3 showcase in June 2010, followed by the actual release of the service, chatter within the online gaming community on blogs, news sites, discussion boards and twitter peaked as people shared, processed, reviewed and argued over the latest news and updates. Antenna Brand Learning captured this discussion around the PlayStation MOVE, to understand where the conversations were coming from, the general sentiment around it, as well as more specifically to identify the top conversational themes and topics resonating within the gaming community about the PlayStation MOVE which provided PlayStation with ammunition to capitalize on the momentum and react to any negative PR surrounding the launch. Example 2: Nissan Nissan wanted to track the available online conversations between September 9 23 to answer the following questions: What are people saying about Nissan Leaf s Polar Bear commercial in the US? What do people feel about Nissan Leaf s Polar Bear commercial in the US? What actions are they taking? OMD Antenna therefore tracked specific keywords (the ones used for the Nissan Leaf s Polar Bear commercial) in blogs, news and discussions. The analysis highlighted the existing trend on commercial buzz, consumer sentiment towards the polar bear in the commercial (positive and negative), their key takeout of the overall campaign, and their purchase intention. Message Takeout Emotional Context 327 Great/good 249 Love/like 91 Cool 62 Different 32 Hate 74 Creative 10 Stupid 23 Sad 22 Innovative 36 Significant 36 Amazing OMD Real Time Insights Offering 9 Tells you what is happening in the marketplace, what is the general consumer interest and what they think about your brand, identifying any negative sentiment before it becomes mainstream. One stop monitoring uses the most relevant real time buzz-tracking tools to track conversations and general buzz around brands. One Stop Monitoring in action Example: Sony Music Since conversations are constantly creating buzz around brands, and people and keywords are constantly changing, we suggest bi-monthly reports. Questions that can be answered are: How much consumer interest is there in my product/brand territory? Can my brand own this territory? What do consumers think about my brand? What is the general sentiment about my brand and consumer passion towards it? Sony Music wanted to understand the music scene before the launch of Christina Aguilera s new album: What kept people talking? Which artist had the strongest presence? Looking at search trends, tracking people s conversation and sentiment from the free buzz monitoring tools, we could predict that the launch of Christina s new album would be a more challenging job than anticipated as Lady Gaga had been dominating the social media space for months. With this information, we were able to identify which sites Sony Music should target in order to create positive buzz, shifting perceptions away from Lady Gaga towards Christina Aguilera. OMD Real Time Insights Offering 11 OMD Consumer Blogs offer real time, one-to-one interaction with your consumers through personal blogging, offering them a chance to share stories, experiences and feelings. A sample of the target audience is recruited and invited to take part in a blogging project. We create a personal blog that is passwordprotected for each individual and ask them specific questions over the course of a few days. We can also ask our bloggers to take photos or videos. Access to the blogs can be shared. Consumer blogs are a very good way to gain high order qualitative insights of your target audience: for instance to learn more in real time about a consumer s intention, and understand the feelings and emotions behind people s behaviour. Consumer Blogs in action Evolution of the Consumer is OMD global research identifying the impact of the current economic climate on consumers. As well as gathering information from a large-scale panel, we have also created personal blogs on which people, young and old, can share their stories. During the course of a week, we asked consumers from six markets to illustrate how their life, relationships, lifestyle, media habits and grocery consumption changed as a result of the recession. All the consumers who started blogging were still blogging a week later a clearly truly engaging and enjoyable experience for them. The stories we collected were very insightful for both us and our clients, including McDonald s, who gained a better understanding about the roles of different types of coupons in times of recession. OMD Pathway Study provides a comprehensive understanding of a consumer paths-topurchase, from start to finish, allowing you to see how purchase decision within a specific market are made. We recruit consumers at different stages of the journey, from those who are thinking about buying, to those who are looking for best prices and ready to make the purchase. This type of study captures and measures the level of consumer involvement in your category, providing real time response on the duration of the consumer s journey and the relative influence of the communication channels at each stage. Pathway in action Example: Rimmel Rimmel needed to identify the size and profile of influencers held in its UK database. OMD Pathway Study identified ways that cosmetic users seek information and how they pass it on to others. It also helped to identify the influential touchpoints and types of influence along the path to purchase. The research revealed a very sizeable influencer audience within the database and also provided valuable information on how and when to direct communications. OMD Real Time Insights Offering 13 Sense is OMD s community of trend scouts located across our network, who continually feed new trends into a central think-tank for collation and interpretation. They are a filter helping to identify trends on a macro level, and keep abreast of cultural developments always relevant to your business. OMD Sense offers three different types of insight delivery, all containing clear implications on how to further improve your communications. Monthly Trend Newsletters A monthly newsletter bespoke to the client, recapping key announcements, opportunities and industry trends that affects your brand s communications. In a unique real-time approach these newsletters provide bitesized trends, insights and case studies. Consumer Trend Reports Our Consumer Trend Reports focus on microtrends on the tipping