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Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition. Readme. Purpose. New Features in This Release. Release

Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition Release Readme Purpose... 1 New Features... 1 Installation Updates... 3 Compatibility Matrix... 3 Known Issues... 7 Defects Fixed in this
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Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition Release Readme Purpose... 1 New Features... 1 Installation Updates... 3 Compatibility Matrix... 3 Known Issues... 7 Defects Fixed in this Release... 5 Documentation Updates Purpose This document includes important, late-breaking information about this release of Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition. Review this information thoroughly before installing Smart View. For overall Enterprise Performance Management System install-related issues and updates for this and other EPM System products, refer to Oracle s Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Installation and Configuration Readme. Release is a maintenance release for Release or Also included is information about Oracle Essbase; Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition; Oracle Business Intelligence, Enterprise Edition; Hyperion Enterprise; Hyperion Shared Services; Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition; Hyperion Reporting and Analysis; Oracle Crystal Ball, Fusion Edition, Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer, and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, Fusion Edition, as they relate to Smart View. New Features in This Release Information about system requirements for EPM System products is now available in a spreadsheet format in the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Certification Matrix. This matrix is posted at System requirements are no longer part of the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation Start Here, which contains information about release compatibility, prerequisites, default ports, and other information needed to plan a successful installation. This release supports non-english languages. The list of supported languages for all EPM System products is also included in the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Certification Matrix. 1 Oracle BI EE , In this release, you can put measure and non-measure dimensions on both rows and columns. Previously, only measure dimensions were permitted on columns, and non-measure dimensions on rows If you zoom in on a member, Smart View creates a new column or row to accommodate the child of the member. Previously, when you zoomed in, the member was moved to the POV New Features Firefox Support Smart View now supports Firefox web browser. For supported versions and other information, please see Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation Start Here. Support for Substitution Variables (Essbase only) In this release, Essbase substitution variables can be used in Smart View Excel spreadsheets. Substitution variables are global placeholders for variable values, and are defined and managed in Essbase Administrative Services. When you enter a substitution variable name in a grid, the current value, as defined in Administration Services, is displayed after the grid is refreshed. For example, suppose the substitution variable currentmonth represents the current month, and the current month is October. Any cell in the grid that contains currentmonth will display October after refresh. When currentmonth is updated in Administration Services to November, then November will be displayed after the grid is refreshed. For more information on substitution variables, see the Oracle Essbase Administration Services online help and the Essbase Database Administrator s Guide. Visual Explorer If you use Visual Explorer, noteworthy new features of Visual Explorer are as follows (see the Visual Explorer documentation for details). Perspectives (varying attributes). Generate historical summaries to answer questions about data that changes over time. You can calculate based on a given perspective on the data or a given point in time, and use member perspectives to selectively drill down on specific members. Data Mining. Use Visual Explorer to build a data mining model and evaluate whether it is a good fit to use for predictions. Select from several types of models including clustering, naive Bayes, and regression. You can define advanced MDX expressions to build the model. New Workspace Capabilities. The sheet sorter, a page that shows thumbnail images for all sheets in the workbook in one consolidated view, enables you to navigate and organize the sheets in your workbook. The mini film strip displays thumbnail images along the bottom of the workbook. The new start page lets you quickly open recent workbooks and data connections. Additional small changes help streamline your daily tasks. Dashboard Enhancements. Add images, custom text areas, and blank spaces to the layout of your dashboard. Add web pages to your dashboards to display your views with content from other applications on the same screen. For constructing guided analysis paths, sheet links can now point to dashboards as their destinations. Other features include new mark options, filtering enhancements, and improvements to printing and PDF output. 2 Security Measures A Disconnect All shortcut menu item from Independent Provider Connections in the Data Source Manager enables Independent Provider users to log off all open connections and invalidate single-signon (SSO) in one operation. Two VBA functions: HypDisconnectAll() o o o Disconnects all active connections from both Independent Provider Connections and Common Provider Connections in the Data Source Manager. Disconnects Provider Services. Invalidates the SSO token. HypInvalidateSSO() Discards the existing SSO token. POV Control The POV control is a new type of report control that enables you to change the point of view (POV) for queries created in the Report Designer. You can use the POV control to select any dimension or member defined in the query for display in function grids, tables, and charts on the worksheet. The POV control permits the selection of more members than the slider control, but unlike the slider, the POV control cannot be used for multiple queries. For more information on the Report Designer, reports, the slider, and member selection, see the Smart View User s Guide or the online help. Installation Updates See the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Readme for installation-related information. Smart View Installation You can install Smart View in either of the following ways: From the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installer, Fusion Edition as described in the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide. From a stand-alone file, smartview.exe or smartviewhve.exe, available from edelivery. Compatibility Matrix The two tables in this section provide the data source release numbers supported by Smart View Table 1 displays release number compatibility between Smart View and data sources connected through Provider Services. Table 2 displays release compatibility between Smart View and data sources that are connected directly. See the Enterprise Performance Management System Installation Start Here for Provider Services installation information. 