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1. Message Epilogue Overview Preschool Primary and Secondary School Teacher Training School Enrollment Guidance Win-win Cooperation Contents 01PKU College | 2. 02PKU…
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  • 1. Message Epilogue Overview Preschool Primary and Secondary School Teacher Training School Enrollment Guidance Win-win Cooperation Contents 01PKU College |
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  • 6. verviewOSpirit Inheritance and Inclusive Compatibility International Perspectives and Future Elite The Developmental Vision and Mission Values Soul of Education Casted by Quality 06PKU College |
  • 7. Relying on Peking University, PKU College is a comprehensive and professional PreK-12 (Preschool to High School) educational institute established through elevated design. PKU College includes many facets such as preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, teacher training, management consultation, teaching materials, teaching aids and other educational aspects. “PKU” embodies the pursuit of excellence and the innovative humanistic spirit of Peking University, while the spirit of “College” is to absorb the ideas from both western collegiate education and Chinese virtues education. Together, PKU College strives to cultivate excellent Chinese people into honorable citizens with remarkable leadership, creativity and international perspectives. We make earnest efforts to support China’s national educational innovations and to conduct duties of national cultural inheritance. Spirit Inheritance and Inclusive Compatibility 07PKU College | Overview
  • 8. As the country’s premier educational institution, PKU College operates three featured platforms including research, training and schools. The three platforms have attracted the attention of many senior education specialists both nationwide and worldwide. Our unique Panoramic Pedagogy consists of school education, family education, parent education and social education. We commit to prepare students for real life challenges. 08PKU College |
  • 9. PKU College combines the research and practices of Chinese domestic standardized and formulated preschool education, and essential educational teaching practices. We have established parent education disciplines as our “source of education” to innovate family subjects and practices including; the preschool education standards, the comparisons of Chinese and foreign educational theories, the internationalization of primary and secondary school operational modes, teacher’s thinking and innovation methods, the format of campus cultural delivery, education mechanisms of family and school cooperatives, family and school operating modes, science methods of family management and other aspects. PKU College aims to become a national education science think tank, as well as the principal, director and teacher of the Huangpu Military Academy. Such efforts culminate in the formulation and operation of PKU College’s studying institution for parent education. PKU College ultimately aspires to become a prominent institution for children education. 09PKU College | Overview
  • 10. International Perspectives and Future Elite 10PKU College |
  • 11. Along with the acceleration of globalization and its deepening implications, the nation has to develop talents with international communication and competition abilities that can adapt to the future society. The internationalization of education has increasingly become a focus of educational reform and development. At PKU College, we advocate world academic communication on comparative education. We have close cooperation on a number of projects with a UNESCO and the World Bank Fund. PKU College holds perennial cooperation with many famous global universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, University of Cambridge and Oxford University. We also have close collaborations with primary and secondary schools in many European countries, the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain and many more. 11PKU College | Overview
  • 12. 12PKU College | The Development Vision and Mission Values Our Vision >>> Rooted in Peking University’s academic and cultural tradition that has spanned over a century, we are committed in building the most highly regarded comprehensive educational institution. Our Mission Cultivate our students in becoming great Chinese and world citizens with remarkable leadership, creativity and international perspectives. >>>
  • 13. 13PKU College | Overview Three-Dimensional Education and High- Dimensional Achievements Educational Philosophy >>> Three-Dimensional Education is the development of a life and learning space with static thinking and dynamic development for children that unites the trinity of the individual, group and nature. Such development absorbs positive temperamental features, talent, ambition, and metaphysical theoretical understanding as children control the past, present and future. Children are provided with the most vigorous vitality of knowledge, nutrition, high-grade teaching, and a pure living and learning ecology. High-Dimensional Achievements borrows from vital physics concepts, while Three-Dimensional Education refers to the stereoscopic learning space. Our fourth dimension is time. The best educational mode should be taught according to aptitude, from which we provide the best talents for society in the shortest possible time. PKU College offers students a wonderful three- dimensional space while letting education return to nature. A child’s individuality is thus self-obtained and extended as PKU College opens the potential talents of students and guides the future elites of China and the world.
  • 14. 14PKU College | Educational Goals Advocate students' love for nature Enlighten the development of individual identity Build the abundance of mentality Cultivate the future leaders >>> Uphold ethics, enjoy learning Be resolute, courageous, wise and respectful Adhere to principles and attend to practice School Motto >>>
  • 15. 15PKU College | Overview Soul of Education Casted by Quality PKU College adheres to the profound academic traditions and high quality educational resources of Peking University. We gather a large number of international high level and well-known experts and scholars to derive a strong teacher force with diverse disciplines, backgrounds and broad academic visions. PKU College is committed to China's Ministry of Education's basic education pathway, as we continuously pledge to open students’ minds, cultivate the future elite, and realize the dream of providing exceptional education.
