On the Creation of the Cosmos and the Advent of Light

On the Creation of the Cosmos and the Advent of Light
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  On the Creation of the Cosmos and the Advent of Light Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract  A brief discussion with regard to how the Creation of Cosmos is  facilitated and operates via the advent of light is presented. It is explicated that light epitomizes a resultant electromagnetic field composed of two separate components of alternating expansive-electric and contracting-magnetic fields that are formed symbiotically  perpendicular to one another. In terms of energetics, these two orthogonal alternating electric and magnetic fields represent two transverse oscillating waves that combine to simultaneously propagate in a mutual direction that is perpendicular to their fields of origin. In this respect, the resulting electromagnetic wave represents light energetic waves that are formed from the constructive interference of its two orthogonal oscillating electric and magnetic constituent wave components in the form of combined transverse waves that propagate in a direction normal to the plane containing the two electric and magnetic fields. It is further elucidated that the electric and the magnetic constituents of light represent the primary example for the Dualism Principle of Creation at work, which asserts that both components must be generated simultaneously and symbiotic with one another, which although may seem contrasting or competing in nature with respect to each other, serve the purpose of functioning interdependently and cooperatively together.  Introduction •   Everything and all events srcinate from a crystalline, coherent, intelligible form of energy that is referred to as consciousness energy [1].   •   This energy is comprised of quanta or units that are of purely free flowing in nature in a waveform that vibrate at infinite frequency [2-3] that has rendered this entity that is referred to as the God-SOURCE [4] (SOURCE, thereafter) to practically exist in total STILLNESS. •   Furthermore, these quanta of pure consciousness energy are void of any gender, polarity, or charge in our vernacular that has rendered the entity to be of pure NEUTRALITY. •   And, since the entity has grown infinitely in terms of its density of consciousness energy, it has come to a status of SINGULARITY in which it occupies a single point without any sense of spatiality or contiguity with anyone or anything else. •   As a result, although being Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent, the entity can no longer expand ITS energetic of consciousness [5]. •   Therefore, IT ventures in ‘E xploding-Imploding ’  upon ITSELF in order to be able to further expand in consciousness, as well as express ITSELF, once again, experiencing life [6] through forming a series of sentient beings [7] as ITS offspring through a process of self-similar hologramic fractalization who are to totally mimic ITS traits and structural form. •   In this respect, the SOURCE as an Omnipotent, Omniscient entity grants its sentient offspring the gift of self-awareness and Free Will in order to venture into what is referred to as the ‘space - time’ [8] as well as the ‘innerspace’ [9] to spiritually and consciously learn and function as co-creating consciousness generators.  •   This way, IT creates a form of spatiality forming a body for ITSELF that we refer to as the ‘Cosmos’  [10]. •   Thus, the entity as the Prime Creator begins to devise and oversee all that transpires within ITS body of the Cosmos, as an Omnipresent entity, from the incipient point referred to as the God-SOURCE located at the ‘heart’ or the central point of ITS body (the Cosmos), which also functions as its brain or control center in our vernacular. •   Furthermore, the whole process of Explosion-Implosion about ITS incipient SELF as the God-SOURCE sets a precedence for the most important aspect of the Creation of the Cosmos that is referred to as the ‘Dualism Principle of Creation’  [11-12]. •   Simply put, the Dualism Principle of Creation states that everything and every event in the Cosmos must be created in pairs. •   Such ‘conjugate pairs’ are always ‘symbiotic’ in nature that cannot exist independent of one another or alone or by themselves, and although they are of somewhat of a mutually competing nature, or deemed as being as opposite or inverse of one another, not only they represent a mirrored form of one another, they culminate in keeping the WHOLE Cosmos and its operation in balance, culminating in ITS longevity and ORDER [13]. •   In fact, the action of explosion-implosion of the God-SOURCE about ITSELF is akin to a breathing in-breathing out or inhalation-exhalation process, not unlike the palpitation of our own heart. •   And, since the WHOLE Cosmos is created in the form of a hologram-within-hologram [14] fitting in each other not unlike the Matryoshka Russian Dolls [15], the same Dualism Principle of Creation applies to all its constituents such as superuniverses, universes, galaxies, planetary bodies, etc.  •   Thus, in this respect, all ITS constituent bodies operate based upon a form of inhalation-exhalation process that sets their pulse rate as energetic living entities. •   And, for example to provide a further illustration for this, the advent of matter-antimatter interconversion via the black-white holes within our Nebadon Universe sets the pulse rate of our Universe that echoes throughout all its domain, even setting the precedence for the nature of our quantum consciousness or our own pulse rate [16-17]. The Advent of Light •   To facilitate the process of Creation and operation of the Cosmos through Explosion-Implosion of the God-SOURCE about ITSELF, the Prime Creator has created a Trinity form of ITSELF. •   In this regard, the NEUTRAL God Quanta of Energy are divided into two formats, one of ‘Expansive,’ and the other of ‘Contractive’ kind.   •   As the words suggest, the Expansive God Quanta have the tendency to expand the Cosmos, and everything within IT, away from the SOURCE that is akin to exhalation, which is a direct result of the God-SOURCE exploding upon ITSELF. •   On the other hand, the Contractive God Quanta have the propensity to contract the Cosmos and everything within ITS domain collapsing towards the SOURCE that is akin to inhalation, which is a direct result of the God-SOURCE imploding upon ITSELF. •   This way, the Dualism Principle of Creation ensures that everything remains in balance. •   And, on the universal level, this avoids the so-called problem of a ‘Runaway Universe,’ as conjectured by the mainstream scientists  [18-19].  •   Note that in order to facilitate the functioning of the Expansive Quanta of Energy, they split into opposite and negative charged forms (electrons being negative and protons epitomizing positive quanta of energy in physicality). •   And, although such positive and negative charges are evenly and isotopically scattered all around the Cosmos, due to a pinch in the crystalline fabric of the dimensions of the Cosmos, a certain phenomenon of piezoelectricity occurs as a result of heterogenous distribution of positive and negative charges [20]. •   Thus, certain areas are somewhat starved of negative charges causing a quasi-positive poles, while others are saturated with negative charges giving rise to the advent of quasi-negative poles. •   As a result, a potential gradient is developed between the quasit-positive and quasi-negative poles. •   This potential gradient forms a static ‘electric field.’ •   An electrostatic field is of an expanding nature. •   And, in order to balance the system through setting the electric potential due to a charge difference, the negative charges have the inherent tendency to move towards the positive pockets or poles. •   This creates an ‘electric current’ that when activated, gives rise to the advent of ‘Electrodynamism.’   •   And, as a result of the Dualism Principle of Creation, a symbiotic contractive field is simultaneously created referred to as the ‘magnetic’ field that acts perpendicular to the electric field.   •   Furthermore, as soon as an electric current is activated or starts to run, the magnetic field begins to form a magnetic current that when simultaneously activated, it gives rise to the advent of a magnetodynamic field. •   Each particular field may be represented by a vector.
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