3 Table 1: Smart View Compatibility with Data Sources Connected through Provider Services Data Source Essbase Planning Release 9.3.x 9.2.x Oracle BI EE Note: Smart View and Provider Services are the only two components necessary for Oracle BI EE access from Smart View. Table 2: Smart View Compatibility with Independent Data Sources Data Source Planning Release 9.3.x 9.2.x Note: Offline Planning 9.2.x and prior releases are not supported for Smart View Financial Management Reporting and Analysis 9.3.x 9.2.x 9.3.x 9.2.x Hyperion Enterprise Fixed Defects Defects Fixed in this Release General In Excel, when you try to connect to a data source, a dialog box requesting your username and password may reappear after you have already submitted this information Reports that were created with the Smart View Report Designer cannot be opened in Smart View You must re-create these reports Simulation and Forecasting Workbooks that were created and uploaded to Workspace through the Smart View Data Source Manager must be re-uploaded in Smart View , When you attempt to insert a slider control into a PowerPoint or Excel grid, you receive a Smart View handled an unknown exception thrown by Microsoft Office error message. The problem is caused by obsolete cache files. To avoid this error, search for all.exd (the offending cache files) and delete them When you display reports created in the Report Designer as tables, members may appear to be missing on rows. Workaround: Enter Excel design mode and enlarge the table. Financial Management Restrictions applied to the Value dimension in WDEFs are not respected when the form is opened in Smart View If you try to select a form that contains Cyrillic characters in Smart View, you get an Invalid Parameter error, which prevents you from opening the form. Reporting and Analysis Query-ready export returns an error when the query is connected to a database with certain characters in its name. Workaround: use only the letters a through z, digits 0 through 9, or a dash (-) in the name In Financial Reports opened in Excel through Smart View, text may be misaligned and images may not display properly If you import a Reporting and Analysis query-ready report, you may get an error if you try to change a POV dimension member. Now, instead of an error, you are prompted to choose among reusing the complete original grid, entering free form mode, or clearing the worksheet. Oracle BI EE When you insert a subquery into the Report Designer, Excel may crash. Workaround: create Smart Slices and then insert queries based on the Smart Slice In the Member Selection dialog box, if you select certain constants, [Periods].[Current Date], for example, you may get an error. Defects Fixed in Release General (Office 2007 only) If you are using both ad hoc and functions on the same worksheet, you cannot refresh from the POV toolbar. Workaround: Use Refresh from the Hyperion ribbon or menu , In Financial Management and Hyperion Enterprise, you cannot select from the selectable POV toolbar in saved forms If you change style properties from Excel, control is not set back to SmartView, and members may disappear from tables in the Report Designer. Workaround: exit Excel design mode and perform a Refresh If you reopen a worksheet that contains a table or slider, the Report Designer is not displayed. Workaround: reopen the workbook after closing Excel and insert another query If you connect to the Crystal Ball repository through the Data Source Manager, the default server is used even if the Server field in the Options dialog box specifies another server or is blank. 5 In Essbase or Oracle BI EE, if you delete a worksheet that contains a query, all objects in the workbook linked to the query will become disconnected from the data source Data cannot be submitted using the HsSetVal function in Smart Slice ad hoc analysis having an alias table. Essbase If you type TRUE or FALSE manually for Boolean attribute dimensions when connected to an Essbase database, these values are removed when you refresh. Workaround: use Member Selection to select attributes In reports created in the Report Designer, settings for the Smart Slice preferences NoAccessText and MissingLabelText are incorrectly overridden by setting in the Options dialog box VBA functions IsParent and IsDescendantreturn the C Boolean type rather than the VB Boolean type. Workaround: Compare the return value with 1 for True and 0 for False Repeat member labels are displayed even if the Smart Slice preference repeatmemberlabels: suppression is set to Enable When you reopen a saved cascaded report, only sliders on the first worksheet are operable Filters cannot be selected in the POV in query designer. Oracle BI EE When you select Visualize in Excel from a function grid for a subquery, a null pointer exception error message may appear. It is harmless, and you can ignore it Refresh is inoperable after you change a POV using the POV Manager. Financial Management In data cells that contain functions HsSetValue or HsGetValue, if there is a metadata error, an error message should be displayed but is not. Planning , You cannot take Planning data forms offline on Windows Vista (Business Edition only) Smart View clients are no longer able to locate Planning application URLs from Shared Services. Reporting and Analysis Filter members are not displayed with applied aliases in the POV toolbar in documents imported to Excel If there are multiple members in the Filters pane of a CubeQuery, one of which is a variable but the others are not, then the POV will show the dimension name of non-variable filter instead of its member name. Workaround: make all filter members either all variable or all non-variable. Hyperion Enterprise If Smart View Release is installed, you must upgrade to Enterprise release Known Issues The following issues are the noteworthy known issues of this release. General You cannot resize columns in table reports. Workaround: This is expected behavior; to enable column resizing, do the following. 1. Insert a table on the grid and refresh. 