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Our thanks to Ellen Naylor for compiling and editing this list. (Note: this is not a comprehensive list of literature about the area.

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of SLA compiled the following reading list for people interested in reading more about the region. Our 200 members live and work in four states Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and South
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The Rocky Mountain Chapter of SLA compiled the following reading list for people interested in reading more about the region. Our 200 members live and work in four states Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Each of these books was recommended by a chapter member. You will find a little history, a couple of hiking guides, some great fiction and more. Our thanks to Ellen Naylor for compiling and editing this list. (Note: this is not a comprehensive list of literature about the area.) Non-Fiction Title: Denver in Slices: A Historical Guide to the City Author: Louisa Ward Arps Genre: History Description: Written in 1959, the author offers a look at a broad spectrum of issues affecting the Mile High City, including suburban development, the Denver Mint, the city s drinking water, its ghost stories and more. Title: Murder at the Brown Palace: Seduction & Betrayal in Early Denver Society Author: Dick Kreck, Brown Palace Hotel and vicinity & Thrillers: True Crime: Murder Description: On May 24, 1911, one of the most notorious murders in Denver's history occurred. The riveting tale involves high society, adultery, drugs, and multiple murders set in Denver's grand old hotel, the Brown Palace, which is still operational. At the center of the storm was the seductively beautiful Denver socialite, Isabel Springer. In her thrall were three men-two locked in a struggle for her affections, and the third her unsuspecting husband. Colorado Exploration and Sports For a comprehensive list of Colorado hiking books, go to this website: Title: 100 Best Denver Area & Front Range Day Hikes Author: Pamela Irwin and David Harlan Irwin Area & Front Range Genre: Exploration Description: Day hikes near Denver and the surrounding Front Range area mountains SLA Colorado Regional Books 1 Title: Colorado An Insider s Guide: Compass American Guides, 6 th Edition Author: Jon Klusmire and Paul Chesley (photographer) Genre: Explore Colorado Description: Created by local writers and photographers, Compass American Guides are the ultimate insider's guides, providing in-depth coverage of the history, culture and character of America's most spectacular destinations. Compass Colorado covers everything there is to see and do -- plus gorgeous full-color photographs; a wealth of archival images; topical essays and literary extracts; detailed color maps; and capsule reviews of hotels and restaurants. Title: Trails Guide to Front Range Colorado: Denver to Pike s Peak Author: Zoltan Malocsay Genre: Explore Colorado Description: Your guide to official trails on public lands in the five-county region west and south of Denver dominated by the million acre Pike National Forest. Have fun mountain biking, camping, hiking, fishing, horseback riding and cross-country skiing. Title: Denver Hiking Guide - 45 Hikes within 45 Minutes of Denver Author: Dave Rich Area Genre: Exploration Description: Hiking trails within 45 minutes of Denver Title: Colorado s Thirteeners: 13,800 13,999 Feet From Hikes to Climbs Author: Gerry & Jennifer Roach Mountains Genre: Explore Colorado Description: Although climbing Colorado s 14,000 foot peaks has become increasingly popular with both natives and visitors, many of the best climbs in the state are actually the 13,000 foot peaks. The authors provide loads of accurate and user-friendly information for every peak. Gerry Roach is the second person ever to climb the highest peaks on each of the 7 continents. Jennifer has summitted Colorado s highest 500 peaks. Title: Colorado s Lost Creek Wilderness: Classic Summit Hikes Author: Gerry & Jennifer Roach Genre: Explore Colorado Description: Only 40 miles southwest of Denver and 48 miles northwest of Colorado Springs, the Lost Creek Wilderness area offers some of the state's most breathtaking networks of box canyons, crooked creeks, twisting trails, rock towers, arches, and 150 mountain peaks. The first-ever hiking guide to this beautiful area. The hikes in this guide all lead to the summit of a peak, and the summit hikes vary in difficulty from short romps to all-day efforts. The highest summits in the Lost Creek Wilderness rise only a few hundred feet above tree line, but the summit plateaus are special places. You can hike for hours through tree-filled meadows that eventually burst upon a private universe far above roads and cities. SLA Colorado Regional Books 2 Title: Colorado s Fourteeners: From Hikes to Climbs, Second Edition Author: Gerry Roach Rockies Genre: Explore Colorado Description: This book is informative, instructive and accurate. Gerry Roach writes well and gives the hiker all the essential information