Raymond Financials.xlsx

Raymond ------------------- in Consolidated Rs. Cr. Balance Sheet ------------------- Mar '17 Mar '16 Mar '15 Mar '14 Mar '13 12 mths 12 mths 12 mths 12 mths 12 mths Sources Of Funds Total Share Capital 61.38 61.38 61.38 61.38 61.38 Equity Share
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  Raymond Mar '17Mar '16Mar '15Mar '14Mar '13 12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths Sources Of Funds Total Share Capital61.3861.3861.3861.3861.3861.3861.3861.3861.3861.38Reserves1,611.741,569.981,479.981,404.741,316.33 Networth1,673.11,631.361,541.361,466.11,377.71 Secure !oa s1,445.421,050.161,005.121,068.541,005.26# secure !oa s321.95692.55565.68594.82379.23 !ota #e$t1,767.371,74.711,57%.&%1,663.361,3&4.4 $i orit% & terest69.3162.9572.5370.5512.35 !ota ()a$) )t)es3,5%.&%3,437.%3,1&4.63,%%.%3,774.55Mar '17Mar '16Mar '15Mar '14Mar '13 12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths *++ )cat)on Of Funds 'ross (loc)1,478.383,204.433,049.462,924.722,781.8500001.18309.71,897.951,775.081,668.361,475.14 Net  oc-1,16&.6&1,3%6.4&1,74.3&1,56.361,3%5.53 412.15249.98195.82173.97174.32 n/estments64%.55%.3746.7514.6&54.%& & ve tories1,288.671,266.031,157.761,092.52947.68Su r% *e+tors1,050.661,047.48923.89849.91738.4469.792.45129.2580.9838.092,409.032,405.962,210.902,023.411,724.21621.94603.96559.98473.94453.683,030.973,009.922,770.882,497.352,177.89Curre t !ia+ilities1,683.511,575.371,407.981,166.321,336.03rovisio s58.9956.3775.3776.0171.241,742.501,631.741,483.351,242.331,407.27 1,&&.471,37&.1&1,&7.531,55.%77%.6!ota *ssets3,5%.&%3,437.%13,1&4.7%3,%%.%3,774.55 308.45361.84411.02393.19342.97(oo) -alue Rs/272.58265.78251.11238.86224.45 0onso )dated a ance Sheet )n Rs. 0r.  uit% Share Capital!ess Revaluatio Reserves!ess ccum. *epreciatio Capital or) i roressCash a  (a ) (ala ceTotal Curre t  ssets!oa s a   va cesTotal C, !oa s   va cesTotal C!  rovisio s Net 0urrent *ssets Co ti e t !ia+ilities  Source : Dion Global Solutions Limited  Raymond Mar 1716Mar15Mar14Mar13Mar  12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths N0OM25,317.&35,%6.%4,7.5%3,6%.473,44.16 037.7941.9345.7771.26 5,317.&35,%5&.34,75%.573,14.7%3,4.% 73.573.1386.6987.2971.99 5,31.35,131.364,&37.64,%%1.3,44.& ther & come117.94106.9195.1872.6573.870463.33495.36545.98574.27 !ota Re/enue5,5%.65,7%1.6%5,47.74,6%.634,143.%322NS2S 1,112.281,284.631,358.451,342.571,252.351,340.831,206.521,070.94566.29373.67740.93844.38845.86829.23776.0495.64102.394.85111.3345.24753.54725.08662.71554.15553.32i a ce Costs178.03183.45200.39196.83190.58156.88164.25161.88195.79189.04ther :pe ses1,234.581,198.741,062.70887.08787.62 !ota 2+enses5,41.445,5%4.755,6&.%&4,46%.64,%77.3&7.&16.&515.716%.%165.64 :ceptio al &tems10.0534.940.0335.3928.96 rof)t(oss efore !a77.77161.115.7514.6136.6&!a 2+enses0ont)nued O+erat)ons Curre t Ta:34.3462.6445.6536.5422.96023.0222.771.990.89*e;erre Ta:12.532.4719.695.061.4Ta: or arlier <ears00.041.310.260.3 !ota !a 2+enses1.&47.1343.&&.764.555.3&.7&115.&74.&611.7355.3&.7&115.&74.&611.7355.3&.7&115.&74.&611.73 $i orit% & terest4.50.816.772.641.5125.921.463.7215.4215.5 5.5.%511.&11%7.63&.73O!2R *##!ON*( NFORM*!ON0onso )dated rof)t 8 (oss account )n Rs. 0r. Re/enue From O+erat)ons 9:ross; !ess :cise=Sevice Ta:=ther !evies Re/enue From O+erat)ons 9Net; ther perati  Reve ues !ota O+erat)n< Re/enues 'roup Share & >oi t -e turesCost ; $aterials Co sumeurchase ; Stoc)& Traeperati    *irect :pe sesCha es & & ve tories ; ',&   Stoc)& Traemplo%ee (e e;it :pe ses*epreciatio    mortisatio :pe ses rof)t(oss efore 2ce+t)ona , 2traOrd)nary tems *nd !a !ess $T Creit  titleme t rof)t(oss *fter !a *nd efore 2traOrd)nary temsrof)t(oss From 0ont)nu)n< O+erat)onsrof)t(oss For !he er)od Share ; ro;it=!oss ;  ssociates 0onso )dated rof)t(oss *fter M *nd *ssoc)ates


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