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Pretty Good Character Creator/Customizer v4.4 Beta powered by In-Game Item Properties Editor by styzygy and hohos        Neverwinter Vault Hall of Fame  Certified DM‐Friendly  Module description Pretty Good Character Creator / Customizer (PGC3) is a Neverwinter Nights (NWN) module for building,  equipping, and combat‐testing Player Characters (PCs). It’s optimized for setting up  legit  characters to use in  games where it's appropriate to start at levels other than 1. It also supports the D
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  Pretty Good Character Creator/Customizer v4.4 Beta powered by In-Game Item Properties Editor by   styzygy   and   hohos   Neverwinter    Vault   Hall   of   Fame   Certified   DM ‐ Friendly   Module description Pretty   Good   Character    Creator    /   Customizer    (PGC3)   is   a   Neverwinter    Nights   (NWN)   module   for    building,   equipping,   and   combat ‐ testing   Player    Characters   (PCs).   It’s   optimized   for    setting   up   legit   characters   to   use   in   games   where   it's   appropriate   to   start   at   levels   other    than   1.   It   also   supports   the   DM   Friendly   Initiative   (DMFI).   Using   PGC3,   you   can:   Add,   change,   or    remove   any   valid   property   for    any   item   using   the   In ‐ Game   Item   Properties   Editor    (IGIPE)   by   hohos.      Set   a   PC   to   any   level   up   to   40.   Gold   is   automatically   set   for    the   level   you   chose   per    guidelines   in   the   Dungeon   Master’s   Guide   v3.1.      Rebuild   levels.      Adjust   alignment,   subrace,   and   deity.      Purchase   equipment   from   a   wide   selection   of   items,   including   standard   NWN   items   and   many   unique   creations.      Load   or    remove   DMFI   PC   items.      Fix   Identified,   Cursed   (undroppable),   Plot,   or    Stolen   flags   on   items.      Customize   your    PC’s   appearance.      Test   your    PC's   mettle   in   Arena   and   Playground   areas.      Jump   to   Official   Campaign   or    NWN   community   modules.      Create   your    perfect   character,   be   the   envy   of   all   your    friends,   get   hot   dates,   and   revel   in   your    own   glory.   (Your    mileage   may   vary.)    Your feedback is vital! Most   updates   of   our    modules   include   new   features   requested   by   users   in   the   NWVault   forum.   Want   more?   Want   better?   Let   us   hear    from   you.   Post   your    feedback   here:   Page   1   of   4    Requirements    NWN   1.69   patch.      Shadows   of   Undrentide   (SoU)   and   Hordes   of   the   Underdark   (HotU)   Campaign   expansions.      Standard   version   requires   no   haks;   Community   Expansion   Pack   (CEP)   versions   require   the   corresponding   CEP   hak   set.   See   for    more   information   on   CEP.   Installation Instructions To   install   and   access   PGC3:   1.   Download   the   .zip   file   for    the   version   of   PGC3   you   wish   to   install.   (Multiple   versions   are   available   for    supporting   different   versions   of   NWN   with   or    without   the   CEP   hak   paks.   Be   sure   to   read   the   descriptions   and   download   the   version   that’s   right   for    you.)   2.   Extract   the   PGC3_#.mod   file   from   the   .zip   file   you   downloaded   (#   =   the   version   number    of   the   module).   3.   Place   the   PGC3_#.mod   file   in   your    NWN\modules   folder.   4.   If   you   are   using   a   Community   Expansion   Pack   version   of   PGC3,   verify   that   you   have   installed   the   matching   version   of   CEP   haks.   5.   After    you   put   the   PGC3_#.mod   file   in   \modules,   start   a   new   game   in   NWN.   When   you   get   to   the   Select   Campaign   to   load   window,   select   the   bottom   choice,   Other    Modules... .   PGC3   should   be   among   the   available   choices.   Changes for v4.4 Beta    Upgraded   PGC3   to   NWN   v1.69   and   CEP   v2.2.      Updates   in   the   Character    Setup   Area:   o   Equipment   Helper    now   has   a   feature   to   identify   all   items   in   inventory.   o   Equipment   Helper    can   now   give   you   a   scroll   with   your    PC's   description   on   it.   o   There   are   minor    updates   to   the   Equipment   Helper's   store   inventories   (including   tridents).   o   Appearance   Helper    can   now   set   color    for    hair,   skin,   and   tattoos.   o   Appearance   Helper    can   now   change   PC   character    portraits.   o   The   Best   Bobo   Bashers   list   now   includes   the   name   of   the   weapon   used.   o   Bobo’s   hit   points   have   been   increased   to   address   a   user    report   that   they   managed   to   destroy   Bobo   before   their    training   session   was   finished.      Updates   in   the   Arena:   o   Many   new   opponents   have   been   added   to   the   Orb   of   Summoning.   Most   creatures   added   in   v1.69   can   now   be   summoned.   