needed to make the trek. This guide to get you to the trailhead with no hassle and provides accurate driving directions. Roach gives exhaustive directions and includes a map for each trek. If you need a four-wheel drive vehicle to get to your destination or if you have to drive on a dirt road for 6 miles to reach the trailhead, that information will be included. He also describes the trail conditions, whether it's rocky, has scree, is exposed and has a ranking system for how difficult the hike is. If there is scrambling involved or permanent snow fields or if it's a class 3 hike but listed in other guides as class 4, Roach makes the correction and explains why he feels this way. There are separate chapters on the unique and often volatile weather in the Colorado peaks. This is imperative for out-of-state hikers who aren't familiar with the frequent, violent afternoon thunderstorms in the Rockies. Title: Running with the Buffaloes Author: Christopher Lear Genre: Sports Description: Athletes come to Denver and its surrounding mountain towns to train in the oxygen-deprived altitudes of the Rocky Mountains. Christopher Lear s book follows the Colorado cross-country team for a season. Title: Stadium Stories: Denver Broncos Author: Larry Zimmer Genre: Sports Description: The Broncos are easily the most beloved of all of Denver's professional sports teams. Read about the organization's most intriguing characters, brightest stars and monumental seasons. Poetry & Short Fiction Stories Title: Collected Poems Author: Allen Ginsberg Genre: Poetry Description: Most folks don t associate Denver with the Beats but the city had a role in Jack Kerouac s famous novel On the Road, as well as in the writings of Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg ( The Green Automobile in this collection), who was a janitor there for a while. Title: Where Past Meets Present: Modern Colorado Short Stories Author: Edited by James B. Hemesath Genre: Short stories Description: This rich collection of short fiction depicts the variety of life experiences in Colorado since World War II. The individual writers, chosen for the high quality of their stories, represent a wide range of viewpoints. The stories settings include southern Colorado, Front Range cities, the Eastern Plains, and the Western Slope. Each selection in Where Past Meets Present will entertain, inform, and undoubtedly enrich readers visions of the American West. SLA Colorado Regional Books 3 Title: Vintage Colorado Short Stories: When Past Met Present Author: Edited by James B. Hemesath Genre: Short stories Description: The book features thirteen stories that explore Colorado from the late nineteenth century through the Cold War fifties. Set in locations around the state such as Berthoud Pass, Baca County, the Great Sand Dunes, Boulder, Trinidad, and Denver, the stories in this collection capture Colorado in all its guises. Short introductions and afterwords place each writer and work in historical perspective. Writers include Sanora Babb, Verlin Cassil, Marie Chay, John Fante, Steve Frazee, Joe Hansen, William M. John, Florence Crannell Means, Damon Runyon, Wilbur Daniel Steele, Bert Stiles, Chauncey Thomas, and Frank X. Tolbert. Title: Bad Dirt Author: Annie Proulx Location: Wyoming Genre: Western Adventure Description: This is a collection of short stories evocative of Wyoming culture and survival. In What Kind of Furniture Would Jesus Pick? Gilbert Wolfscale struggles with drought and debt to hold on to the ranch that has been passed down in his family for generations, driving off his wife and two sons, who have no interest in continuing the legacy. Many old-time ranch owners in this territory are women, and they face similar struggles. In The Trickle Down Effect, Fiesta Punch hires local ne'er-do-well Deb Sipple for a long-distance hay haul, with disastrous results. In Man Crawling Out of Trees, a retired couple from the Northeast find that the quiet truce of their marriage can't survive encounters with the resentful locals. Close Range: Wyoming Stories Author: Annie Proulx Genre: Western Adventure Description: Pulitzer Prize-winner E. Annie Proulx forays through the underside of America's beloved Wild West in Close Range, a collection of stories about hardship and more hardship in Wyoming territory. Understanding that the West's infinite spaces tended to inspire neither introspection nor contemplation, but a violent and insatiable restlessness, Proulx's eight stories are dark reflections on the lives of a handful of characters striving to define themselves against the unforgiving landscapes. Fiction: Colorado Mystery & Adventure Title: The Nymphos of Rocky Flats Author: Mario Acevedo Location: Rocky Flats, Denver, Evergreen Genre: Fantasy/mystery/humor Description: Felix Gomez went to Iraq a soldier; he came back a vampire. Now he's a private detective hired to investigate an outbreak of nymphomania at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant. The story is a wild, action-filled romp that skewers vampire lore, sexual myths, and government bureaucrats. Title: A Fall in Denver