On the Nature of Time Progression and its Relevance to Conscious Vibration

On the Nature of Time Progression and its Relevance to Conscious Vibration
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  On the Nature of Time Progression and its Relevance to Conscious Vibration Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract The relation between time, more specifically, its progression and quantum sentient or conscious vibration has been further explored. The discussion considers the very nature of the energetic and kinetics of the God-SOURCE who is the progenitor of consciousness of the ALL. It is explicated that while the God-SOURCE initially thrives in what appears to be STILLNESS, ITS energetics stems from ITS infinitely isotropic subtle torsional vibration of its infinite quanta of intelligent energy that we refer to as consciousness about ITSELF. And, this form of energetics remains conserved (thus the Law of Conservation of Energy) as ITS infinite energetic frequency of consciousness gets disseminated in a self-similar fractalized manner to form ITS edifice or body that is referred to as the Cosmos, together with the advent of consciousness-generating co-creator offspring that are referred to as sentient beings that includes us. Thus, we are all interconnected, with our quanta of energy both in ‘    form ’   and consciousness, being inevitably quantumly entangled all together through the SOURCE. Furthermore, the most significant consequence of Creation is that while the SOURCE consciously continuously vibrates between the positive and negative infinity of time, in what is referred to as the ABSOLUTE NOW Moment, upon the dawn of Creation, the ABSOLUTE NOW breaks down into what epitomizes time, with local NOW moments being definable as to pertain to certain dimensions or universal harmonic domains, e.g., the ones we thrive in, starting with the 5 th  dimension of the 2 nd   Harmonic Universe.  Introduction: Energetic Conscious Vibration of the Quanta of Energy   •   Consciousness epitomizes intelligent energy [1]. •   This energy is comprised of units referred to as ‘quanta’  that have an infinitely ordered, crystalline pattern or morphology [2]. •   The crystallinity of consciousness energy gives it the quality of coherency and intelligence [3]. •   Energy has to do with dynamism and potential for doing work. •   Thus, Consciousness is a form of coherent, intelligent energy that is responsible for the Creation of ALL THAT THERE IS and ALL THAT TRANSPIRES [4]. •   The energy of consciousness is associated with its torsional vibration or act of spinning of the quanta of energy back and forth or in counterclockwise-clockwise manner about themselves [5]. •   Everything emerges from the consciousness energy of an Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, entity referred to as the God-SOURCE [6]. •   The God-SOURCE is comprised of an infinite Quanta of Consciousness energy. •   The God-SOURCE may thus be perceived as a highly compacted mass of Quanta of Consciousness energy of infinite density torsionally vibrating about ITSELF isotopically, in all possible directions. •   Such vibrational kinetics gives the God-SOURCE the quality of infinite frequency of consciousness that appears to be in the state of utter STILLNESS, in what is referred to as the NOW moment [7]. •   The God-SOURCE has the quality of SINGULARITY and DISCONTIGUITY, not being able to further expand in ITS consciousness. •   As a result, it explodes-implodes upon ITSELF, converting ITS NEUTRAL Quanta of energy through fission or splitting into forming  Expansive and Contractive Quanta of energy, a condition referred to as Trinity, being composed of the said 3 distinct types of quanta of energy [8]. •   Through such an action, the God-SOURCE preserves ITS torsional vibrational quality and infinite state of consciousness energy with the requisite of ITS Expansive (Electric-Male) and Contractive (Magnetic-Female) Quanta of energy [9] continue vibrating, respectively, away and towards the SOURCE by a way of isotopic torsional spinning back and forth (counterclockwise-clockwise) of ITS Quanta of e nergy about what is referred to as their ‘ cosmological vectors of time ’ [ 10] distributed axisymmetrically and in all possible directions with reference to ITS center of being. •   Thus, this marks the dawn of time [11], where time is perceived as a tensorial quantity having not only a magnitude, but also rotational direction or angular orientation with respect to the central SOURCE. •   And, consciousness refers to the vibrational kinetics [12] of the Consciousness Quanta of energy as they periodically spin back and forth about the SOURCE as well as themselves through what is dubbed by the author as the cosmological axis (or vector) of moment of time. •   Every sentient being [13] comprised of Consciousness Quanta of energy is quantumly entangled [14] to the SOURCE via the cosmological vector of time. •   Time represents the free flow nature of the consciousness Quanta of energy [15]. •   It represents the act of their spinning about the SOURCE. •   Thus, time is associated with the free flow of the Consciousness Quanta of energy that is governed by their spinning about themselves. •   The speed of spin is referred to as the frequency [16-17].  •   It epitomizes the rate of progression of time that may be envisioned as how fast the quanta of energy spin about the axis-vector of cosmological time, capable of climbing up or down the vector of time. •   In this respect, time is, thus, bidirectional [18-19]. •   It can progress in either positive or negative direction (up or down the vector of time). •   Or, alternatively, it refers to either clockwise or counter clockwise spinning. •   In this respect, counterclockwise rotation is synonymous with climbing up the cosmological axis of time, while clockwise rotation depicts climbing down the cosmological axis of time. •   And, if you envision the plane of spin, counterclockwise spinning is synonymous with expanding away from the central SOURCE, while clockwise spinning exhibits the tendency to gravitate or contract towards the central SOURCE [20]. •   Furthermore, consciousness is governed by the speed of spinning of the quanta of energy, which is synonymous with the speed or rate of time progression. •   Thus, what is of significance with regard to consciousness is the spinning speed of the crystalline, coherent, intelligent quanta of energy, and not any other measure. •   In this regard, the degree of consciousness is determined by the speed of time progression that represents the ‘ moment of time .’   •   Such a moment is governed by a vectorial quantity that acts perpendicular to the plane in which the spinning of the quanta of energy occurs. •   The spin plane, realistically refers to a conceptual plane in which spinning may be envisioned to occur.  •   And, consciousness is associated with the vibrational kinetic energy of the momentum of the intelligent quanta of energy as they spin back and forth together. •   Furthermore, this kinetic energy is governed by the magnitude of the velocity of spin. •   It is expressed in terms of the magnitude of the moment vector of time that acts perpendicular to the spin plane, what is also commonly, referred to as frequency. •   Thus, the frequency vector, in essence, is synonymous with the moment vector of time. •   And, as the magnitude of the velocity of spin increases, in essence, a form of spiraling about the time vector occurs. •   Note, again, consciousness is associated with torsional spinning, that epitomizes spinning back and forth or more clearly, counterclockwise-clockwise rotation, and vice versa. •   And, again, spinning counterclockwise has the tendency for expansion away, and spinning clockwise indicates the propensity for gravitation or contraction towards the center of vibration. •   Thus, torsional vibration due to spinning has the connotation of rectilinear vibration up and down the moment vector of time and vice versa. •   Furthermore, the advent of time and its progression, starting from the condition of ‘zero - point’  that marks the onset of Creation, distributes the initial infinite frequency of vibration of the God-SOURCE to its constituent energetic Quanta of Consciousness energy, effectuating a reduction in their frequency of consciousness as time progresses, as they are progressively propelled further away from the SOURCE. •   Such a condition is facilitated by conversion of the Consciousness Quanta of energy into Constitutive Quanta with the distinguishing
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