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    42 BURGOS ST. VISTA VERDE EXECUTIVE VILLAGE CAINTA, RIZAL 682-7941   1     PENIEL INTEGRATED CHRISTIAN ACADEMY OF RIZAL INC. SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULUM MAP GRADE 6 S.Y 2019-2020 FIRST QUARTER SECOND QUARTER THIRD QUARTER FOURTH QUARTER UNIT 1 –  The Geographical Characteristics of the Philippines Lesson 1 – The Location of the Philippines 1.   Vicinal Location 2.   Maritime Location 3.   Philippine Territory a.   Islands of the Philippines 4.   Historical Bases of the Philippines a.   Treaty of Paris,1898 b.   Treaty of Washington, 1900 c.   Boundaries Treaty, 1930 5.   Legal Bases of the Philippine Territorial Ownership 6.   The Philippine Regionalization UNIT 2 –  Building the Filipino Nation Lesson 1 –  Spanish Colonialism and the Rise of the Filipino Nation 1.   Arrival of Spaniards and the Battle of Mactan 2.   The Spanish Conquest 3.   The Spanish Colonial Government a.   Unification of Church and State b.   Economic life during the Spanish Colonial times 4.   Early Filipino Resistance against Spanish Colonialism UNIT 3 –  The American and the Japanese Occupations Lesson 1 –  American Occupation of the Philippines 1.   Prelude to the American conquest: Spanish-American War 2.   The coming of the Americans to the Philippines 3.   Battle of Manila Bay 4.   Proclamation of Philippine Independence 5.   Malolos Congress 6.   Filipino siege of Manila 7.   Mock Battle of Manila between Spain and the United States UNIT 4 – The Free Philippines Lesson 1 – Third Philippine Republic 1.   Post-war Philippines 2.   Roxas Administration a.   Bell Trade Act b.   Tydings Rehabiilitation Act c.   Military Bases Agreement d.   Huk Rebellion 3.   Quirino Administration a.   Negotiation with the Huks b.   Foreign exchange control c.   RP-US Mutual Defense Treaty 4.   Magsaysay Adminbistration a.   Pro-poor policy    42 BURGOS ST. VISTA VERDE EXECUTIVE VILLAGE CAINTA, RIZAL 682-7941   2     Scheme 7.   Regions of Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao 8.   Advantages of being an Archipelago Lesson 2 – The Topography and Climate of the Philippines 1.   Topography of the Philippines a.   Landforms b.   Bodies of Water 2.   Philippine Climate 3.   The Philippines and the Ring of Fire Lesson 3- Our Natural Resources Lesson 2 – Filipino Nationalism and the Propaganda Movement 1.   Growth of Filipino Nationalism 2.   Entry of Liberal ideas from Europe 3.   Rule of Carlos Maria dela Torre 4.   Execution of GOMBURZA 5.   Birth of the Propaganda Movement 6.   Leading Propagandists and their works 7.   Failure of the Propaganda Movement Lesson 3 – The Katipunan and the 1896 Revolution 1.   Founding of the Katipunan a.   Membership b.   Women of the KKK c.   The Kalayaan 2.   Discovery of the KKK 3.   Cry of Pugadlawin 8.   8. Treaty of Paris 9.   Philippine-American War a.   Fall of Malolos b.   Death of General Antonio Luna c.   Resistance in other parts of the Philippines d.   Aguinaldo’s retreat  e.   Battle of Tirad Pass f.   Capture of Aguinaldo g.   Surrender of Miguel Malvar h.   Sakay and revived KK Lesson 2 – The Philippines Under American Rule 1.   Philippine Commissions 2.   Establishment of the civil government 3.   American governors-general from 1901 to1921 b.   End of the Huk Rebellion c.   Laurel-Langley Agreement d.   Pro-worker policies e.   SEATO 5.   Garcia Administration a.   Filipino first policy b.   Revival of Philippine Cultural Arts c.   Austerity 6.   Macapagal Administration a.   Change of independence day date b.   Devaluation of the Philippine Peso c.   Land Reform Code d.   Sabah claim e.   MAPHILINDO f.   Stonehill Scandal 7.   Marcos Administration a.   ASEAN b.   Rise of student activism    42 BURGOS ST. VISTA VERDE EXECUTIVE VILLAGE CAINTA, RIZAL 682-7941    3     1.   Land Resources 2.   Forest Resources a.   Protecting and Conserving our Land and Forest Resources 3.   Mineral Resources a.   Protecting and Conserving our Mineral Resources 4.   Water and Marine Resources a.   Conserving and Protecting our Water and Marine Resources 4.   Outbreak of the Philippine Revolution 5.   Execution of Jose Rizal 6.   KKK factionalism 7.   Tejeros Convention 8.   Death of Andres Bonifacio 9.   The Republic of Biak-na-Bato 4.   Philippine Organic Act 5.   Formation of Filipino political parties 6.   Governor-General Francis Burton Harrison and the Filipinization of the government 7.   Jones Law Lesson 3 – The American Legacy 1.   Public education 2.   Public health 3.   Improved transportation and communication 4.   English language Lesson 4- Commonwealth Government 1.   Osmena-Roxas 2.   Hare-Hawes Cutting Act 3.   Tydings-McDuffie Act 4.   Establishment of the Commonwealth government c.   Reestablishment of the CPP d.   Formation of the NPA e.   First Quarter Storm f.   Muslim Secessionist Movement g.   Declaration of Martial Law h.   1973 Constitution i.   Crony Capitalism  j.   The “New Society”  k.   Lifting of Martial Law Lesson 2 – Fourth Philippine Republic 1.   Ninoy Aquino assassination 2.   1986 Snap Elections 3.   People Power Revolution Lesson 3 – Fifth Philippine Republic: 1986 to Present 1.   Corazon Aquino Administration a.   1986 Freedom Administration    42 BURGOS ST. VISTA VERDE EXECUTIVE VILLAGE CAINTA, RIZAL 682-7941    4     5.   Challenges of the Commonwealth 6.   Achievements of the Philippine Commonwealth Lesson 5-Japanese Occupation of the Philippines 1.   Outbreak of the Second World War a.   Quezon exiled b.   Fall of Bataan and Corregidor c.   Death March 2.   Establishment of a Puppet Government 3.   Guerilla warfare 4.   Life of the Filipinos during the war 5.   Return of the Americans and the liberation of the Philippines b.   1987 Philippine Constitution 2.   Challenges to the Aquino Administration a.   Reorganization of the government b.   Coup attempts c.   Disunity in the cabinet d.   Economic crisis e.   Power crisis f.   Natural calamities g.   Other significant events (Mendiola Massacre, Expiration of the RP-US Military Bases Agreement) 3.   Ramos Administration a.   Philippines 2000 b.   Economic growth c.   Achievements in peace and order 4.   Estrada Administration a.   Erap para sa mahirap    42 BURGOS ST. VISTA VERDE EXECUTIVE VILLAGE CAINTA, RIZAL 682-7941    5     b.   Impeachment trial c.   People Power 2 5.   Arroyo Administration a.   “Strong Republic”  b.   Challenges to the Arroyo administration: EDSA 3, Oakwood Mutiny, “Hello Garci”, 2006 Coup Plot, Impeachment complaints c.   Programs of the Arroyo administration: BEAT THE ODDS, OTOP 6.   Noynoy Aquino Administration a.   Tuwid na Daan
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