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  SEC Info - Lehman XS Trust Series 2007-2N - 8-K - For 2/15/07 - EX-4.1[7/24/2014 5:49:00 PM]   SEC Info  Home Search My Interests Help User Info   jacqulyn mack   Lehman XS Trust Series 2007-2N · 8-K · For 2/15/07 · EX-4.1 Filed On 2/15/07, 3:46pm ET · Accession Number 1144204-7-8474 · SEC File 333-133985-43  in this entire Filing.  Show Docs searched   and every hit .Help...  Wildcards:  ?  (any letter), *  (many).  Logic:   for Docs: &  (and), |  (or); for Text: |  (anywhere), (&)  (near).    As Of Filer Filing For/On/As Docs:Size Issuer  Agent  2/15/07 Lehman XS Trust Series 2007-2N  8-K :8,9 2/15/07 12:5.9M Vintage Filings/FA ?Current Report — Form 8-KFiling Table of Contents Document/Exhibit Description Pages Size 1: 8-K  Current Report HTML 41K 2: EX-1.1 Underwriting Agreement HTML 33K 3: EX-4.1 Instrument Defining the Rights of Security Holders HTML 1.38M 4: EX-99.1 Miscellaneous Exhibit HTML 110K 5: EX-99.2 Miscellaneous Exhibit HTML 216K 6: EX-99.3 Miscellaneous Exhibit HTML 501K 7: EX-99.4 Miscellaneous Exhibit HTML 189K 8: EX-99.5 Miscellaneous Exhibit HTML 490K 9: EX-99.6 Miscellaneous Exhibit HTML 73K 10: EX-99.7 Miscellaneous Exhibit HTML 678K 11: EX-99.8 Miscellaneous Exhibit HTML 214K 12: EX-99.9 Miscellaneous Exhibit HTML 5K EX-4.1 — Instrument Defining the Rights of Security Holders This exhibit is an HTML Document rendered as filed. [  Alternative Formats ]   Execution Copy   STRUCTURED ASSET SECURITIES CORPORATION,as Depositor,   AURORA LOAN SERVICES LLC,as Master Servicer,   Have a New Business? prweb.comStart generating publicity and attracting customers-Join Free! Find   this entire Filing.Docs searchedevery hit .  SEC Info - Lehman XS Trust Series 2007-2N - 8-K - For 2/15/07 - EX-4.1[7/24/2014 5:49:00 PM] and    U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION,as Trustee   TRUST AGREEMENT   Dated as of January 1, 2007   LEHMAN XS TRUSTMORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATES,SERIES 2007-2N  ??????????  TABLE OF CONTENTS   Page ? ARTICLE I. DEFINITIONS   15Section 1.01   Definitions   15Section 1.02   Calculations Respecting Mortgage Loans   62Section 1.03   Calculations Respecting Accrued Interest   62Section 1.04   Rights of the NIMS Insurer    62ARTICLE II. DECLARATION OF TRUST; ISSUANCE OF CERTIFICATES   62Section 2.01   Creation and Declaration of Trust Fund; Conveyance of Mortgage Loans   62Section 2.02   Acceptance of Trust Fund by Trustee: Review of Documentation for Trust Fund    66Section 2.03   Representations and Warranties of the Depositor    67Section 2.04   Discovery of Breach   69Section 2.05   Repurchase, Purchase or Substitution of Mortgage Loans   70Section 2.06   Grant Clause   71ARTICLE III. THE CERTIFICATES   72Section 3.01   The Certificates   72Section 3.02   Registration   73Section 3.03   Transfer and Exchange of Certificates   74Section 3.04   Cancellation of Certificates   80Section 3.05   Replacement of Certificates   80Section 3.06   Persons Deemed Owners   80Section 3.07   Temporary Certificates   80Section 3.08   Appointment of Paying Agent   81Section 3.09   Book Entry Certificates   82ARTICLE IV. ADMINISTRATION OF THE TRUST FUND   83Section 4.01   Collection Account   83Section 4.02   Application of Funds in the Collection Account   85Section 4.03   Reports to Certificateholders   87  SEC Info - Lehman XS Trust Series 2007-2N - 8-K - For 2/15/07 - EX-4.1[7/24/2014 5:49:00 PM] Section 4.04   Certificate Account and Grantor Trust Certificate Accounts   91Section 4.05   Final Maturity Reserve Account   93  ???????? -i- ????  