o   Purple   Dragon   Knight   has   been   added   to   the   Class   Builds   opponents.      Updates   in   the   Playground:   o   Added   new   creatures   to   most   encounters.   o   Added   teleportation   portals   for    quicker    movement   around   the   Playground   area.   Page   2   of   4    Notes and hints For   Players      Setup   Helper's   quick ‐ set   level+gold   option   may   be   set   by   the   server    host   or    DM   so   that   it   strips   your    inventory   and   resets   your    gold   when   you   choose   a   level.   This   is   to   aid   you   in   setting   up   your    character    with   only   equipment   and   gold   per    DMG   guidelines.   If   this   feature   is   active,   be   sure   to   level   first,   then   shop.   This   option   is   best   when   starting   a   new   character    and   leveling   from   zero   experience.      Raising   one   level   at   a   time   or    rebuilding   levels   does   not   strip   inventory   or    add   gold.   This   is   useful   when   you're   experimenting   with   build   options   for    an   established   character.      Equipment   Merchant   presents   a   variety   of   stores.   For    many   standard   items,   instead   of   stocking   multiple   versions   of   the   same   item   (i.e.   Nymph   Cloak   +1   through   Nymph   Cloak   +7 ),   the   stores   have   a   template   version   (i.e.   Nymph   Cloak ,   with   a   +1   Charisma   bonus).   Use   the   Item   Properties   Helper    and   Appearance   Helper    to   customize   items   to   your    wishes.      Equipment   Merchant   provides   DMFI   language   widgets   based   on   class,   alignment,   race,   and   subrace.   It   provides   appropriate   language   widgets   if   you've   entered   any   of   the   following   as   your    Subrace   (text   must   be   exact):   Aasimar,   Abyssal,   Celestial,   Drow,   Infernal,   Goblin,   or    Tiefling.   Note   that   the   Setup   Helper    can   set   your    Subrace   to   any   of   these   values.      The   Playground   can   be   fun   but,   for    space   reasons,   there   are   a   limited   number    of   different   encounters   available.   To   customize   an   encounter    with   whatever    type   of   creature   you   want,   summon   a   group   of   opponents   in   the   Arena.      The   Playground   and   Arena   have   kill   switches   you   can   use   to   destroy   all   the   spawn.   Leaving   these   areas   also   automagically   destroys   any   spawned   opponents.      Tired   of   item   names   in   the   same   old   white   text?   The   Item   Properties   Helper    offers   you   several   options   for    renaming   your    items   in   colored   and   multicolored   text.   Speak   with   the   helper    and   see   the   “Guide   to   colored   item   names”   for    details   and   full   color    examples.      IGIPE   /   Item   Properties   Helper    lists   item   properties   in   the   order    they   appear    in   the   NWN   2da   files,   which   is   NOT   alphabetical.   This   makes   some   properties   hard   to   locate   in   the   IGIPE   menu.   All   properties   available   in   the   toolset   are   present,   including   some   strange   ones   that   don’t   actually   seem   to   work.   If   you   can’t   find   the   item   property   you   want,   probably   you   haven’t   looked   hard   enough.      Appearance   Helper    cycles   numerically   through   item   part   or    portrait   options.   This   can   result   in   invalid   choices   being   selectable,   for    example   you   can   appearances   that   have   no   models   or    bad   models,   resulting   in   PCs   or    items   with   “missing”   or    “invisible”   parts.   The   toolset   doesn’t   validate   your    choices   and   neither    does   PGC3.   Use   at   your    own   risk.   For   DMs   and   server   hosts      If   you   are   hosting   a   multiplayer    event   and   need   your    PCs   to   start   at   a   particular    level,   you   might   leave   PGC 3   running   on   your    server    for    a   couple   days   before   your    scheduled   event.   Players   can   come   in   and   customize   before   the   game,   so   their    PCs   will   be   ready   on   the   server    vault   at   game   start   without   your    needing   to   spend   time   leveling,   equipping,   and   distributing   DMFI   widgets.      You   can   disable   some   features   of   PGC3   by   setting   module   variables.   These   variables   can   be   set   in   the   module   properties   prior    to   startup,   or    during   runtime   using   the   PGC3   Configurator    located   in   the   Items   palette   under    Custom   >   Special   >   Custom   1:   o   iAllowAlignmentShift:   Permits   Setup   Helper    to   shift   alignment.   1   =   Enabled   (default),   0   =   Disabled.   o   iAllowExitPortal:   Permits   use   of   the   Exit   Portal   for    starting   other    modules.   1   =   Enabled   (default),   0   =   Disabled.   o   iAllowExceedILR:   Permits   Item   Properties   Helper    to   upgrade   items   in   excess   of   the   PC’s   Item   Level   Restriction.   