  • 16. 16PKU College | The Management Structure of PKU College Four centers support PKU College’s national development; including our Research Institute, Operation Center (manages all the preschool, primary and secondary schools nationwide), Development Center (explores good relationships with real estate development companies and government departments), and Support Center (Marketing, Engineering, Procurement, Finance, and Human Resources).
  • 17. 17PKU College | Overview About PKU College’s Educational Research Academy PKU College’s Educational Research Academy consists of our educational research and training department. Both include three sectors; Research Institute, College, and Learners Center. Together educational practical work. PKU College’s Preschool Educational Research Academy and Basic Educational Research Academy mainly undertake the research and development of Chinese and English curriculums, standardized teaching and the implementation of other educational works. In addition, both Academies employ various teacher, principal and parent training programs. The Academy launches a series of classic curriculum systems, while supporting teachers and principals to ensure the best quality of teaching is executed in our schools. The Parents School selects famous Chinese child-development experts to give speeches on children’s growth and education, family relationships and motivation, family members’ safety and health, and other fascinating topics. PKU College’s Preschool Education Center and Basic Education Center undertake government projects to provide enrollment guidance for all kinds of preschool, primary, secondary and high schools. The centers carry out deep cooperation on educational teaching guidance and other aspects.
  • 18. PTeaching and Educational Research by Masters and Education Experts Children’s Home with Poetry and the Pastoral Chain Management – The Industry Model Creative Lifestyle – Accompanied Growth reschool 18PKU College |
  • 19. Through the "Panoramic Pedagogy" of school education, family education, parents’ education and social education, and our unique curriculums; PKU College Preschools take children's daily routines, and four years of early childhood growth targets and learning centers as the latitude, and our nine classic proprietary curriculums as the longitude. Elegant and safe preschool environments form a three-dimensional, holographic and vibrant living and learning space. We provide bilingual instruction and advanced teaching methods within our classroom models to ensure a realization of our three-dimensional education of children and high dimensional achievements. Teaching and Educational Research by Masters and Education Experts The Curriculum and Education Development Goals 19PKU College | Preschool
  • 20. 20PKU College | PKU College’s Chinese Premier Class Curriculum absorbs internationally to achieve Chinese domestic practical results via a well-prepared preschool environment. Our classic proprietary curriculum is delivered through interactive activities and daily routines. Our curriculum consists of Classic Chinese Language Arts, English Language Arts, Elite Math, Virtue Education, Fitness, Visual and Expressive Arts, Music, Social Experiments – amassing 9 critical learning domains. Chinese Premier Course
  • 21. 21PKU College | Preschool PKU College’s International Elite Premier Class Curriculum is led by a foreign teacher and foreign experts. PKU College’s Teaching and Research Team adopts advanced internationally renowned early childhood educational theories that advocates essential comprehensive development emotionally, socially, and cognitively. As a result, we form an inclusive ability for the child to express themselves and comprehend others in English and Mandarin. Children internalize and embrace virtues. Children enjoy visual and expressive arts, and physical and health education. Children embrace having academic freedom to explore games, teacher led activities and our 5 learning Center, Sensorial and Math Center, Practical Life Center, and Construction Center. Our learning centers support children’s play and child-initiated learning. Each area has a distinct focus and a predictable inventory of materials. Teachers use interest areas to extend children’s active search for knowledge. International Premier Course
  • 22. 22PKU College | PKU College provides a rich and colorful extracurricular experience for children. Children continue their interest in literacy and learning with our Picture Book Class, Creative Cooking Class, Roller-skating Class, Taekwondo Class, Soccer Class, Weiqi (Chinese Chess) Class, and Visual Arts just to name a few. Such extracurricular activities help cultivate a child’s ability to emotionally adapt as they mould for excellent study habits that will be applied for their entire life. Various Featured Courses
  • 23. 23PKU College | Preschool Children’s Home with Poetry and the Pastoral PKU College Preschool Experimental Preschools are preschool brands owned by PKU College. We have established a specialized, standardized and international educational model that has resulted in an all encompassing dedication to high- quality early childhood education and parent services. Our Preschools emphasize the utmost care for young children in all aspects of campus construction and environment creation. Every detail was designed and monitored by educational experts. Our Preschools are devised by internationally gold-prized designers as we aspire to create a safe, warm and beautiful living and learning environment for young children.
  • 24. 24PKU College | Specialized environment arrangement Various classrooms with distinct characteristics Children’s creative corridor Rich and beautiful living space Children’s Home with Poetry and the Pastoral
  • 25. 25PKU College | Preschool PKU College Management System The standardization and internationalization of PKU College’s Management System has penetrated all aspects of our daily operational management. Our elevates our preschool campus operations to ensure of teaching and service for all of our preschool chains. Chain Management – The Industry Model
  • 26. 26PKU College | PKU College’s Operating Management System contains standardized management books and manuals for all staff members. Our Supervision Inspection System attends to all aspects of campus supervision, inspection and improvements in administrative management, campus environment, teaching, logistics management, student enrollment, parent’s service and more. Our standardized Logistic Service System creates an advanced and consistent logistics service system that allows our logistics assets, procurement, reception, warehouse, kitchen, classroom health care, security, cleaning and school bus Operating Management System Teacher Training System PKU College’s Teacher Training System is comprised of Chinese and foreign management, and teacher teams appositely trained to become a powerful support base for our Operating Management System.