2. Enter Excel Design Mode (available from the Excel Developer ribbon or Visual Basic toolbar). 3. Right-click the table and select Microsoft Office Spreadsheet 11.0 Object Command and Options. 4. From the Properties dialog box, select the Protection tab, then select Resize Columns. 5. Select the Sheet tab, then select Column Headers. 6. Click OK Replacement labels for missing data and other preferences specified in the Smart Slice Options dialog box during Smart Slice creation are not applied to function grids based on the Smart Slice. Instead, the options specified by Smart View users in the Options dialog box are applied to function grids Visual Explorer cannot be launched from a function grid or used with a Smart Slice Because of a Microsoft Word limitation, if the value of the system-defined option List separator is set to one of the regular expression anchor characters (including but not limited to ^ and $ ), Word might fail to insert fields of type Formula, which will cause failure of copy and paste. Workaround: Go to Control Panel, then Regional and Language, then Options, then Standards and Formats, then Customize, and then Numbers, and change the list separator option If you sort a data grid and then refresh, the sort order is not preserved. This is an Excel limitation , You will have better performance on grids that are spread across columns than on grids that contain large numbers of rows , When you open a saved free form workbook and change the Member Name Only or Member Name and Description setting in the Options dialog box before refreshing, the member display options do not work. Workaround: refresh the grid before entering Member Name Only or Member Name and Description , When installing on Vista, you are not prompted for administrator privileges at the beginning of installation as expected. Instead, you get an error message during installation that you do not have sufficient privileges. Workaround: right-click smartview.exe and select Run as administrator. You will then be prompted to supply administrator credentials If Improved Metadata Storage on the Display tab of the Options dialog box is enabled, you cannot save data in workbooks that were saved in Smart View releases earlier than To use this option for such workbooks, you must first do the following: 1. Clear the Improved Metadata Storage checkbox. 7 2. Load your existing workbooks and save them in the current release of Smart View. Then you can select this option for further loading If you open a workbook in Excel 2003 that was previously saved in Excel 2007 as an.xlsx file, you may get an error message. This is a Microsoft issue. Workaround: Save the file in Excel 2007 with an.xls extension; it will then open properly in Excel Common Provider Connections During ad hoc analysis, if you change POV values from base values and refresh, refresh works as expected. However, if you then enter free form mode and refresh, all POVs are set back to base values. Workaround: Select or reselect the POV members after all free form processing is done When you use the POV refresh button in a Smart Slice, the data may change. This should not happen unless the POV has been changed If Repeat Member Labels Suppression is enabled in Smart Slice preferences, incorrect data may be returned when you refresh after performing an Excel delete. Workaround: Finalize the grid layout and then enable the Repeat Member Labels Suppression option. Essbase , Calculation scripts that run from Essbase may not run from Smart View. This can happen if you have restricted calculation access in Smart View. Calculation scripts are run against the connected database When you perform an Undo, only the previously selected POV is saved, and recently selected members are removed. Workaround: instead of using Undo, use Pivot to POV, which will replace all members on that dimension to the POV In Word or PowerPoint, when you use the Copy Data button in a function grid from a Smart Slice, you get an error message and cannot copy. Workaround: Copy data directly from Excel or use Office copy/paste functionality Function grids and tables in the Report Designer incorrectly use formatted text from Essbase instead of applying the format set as part of the Smart Slice When you attempt to use member selection from the Function Builder in a query created from a Smart Slice, members may not be displayed correctly. Workaround: finish all Function Builder tasks for the connection before inserting Smart Slices for that session When you perform Smart View operations in a Smart Slice and refresh, you may get an Assertion Failed error message if you try to close Excel by clicking the X in the upper right corner. The message is harmless; you can click OK to close it. Planning The summary time period may be marked as a dirty cell, even if it should not be If a member cell contains a formula that calculates the value for a summary time period, that cell should be locked, but instead, Smart View may mark it as dirty if the data for the member is modified In offline mode, Supporting Details is not available for cells with date and text data type Business Rules are not supported for ad hoc analysis. 8 On Vista operating systems, when you open a data form in Smart View, you may receive an error that prevents you from proceeding. Workaround: go to the Control Panel, then User Accounts, and turn off User Access and Control If you connect using Provider Services and want to work offline, you must first ensure that the Planning data source is listed in the Favorites from the View menu as described in Setting Data Source Manager Views in the Smart View online help If you have cascaded a report created from a new Smart Slice containing at least one function grid and a control (slider or POV) across an Excel workbook, Excel may crash if you choose not to save the cascaded report Smart View does not permit the use of #Missing in Calc Manager rules, even if the variable is set to permit #Missing. Oracle BI EE If you select Ad Hoc on the Data Source toolbar and then re-use an existing grid, you receive the message, The worksheet contains data from prior operation. Do you want to clear the contents of the sheet? Select NO will perform a free form operation with sheet contents. However, if you select No, rows are replaced with data cells and the grid is unworkable. Workaround: use Refresh instead of Ad Hoc Analysis. Use Ad Hoc Analysis only when you want to treat the worksheet as freeform Null passwords are not permitted. Workaround: Use a space character in the password field. Reporting and Analysis Refresh and Refresh All do not work if two pages of a Web Analysis report are imported sequentially. Workaround: use All Pages to import multiple pages of a report Reporting and Analy
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