Author: Sarah Andrews Description: Emily Em Hansen, Tensleep's Wyoming oil-rig mudlogger, goes to work in the main office of Blackfeet Oil in Denver. Strange things begin to happen immediately: at least two SLA Colorado Regional Books 4 men leap to suicidal deaths from her high-rise office building; most of Em's co-workers ignore her; and a particularly successful oil field is shrouded in mystery. Em gathers information, falls for a hunky but secretive senior geologist, and yearns for the tomboy life of Wyoming. Title: Catering to Nobody Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: Catering in Aspen Meadows, Colo. Goldy, in business to support herself and her 11-year-old son, Arch, caters the gathering after the funeral of Arch's teacher, at which her former father-in-law, gynecologist Fritz Korman, drinks from a poisoned cup. Goldy begins her own investigation to clear herself. As amorous detective Tom Schulz courts her, Goldy courts danger, seeking connections among the recovered Fritz, the teacher and nearly everyone else in the rustic town, including her teenage lodger, Patty Sue. The only rewards of the mystery are recipes for tasty dishes and the endearing Arch, who outwits the killer and is the sole credible character in the overstuffed cast. Title: Dying for Chocolate Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: In this perky mystery complete with toothsome hi-cal recipes, Davidson brings back Goldy Bear, the cherubic culinary sleuth with Shirley Temple curls. Fleeing her abusive exspouse, Goldy and her teenage son Arch find a snug third-floor refuge in the Aspen Meadow, Colo., mansion of quirky Gen. Bo Farquhar. As the general's live-in gourmet cook, Goldy still has time to run Goldilocks' Catering and juggle two suitors--attractive psychiatrist Philip Miller and comfortably chubby cop Tom Schultz. Philip's shocking death casts suspicion on Goldy. Which of her foes might want to frame her? And who is the critic writing vicious reviews of her cooking in the Mountain Journal? Title: The Cereal Murders Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: An expensive prep school's SAT scores have dropped, parents are bribing college admissions representatives, and the class valedictorian is murdered in a snow bank. Denver caterer Goldy Bear, who has a 7th-grade son and a senior live-in student enrolled in Elk Park Prep School, keeps finding bodies at the school events she caters. To complete her worries, someone is playing dangerous pranks on her family. Teens relate to the anxieties felt by all of the Elk Park seniors, and they may even emulate Goldy's live-in student's great cheese manicotti recipe. Title: The Last Suppers Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: Caterer Goldy Bear's wedding would have been perfect except for two minor problems--the priest is killed shortly before the wedding and her fiancé, homicide detective Tom Schulz, is kidnapped from the scene of the crime. Goldy attempts to find out who ruined her wedding. Is the killer the organist, recently fired by the priest? Or the disgruntled theology student snubbed by the ordination board? Sandwiched between the suspense and Goldy's 10 gourmet recipes are layerings of criticism directed at organized religion. SLA Colorado Regional Books 5 Title: Killer Pancake Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: For Colorado's Goldy B. Schulz, catering proves far less rewarding than sleuthing when she's called on to prepare a banquet for the Mignon cosmetics company. Forced to forsake mayonnaise and butter in this low-fat luncheon, Goldy is in caterers' hell. But that's a better place than where Mignon super-saleswoman Claire Satterfield ends up which is dead. When Goldy's initial inquiries earn her an anonymous warning to clear off, she becomes more determined. As always, Davidson includes recipes as she brings events to a proper boil in this latest lively and satisfying outing for Goldy, who not only solves the mystery but also finds, much to her delight, that coffee can save your life. Title: The Main Corpse Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: Goldy Schulz, caterer and amateur detective, is embroiled in a murder investigation when her best friend is charged with murder. Mary Gross's narration at first seems too upbeat for a story involving murder, but it develops depth and complexity as the story progresses. She expresses Goldy's concerns and anxieties, as well as her joys, especially her husband and her cooking. This involving mystery satisfies one's need for entertainment--while leaving one hungry for all the great food described! Title: The Grilling Season Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: Although catering two events more different than a hockey party (complete with the guests chasing pucks on blades) and a decorous breakfast for a doll collectors' convention would be hard to imagine, Goldy manages each with aplomb. Meanwhile, Goldy is also trying to decide whether she wants her abusive ex-husband arrested for his current girlfriend's murder. Certainly Goldy is perfectly willing to believe