point, helping you to identify the big opportunities for your brand in times of the changing and evolving consumer. Bespoke to your brand and tapping into the current Zeitgeist, these reports provide the consumer insights that inform successful communications and brand behaviour. Future Trend Guides By bringing together our media expertise, influencer hot spots and communications/ retail opportunities, our Future Trend Guides allow you to better understand your audience s urban and communications touchpoints, and the emerging trends that surround them. You will delve into the trends first hand meet your influencers and see the relevant innovations in action, brought to life by dynamic formats such as videos, blogs, e-mags and even city tours. At OMD Idea Generation sessions, respondents take part in a qualitative session during which they input comments and ideas and complete a series of short creative tasks to try to come up with ideas for the advertising of a test product. Alternatively, using OMD Snapshots platform, creative ideas generated in an Ignition session could be rated by a quantifiable sample and bring robustness to soft data. Idea Generation in action Example: McDonald s McDonald s wanted to exploit its Player Escort Programme at the 2010 World Cup. The long-term successful activation that took children to important football championships needed to refresh its selection method in several countries. Ignition got together a group representative of two target audiences, young adults and families, and brainstormed for one afternoon: many of these ideas were used. OMD Real Time Insights Offering 15 When new creative is launched, we are never certain that it is communicating what it is supposed to. Therefore a copy-testing survey helps understand relative strengths and weaknesses of the proposition or ad before it goes live to the markets. Copy Testing in action Example: Example: Carlsberg The number has traditionally been perceived as a dated service that is now becoming redundant in the UK as more people turn to the internet for their information needs. Carlsberg was keen to test its latest hourglass creative concept for San Miguel amongst its target audiences prior to finalising it and rolling it out nationally. The objectives were: With this in mind, OMD Insight conducted a series of focus groups with service rejecters to understand the barriers to use, and to test new product and concept ideas. To test appeal and perceptions of the hourglass creative concept against an international creative and the 2009 creative We were able to give clear recommendations over the most successful concept ideas for to consider, some, of which were subsequently rolled out. To ascertain how the creative performs against key brand measures Three separate online surveys using a sample of ABC1Men, 25 24, drinkers of world or premium lager, were launched using OMD s online tool, Snapshots. The results were hugely encouraging, and gave Carlsberg the confidence to use this concept as the basis for its new San Miguel campaign. OMD Snapshots is an OMD online surveying tool which enables us to get the most relevant and up-to-date information about consumer behaviour, opinions and attitudes. Our flash technology helps us to create flexible and interactive surveys, which are very easily received by respondents. The research conducted in these surveys allows us to determine the appeal of a campaign, to test a creative execution, to explore and test a new product, to evaluate a new launch and to identify new opportunities and targets. Below are the type of research projects that can be conducted under Snapshots. Usage and Attitude Our Usage and Attitude studies provide a benchmark of a brand s performance on key measures, and gives an indication of the brand s target audience, how it is being used and what a specific audience thinks about the brand. MRF Market Response Finder Market Response Finder (MRF) is OMD s proprietary approach to measuring the effect of campaigns and identifying the role played by each media channel. Brand Equity Brand Equity study provides an in-depth understanding of the role your brand plays in a consumer s life and the space it occupies in the market versus the competition. Continuous Tracking Continuous Tracking study measures the effect of a brand s marketing activity over time. Campaign Evaluation Evaluating the effect of a campaign is essential to assess the effectiveness of the media and marketing activity in increasing the desired metrics. The following pages feature examples of these Snapshots research projects in action. OMD Real Time Insights Offering 17 Example 1: Usage and Attitude in action for Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden commissioned an online Snapshots Usage and Attitude study to identify opportunities to grow its fragrance sales in the women s prestige and mass fragrance categories across Western Europe by: Exploring current consumer fragrance habits and attitudes with a focus on demographic, psychographic and regional variations Exploring growth opportunities by age and country to build and strengthen the current licensee portfolio This Usage and Attitude study became a powerful planning tool for Elizabeth Arden, delivering them a better understanding of the female fragrance usage habits. It also provided critical information which allowed them to assess the appeal and purchase interest for potential new, and existing, licensees. Example 3: Tracking in action for Ocean Spray Example 2: Brand Equity in action for PlayStation The following metrics were tracked for nearly two years in a continuous campaign for Ocean Spray: PlayStation commissioned a Brand Equity study using OMD s Online Platform to understand key barriers and drivers and measure awareness and perception of SingStar, Sony PlayStation s karaoke game, which was launched in It had great success across Europe, but the game was not the expected hit in France. Unaided and aided brand awareness The Brand Equity quantitative results became more powerful with qualitative focus groups conducted with PS3 regular players. The session was then followed by a SingStar session at the respondent s house to experiment with the game, and a telephone interview to gain further feedback. Example 4: Tracking in action for Google In addition, Facebook was used to come into contact with the French community of fans King o
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