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operations research chapter 4 Answer 2009

Operations research chapter 4
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  MARKING SCHEME ATP 201BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS Part 1 Objective An!er 1  E 21 E 2  B 22  A 3  E 23  D 4  D 24  D 5  D 25  B 6  C 26  B 7  E 27  A 8  C 28  A 9  D 29  B 10  E 30  A 11  C 31  B 12  E 32  A 13  D 33  A 14  D 34  A 15  B 35  B 16  D 36  B 17  B 37  B 18  D 38  A 19  C 39  A 20  E 40  A  #eti$n 2 a. Ca#a% t#&'  as the researcher wants to see the impact of strategy onsales.b. E()eri*enta% St#&' , the researcher has control oer the ario!sstrategies that can be !se .c. +ie%& E()eri*ent  beca!se the research is carrie in the nat!ral settingwhere the c!stomers interact b!t there is elements of manip!lation wherethe researcher controls the strategies !se . . ,$n-it#&ina% as the sales will be meas!re before an after thestrategies ware eploye an will be meas!re for seeral months.e. Or-ani.ati$n , as the comparison will be ma e base on the sameorgani#ation before a strategy was eploye an after it was eploye . #eti$n/ Based on the explanation given above, answer the following questions. $a%&pa'ah pernyataan masalah alam 'ea aan ini( What is the research problem? at act$r in%#ence atiacti$n $ %ie in &#a%3career a*i%'4 ) 2 mar'ah* marks  +$b%ent!' sat! 'erang'a teori yang berses!aian. Develop a suitable research framework. ) 4 mar'ah* marks  + Marks for each1 mark for the answers in bold 1 mark for the explanation  $c%ent!' 4 hipotesis yang boleh i!-i. Develop 4 hpotheses to be tested.  ) 4 mar'ah* marks  + 1 /he m!ltiple roles playe by !al career family lea s to higher stress. 2 tress has a negatie impact on life satisfaction. 3 igher the petrol prices higher the stress leel 4 /he negatie relationship between stress an life satisfaction will be higher for those with lower self. #eti$n 5 $a%&pa'ah 4 s!mber ma'l!amt alam pemb!atan 'ep!t!san( What are the 4 sources of information for decision making? ) 4 mar'ah* marks  + 16Int#iti$n26E()erience/6A#t$rit'56Reearc MultipleRolesSatisfaction with LifeSelf EfficacyDependentModerator StressIndependentMediator PetrolPrice  $b%&pa'ah ciriciri hipotesis yang bai'( What are the characteristics of a good hpothesis?  ) 4 mar'ah* marks  + 16A&e7#ate26Tetab%e/6Better tan it riva% $c%&pa yang ima's! 'an engan 'esahan 'an !ngan(agaimana'ah 'ita apat mening'at'an 'esahan 'an !ngan( What is content validit? !ow do we increase content validit?  ) 4 mar'ah* marks  + C$ntent va%i&it' reer t$ te e(tent t$ !ic *ea#re*ent ca%e)r$vi&e a&e7#ate c$vera-e $ te inveti-ative 7#eti$n6 D$e te*ea#re a&e7#ate%' *ea#re te c$nce)t4 ã T$ &eter*ine c$ntent va%i&it'8 $ne *a' #e $ne9 $!n j#&-*entan& te j#&-*ent $ a )ane% $ e()ert6 ã ,iterat#re ã C$n&#ct intervie! !it e()ert ã C$n&#ct -r$#) intervie! ã Cec: a &atabae $ 7#eti$n $ %&pa'ah -enis lintasan 'arya yang berlainan yang boleh seseorang penyeli i'la'!'an( What are the different tpes of literature review that can be carried out? ) 4 mar'ah* marks  + ,iterat#re revie! inv$%ve te 'te*atic i&entiicati$n8 earc8 an&ana%'i $ &$c#*ent c$ntainin- in$r*ati$n re%ate& t$ te reearc)r$b%e*Inc%#ive  I&enti' an& %it a%% tat a been !ritten ab$#t te i#eInc%#ive;Eva%#ative  E(tent te irt *et$& t$ -ive c$**entarie ab$#t te c$vera-ean& c$ntrib#ti$n t$ :n$!%e&-e an& te #n&ertan&in- $ te t$)icbein- reearce&


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