that the Jerk (her former spouse) could have done the loathsome deed in one of his violent moments, but she is torn by the desire both to see him brought to justice and for their son not to have a convicted killer for a father. So, between letting the pizza dough rise and baking treasures such as Chocolate Comfort Cookies, Goldy sets out to make sure the police have indeed got the right man. Title: Prime Cut Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: You could die from reading one of Diane Mott Davidson's culinary mysteries: this one includes recipes for Jailbreak Potatoes (butter, whipping cream, freshly grated Parmesan cheese) and Labor Day Flourless Chocolate Cake with Berries, Melba Sauce, and White Chocolate Cream (butter, chocolate, eggs, sugar, whipping cream). So you might want to take both the recipes and Davidson's pinball machine-like plots in small bites. This time, caterer Goldy Schulz careens between the worlds of contracting and high fashion models, with bodies from both camps falling into the food. It's all in fun, and readers have been lapping up Davidson's merry mélanges with increasing appetite. SLA Colorado Regional Books 6 Title: Tough Cookie Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: Goldy's home-based catering business in the Colorado high country is temporarily suspended by drain problems, so she accepts a stint on a PBS cooking show before the Christmas holidays. After a meeting with Goldy, Doug Portman, her wealthy ex-boyfriend, is found dead on a back country ski run, with thousands of dollars flying from his pockets. Goldy discovers that an old acquaintance, Nate Bullock, had also been discovered there after an avalanche in almost the same spot three years earlier, and she herself is a victim of misadventure when her van is nudged over a cliff. Determined to find the killer lurking on the ski slopes, Goldy unearths motives aplenty, possibly among her culinary friends in a mountain restaurant. Davidson's creative recipes, scattered liberally throughout the narrative, add flavor to this spirited tale, which follows Goldy from one life-threatening escapade to the next. Title: Sticks and Scones Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: Her first big catering gig in weeks has Goldy Bear Schulz salivating. But before she can collect her Elizabethan-inspired recipes and get herself to the restored English castle in Colorado where she's putting on a donor's luncheon in Hyde Chapel and a high school fencing banquet in the castle's Great Room, someone blows a hole in her living room window. No sooner has she unloaded her pots and pans at the catering venue than another someone--or maybe the same one--shoots a hole in her detective husband, Tom. To make matters worse, Goldy's ex-husband has just been released from jail, and he seems to have a few reasons to want to kill her, too. Title: Chopping Spree Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: When Colorado caterer Goldy Schulz is hired by her old friend Barry Dean to provide a lavish buffet for the opening of his chic new Aspen Meadows mall, the last thing she expects to stumble over is Barry himself, stabbed to death with one of her very own carving knives. When the police arrest her assistant, Julian, for the murder, Goldy launches her own over-caffeinated investigation. Davidson's irrepressible heroine sets up the suspects, solves the mystery, sends up a Shopaholics Anonymous meeting, and dishes up 10 recipes for fabulous party food. Title: Double Shot Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: Goldy, of Goldy Bear Catering learns that her abusive ex, John Richard Korman, has just been released from serving time for aggravated assault. Several violent attacks later, Goldy believes that John Richard is to blame. Barbara Rosenblat's performance is as delicious as the usual medley of mouth-watering recipes sprinkled liberally throughout Davidson's book. Rosenblat makes mincemeat of the catty Aspen Meadow's Christian women's group, whose buxom and brainless snow bunnies emerge as so much puff pastry. SLA Colorado Regional Books 7 Title: Dark Tort Author: Diane Mott Davidson Area & Recipes Description: Goldy Bear Schultz, girl caterer and crime solver, serves up another tasty tidbit. When she stumbles over the body of her friend Dusty, Goldy finds herself up to her cookbooks in mayhem. Barbara Rosenblat gives Goldy just the right stretched-to-the-limit sound as she searches for the killer. As Rosenblat deals with bodies, blood, attorneys, and adultery, she provides individual voices for Goldy as well as for secondary characters. Davidson's plots are predictable fun, in the satisfying way of comfort food, and the recipes, included on the final disc, are undeniably mouth-watering. Title: Charlie Moon Mysteries (12 titles in the series) Author: James D. Doss and Southwest Description: Charlie is a Ute Indian & sometimes tribal investigator. His aunt, Daisy Perika, who helps her nephew solve the crimes, is one of the most entertaining characters I've come across. There a
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