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Pontius Pilate as a modern spiritual teacher

I think an adversary to the clairvoyant Christ was active in Anthroposophy. He helped inspire the practical initiatives of Anthroposophy and was among the builders of the first Goetheanum temple. And organized its destruction by fire. In response to
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  Pontius Pilate as a modern spiritual teacher By Gideon Verhulsdonck To chaste surpass the masculine Jesus and his androgynous Christ. The purple robe. To become a dominating or suffocating reverse-Jesus to one´s artiicial or self-created Christ of life. The lagellation. To defend an innocent and harmless angelic nature of Christ against Jesushis brute deiication of him in the cruciixion. The crowning with thorns. The higher self in Christ or to kill one´s higher self without sole Jesus. The title put on the cross. If there was someone tempting Christ to be more than a free God it was not his Father. It was (to use) Jesus as a demiurge God. The soldiers dividing his garments among them by casting lots. Jesus was acloset Buddhist preventing the cosmic Christ spirit to become fully humane. No gloriication of Jesus his bodily love in sin. It could not survive the violent death of the Christ spirit. Behold the man! Christ as the herald or promise of evolution. Our world is better than the angelic world now with Christ on our side since his incarnation. And Jesus sacriicing himself a secondtime by staying human till the last man has transcended. Humble reminding of only being human in all alienating spiritual ambitions. What is truth? The collective of followers being theChrist to the special religious person being Jesus. Delicate without killing him. An exercise after the dead of Jesus Christ in the conviction the Christ spirit was watching.To reverse-deify an evolutionary Christ and end with the pure Jesus. And then a self-deiication with a free Christ etc. To dis-deify a clairvoyant evolutionary Christ and end up with an occult Christ instead of a free one. A divine deiication of Christ in his passion and Cruciixion. And Epiphany as the human deiication or esoteric principle. The whole evolution of angels has failed completely and there are no good spirits except for Christ. And Lucifer is the leading spirit of the angels and not Michael. To see angels and God as good and Christ as evil. To implement a clairvoyant teaching of Christ. And a parasitic opponent trying to undo an implementation of Christ. And the irst clairvoyant having no answer to it or intrinsic irst right. For the pure religious Christ is not found in the clairvoyance of both. A clairvoyant Christ being expressed and implemented in society by two polarity opposite movements who are enemy of each other.The potent self-evidence of a clairvoyant Christ of the irst Christians. As if there is no difference with his physical appearance. And the distant but intimate exotic modern clairvoyant Christ. Not urgent for today anymore but having a vision for a distant future. Less trust in him with billions of followers than with the few. As if he is split up.The Prologue of John is as if the ´word´ or Logos as spoken out by the priest performs the consecration. And not the accompanying rituals as a sign of God.Where the Earth atmosphere ends the metaphysical space begins. In which God can project anything. The greatest superstition of science is modern astronomy. With the decadence of expensive satellites and telescopes. This is a tempting argument for climate change deniers. There is no subtle or etheric extended space. UFO´s and crop circles as God´s response to the penetration of his mathematical celestial spheres. And the atom bomb working as the penetration of the microsphere with quantum mechanics. And there is no after dead journey through the planets to one´s ixed star. The experience of reincarnation is dead, a singularity inGod and the next moment being reborn again. With no need for a time of rest spend with God or in heaven. To believe the judgment of the afterlife to be a minor one. A rational looking back upon the last life and planning ahead with the help of the angels. No apprehension for a major judgment of the soul by God. No fear of dead as an atheistic moment. And not really believing in reincarnation at all. But still appropriating reincarnation.An evolutionary element has always been part of Christianity. And not only today´s overestimating the life and death of Christ of a belief in a spiritual evolution. And people wanting out of the evolution just too soon. For example with the theory of a biological  evolution. Today Christ is free, but with an inheritance of in the future people having an objective religious working of Christ upon their soul, without being religious, positive studiousor belonging to a denomination or Church. As what people always wanted with passion duringthe two thousand years reign of Christianity.I think an adversary to the clairvoyant Christ was active in Anthroposophy. He helped inspire the practical initiatives of Anthroposophy and was among the builders of the irst Goetheanumtemple. And organized its destruction by ire. In response to the destruction, Steiner held a ceremonial act. The Weihnachtstagung of 1923. He would have held such a ceremony anyway, but its cause being the ire made the victory of the adversary complete. The only problem is with Anthroposophy becoming practical, they also took full possession of the adversary his elements in the practical initiatives. So they will not in the future light up for people who are not knowledgeable in Anthroposophy. And should have become a polarity opposite stream. The adversary experienced a clairvoyant Christ among the irst Christians and was opposed to this vision. And wrote the Revelations of John. Preiguring trying to undo Christianity at the end of its running time today.
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