TABLE OF CONTENTS (continued)   Page ARTICLE V. DISTRIBUTIONS TO HOLDERS OF CERTIFICATES   95Section 5.01   Distributions Generally   95Section 5.02   Distributions from the Certificate Account and Grantor Trust Certificate Accounts   96Section 5.03   Allocation of Losses   106Section 5.04   Advances by Master Servicer, Servicer and Trustee   107Section 5.05   Compensating Interest Payments   109Section 5.06   Basis Risk Reserve Fund    109Section 5.07   [Reserved]   109Section 5.08   [Reserved]   109Section 5.09   [Reserved]   109Section 5.10   Capitalized Interest Account   109Section 5.11   [Reserved]   110Section 5.12   Class X Account   110ARTICLE VI. CONCERNING THE TRUSTEE; EVENTS OF DEFAULT   111Section 6.01   Duties of Trustee   111Section 6.02   Certain Matters Affecting the Trustee   114Section 6.03   Trustee Not Liable for Certificates   115Section 6.04   Trustee May Own Certificates   115Section 6.05   Eligibility Requirements for Trustee   115Section 6.06   Resignation and Removal of Trustee   116Section 6.07   Successor Trustee   117Section 6.08   Merger or Consolidation of Trustee   117Section 6.09   Appointment of Co-Trustee, Separate Trustee or Custodian   118Section 6.10   Authenticating Agents   120Section 6.11   Indemnification of Trustee   121Section 6.12   Fees and Expenses of Trustee and Custodians   121Section 6.13   Collection of Monies   122Section 6.14   Events of Default; Trustee To Act; Appointment of Successor    122Section 6.15   Additional Remedies of Trustee Upon Event of Default   126  ???????? -ii- ????   SEC Info - Lehman XS Trust Series 2007-2N - 8-K - For 2/15/07 - EX-4.1[7/24/2014 5:49:00 PM] TABLE OF CONTENTS (continued)   Page Section 6.16   Waiver of Defaults   127Section 6.17    Notification to Holders   127Section 6.18   Directions by Certificateholders and Duties of Trustee During Event of Default   127Section 6.19   Action Upon Certain Failures of the Master Servicer and Upon Event of Default   128Section 6.20   Preparation of Tax Returns and Other Reports   128Section 6.21   Reporting Requirements of the Commission   134Section 6.22   Indemnification by the Trustee   134ARTICLE VII. PURCHASE OF MORTGAGE LOANS AND TERMINATION OF THE TRUST FUND   135Section 7.01   Purchase of Mortgage Loans; Termination of the Trust Fund Upon Purchase or Liquidation of MortgageLoans   135Section 7.02   Procedure Upon Termination of Trust Fund    137Section 7.03   Additional Trust Fund Termination Requirements   137Section 7.04   Optional Purchase Right of NIMS Insurer    138Section 7.05   Grantor Trust Termination   138ARTICLE VIII. RIGHTS OF CERTIFICATEHOLDERS   138Section 8.01   Limitation on Rights of Holders   138Section 8.02   Access to List of Holders   139Section 8.03   Acts of Holders of Certificates   140ARTICLE IX. ADMINISTRATION AND SERVICING OF MORTGAGE LOANS BY THE MASTER SERVICER    141Section 9.01   Duties of the Master Servicer    141Section 9.02   Master Servicer Fidelity Bond and Master Servicer Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy   141Section 9.03   Master Servicer’s Financial Statements and Related Information   142Section 9.04   Power to Act; Procedures   142Section 9.05   Enforcement of Servicers’ and Master Servicer’s Obligations   144Section 9.06   Collection of Taxes, Assessments and Similar Items   145Section 9.07   Termination of Servicing Agreements; Successor Servicers   146  ???????? -iii- ????  TABLE OF CONTENTS (continued)   Page Section 9.08   Master Servicer Liable for Enforcement   146Section 9.09    No Contractual Relationship Between the Servicer, Any NIMS Insurer and Trustee or Depositor    147Section 9.10   Assumption of Servicing Agreement by the Trustee   147Section 9.11   Due-on-Sale Clauses; Assumption Agreements; Easements   148Section 9.12   Release of Mortgage Files   148Section 9.13   Documents, Records and Funds in Possession of Master Servicer To Be Held for Trustee   149Section 9.14   Representations and Warranties of the Master Servicer    151Section 9.15   Opinion   153Section 9.16   Standard Hazard and Flood Insurance Policies   153Section 9.17   Presentment of Claims and Collection of Proceeds   153
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