1   =   Enabled   (default),   0   =   Disabled.   o   iAllowForge:   Permits   upgrading   items   using   Item   Properties   Helper’s   forge.   1   =   Enabled   (default),   0   =   Disabled.   o   iAllowGold:   Permits   Equipment   Merchant   to   give   free   gold.   Also   permits   free   scrolls   for    wizards.   1   =   Enabled   (default),   0   =   Disabled.   Page   3   of   4    Page   4   of   4   o   iAllowPlotFlagRemoval:   Permits   Equipment   Merchant   to   set   all   items   to   identified   and   to   remove   cursed/undroppable,   plot,   and   stolen   flags.   1   =   Enabled   (default),   0   =   Disabled.   o   iAllowStores:   Determines   if   Equipment   Merchant   limits   store   availability   based   on   PC   class.   1   =   Offer    all   stores   (default),   0   =   Limit   stores   based   on   class.   o   iMaxLevelUp:   Sets   the   maximum   level   Setup   Helper    will   grant.   Valid   values   are   1   to   40   (default   =   40).   o   iStripInventory:   Determines   if   Setup   Helper    strips   the   PC’s   inventory   when   doing   quick   set   of   level   +   gold.   0   =   Does   not   strip   (default),   1   =   Strips.      You   can   use   the   Aurora   toolset   to   disable   unwanted   features   with   the   Conversation   Editor.   Setting   the   Text   Appears   When   script   for    any   undesired   conversation   choice   to   the   script   vtw_false   prevents   that   choice   from   being   displayed.   Or,   you   can   simply   delete   the   conversation   nodes   you   don't   want.   Note   that   you   can’t   easily   disable   individual   properties   in   the   Item   Properties   Helper    /   IGIPE   because   the   conversation   is   built   dynamically—editing   item   properties   can   only   fully   enabled   or    fully   disabled.      PGC3   has   not   been   tested   with   any   hak   packs   or    community ‐ created   content   except   for    certain   versions   of   CEP.   Embedding   haks   may   cause   crashes   or    unexpected   results.   While   we   have   validated   CEP   to   some   extent,   there   is   no   warranty ‐‐ use   of   ANY   haks   with   PGC3   is   at   your    own   risk.      PGC3   is   not   designed   to   be   taken   apart   and   exported   except   for    IGIPE.   Creation   of   ERFs   for    export   to   other    modules   is   not   supported.   Note   that   IGIPE   is   available   for    separate   download   if   you   wish   to   install   that   in   other    modules.      Be   sure   to   tell   your    players   what   equipment   you   do   and   don't   want   to   allow   before   they   set   up   characters.   Lay   clear    ground   rules—this   will   save   you   from   having   to   take   things   away   from   them   later.      PGC3   is   easily   abused   by   dishonest   players.   The   programming   focus   was   on   building   useful   features   for    honest   players   rather    than   anti ‐ cheating   safeguards.   If   your    players   aren't   trustworthy,   be   aware   that   ordinary   items   can   be   uber  ‐ Forged,   and   any   item   name   can   be   changed.   DMs   should   examine   the   item   properties   and   not   just   go   by   the   item   names.      Really,   if   your    players   aren't   trustworthy,   find   a   different   group   of   players.   (Try   scouting   among   the   Ancient   Mystic   Order    of   Old   Fogeys.)   Those without whom…    Lilista   for    Lilista's   Craft   System.      Bloodsong   for    Body   Tailor .      Knat   for    Knats   Combat   Dummy.      Lilac   Soul   for    the   Script   Generator    which   is   always   a   huge   time ‐ saver.      Torlack   and   roboius   for    the   NWN   Explorer .   Essential   for    2DA   work   and   that’s   only   one   of   the   many   uses   for    this   awesome   tool.      Genji   for    3375   color    combinations   in   text.   Genji's   Coloring   Book.   Provided   the   foundation   of   all   custom   color    code   used   in   IGIPE.      In   no   particular    order:   Steve_Savicki,   Dallo,   Sledge,   Ramrod001,   EvilDaveCanada,   Shin   Okada,   robspier,   Lord   Azagthoth,   WebShaman,   gfb,   northman999,   Ulfius   Bane,   DaveHope,   GoggleEyesMcGee,   Saryleth,   dkillian,   gruedragon,   Magius_Black,   lebowski,   caeserbear,   Choirmaster,   Elhanan,   joshuavillwo,   and   frankie   for    feedback.      Moondrake   for    complaining   about   the   lack   of   a   good   mod   for    building   legit   PCs,   which   spurred   the   creation   of   PGC3.      All   contributors   to   the   DMFI   wand   package.   Never    campaign   without   them.      All   contributors   to   NWN   Lexicon   and   NWN   Wiki.   Never    build   without   them.      Nigel   Kearney   for    the   srcinal   Forge   of   Wonders.      Many   NWN   module   builders—too   numerous   to   list—whose   inspiring   work   has   been   plagiarized,   bastardized,   re ‐ written,   and   learned   from   in   the   course   of   creating   PGC3.   You   guys   rock!  
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