  • 27. 27PKU College | Preschool Advanced Technology Application PKU College’s Advanced Technology Application is a perfect combination of education, science and technology. In essence, our Advanced Technology manage staff, and for our educators to implement instruction. Our PAD is bilingual that includes a multitude of teaching management resources. Online Learning Platform PKU College’s Online Learning Platform offers continual professional development for our early childhood educators. Our training website ushers a new era of professional development with vast amounts of preschool education coursework for our staff with the latest of industry information to use while at home, our schools and abroad. Parents Education System PKU College’s Parents Education System is an omni-directional and multi-leveled education communication system designed to support the coordination between the home and community as we help realize the common growth of children and parents.
  • 28. 28PKU College | Creative Lifestyle – Accompanied Growth a lively atmosphere; To furnish a unique learning experience under teachers’ care; To build international thinking and vision under the guidance of professional foreign teachers; To expand the exploration and development space within a carefully crafted learning environment; To meet the demands of an all-inclusive education for children through rich and colorful activities; To improve the “Mother and Me” relationship and family education with the guidance of our Parents School. PKU College Preschool is committed to provide children with the highest quality of pre-school education in line with international standards
  • 29. 29PKU College | Preschool Theme Activity PKU College International Bilingual Preschool launches all kinds of wonderful thematic activities each semester. We encourage children and parents to participate in the planning, organization and implementation of various themed activities, such as festival and holiday themes, featured PKU College themes, life theme activities and others.
  • 30. 30PKU College | Outdoor Practice PKU College always aspires to “Advocate student’s love for nature.” We believe that nature can provide all aspects of knowledge children demand. Outdoor natural exploration and social practices can let children get in touch with nature and social and optimistic outlook on life, as well as intrinsically valuing the future.
  • 31. 31PKU College | Preschool Parents’ Service PKU College’s Omni-directional and Multi-channel Communication Service is the core content of PKU College’s preschool family and school collaborative education. The service not only provides parents with childcare guidance, but lets parents be closely involved in their child's growth process.
  • 32. 32PKU College | PThe Core Value and the Soul of Humanity International Curriculum – The Palace of Wisdom Balance of Knowing and Doing – A Wonderful Life Cooperation and Communication rimary and Secondary School
  • 33. 33PKU College | PKU College’s International School is a set of modern boarding schools including bilingual preschools, two-tier primary schools and international middle and high schools. PKU College International School aims to provide quality education and to develop students’ comprehensive skills, abilities and competitive spirit. We advocate students’ love for nature, enlighten the development of their individual identity, build open mentally and cultivate the future leaders. PKU College’s International School features modern teaching facilities and quality teaching resources that provide students a platform to experience Peking University’s profound cultural heritage and to receive an international standard reputable state-of-the-art school management system that ensures the delivery of quality educational services. The Core Value and the Soul of Humanity
  • 34. 34PKU College | Students from PKU College learn and grow comprehensively with solid analytical and problem solving abilities to face challenges in life. They are to become the leaders and future pillars of the nation. They will have a blissful and successful life. PKU College collects advantages of the latest academic achievements and practical experiences of educational research in China and the United States. We use bilingual teaching features of science, organization, safety and other rich teaching activities to empower students with vital abilities to accomplish goals. It is an essential teaching goal to cultivate our students to be global citizens and leaders who will make key contributions to social development. We lay the foundations for future success and happiness for our students.
  • 35. 35PKU College | Adaptation to new environments and challenges Team cooperation ability Communication ability Leadership The global vision Creativity Sense of responsibility Taste Noble character Professional qualities developed according to hobbies and potentials
  • 36. 36PKU College | International Curriculum – The Palace of Wisdom Curriculum System Developing students into well-rounded individuals is an essential educational goal. Our curriculum embodies the features of high-end, international and multidisciplinary in both Eastern and Western education and is in full compliance with the students’ physical, mental, spiritual and social development. PKU College underscores the importance of creating solid foundations of knowledge, competence and personality. At the same time, we implement personalized international courses to offer students more opportunities and choices. Our Chinese program emphasizes the mastery of Chinese literature. Our mathematics course features the seamless integration of Chinese and American math education. English and arts courses adopt native English teaching and learning materials of American primary and secondary education. Overall, it is a comprehensive, balanced curriculum with a rigorous assessment system. All the courses are conducted by native English and local Chinese teachers. They not only strive to develop students’ academic competence, but also focus on delivering knowledge
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