Rector's Report 2015 for The Parish of St. James in St. Marys, a friendly spiritual community in the Anglican tradition. A Parish of the Diocese of Huron in the Anglican Church of Canada within the Worldwide Anglican Communion.
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  THE PARISH OF ST. JAMES ANGLICAN CHURCHTHE PARISH OF ST. JAMES ANGLICAN CHURCHST. MARYS, ONTARIOST. MARYS, ONTARIORECTOR'S REPORT 2015RECTOR'S REPORT 2015VESTRY SUNDAY, JANUARY 31, 2016VESTRY SUNDAY, JANUARY 31, 2016 Full Rector's Report, p. 1 Fr. Rishi Sativihari  Dear Friends of St. James,This is the full version of my Rector's Report. The version in the Vestry Report boolet !as shortened for easier distribution. "t is a Rector's Report lie any other, describin# the events and chan#es that have occurred durin# the year. "t is an especially si#nificant one, ho!ever, since it describes a culmination of chan#es !hich have #radually developed since my pastoral relationship !ith you be#an in $%1$. "t also hi#hli#hts small but potent chan#es !hich, &od !illin#, !ill continue into $%1, and continue &od's on#oin# process of revitali(in# our parish community. Durin# $%1), !e e*perimented !ith a shift in ho! !e or#ani(e our parish life. This Rector's Report describes those shifts !ith #raphs and short +uestions for your reflection, some pictures of a model for further developin# our teams, and a list of ho! careful e*perimentin# !ith this ne! approach to team!or has been implemented this year. e have focussed on three areas in $%1) that, &od !illin#, !e !ill continue !orin# to develop in $%1- 1/ 0eadership, $/ Finance, and / Strate#ic 2lannin#. 3ach of these areas is in deep need of rene!al in li#ht of our core mission. 4ecause these areas are hi#hly interrelated, " as you to first spend some time reflectin# on the follo!in# chart before readin# on. ST. JAMES' COSTS BY CATEGORY ALLOCATED FOR FULFILLING ITS MISSION OF SHARING CHRIST'S LOVE IN AN EVER-CHANGING WORLDNOTE: the hi#hest 51 and 5$/ and our lo!est 5/ costs, and as yourselves t!o interrelated +uestions- 1/ 6o! sustainable are these costs7 $/ 6o! !ell does the !ay funds are distributed actually help us move for!ard in fulfillin# our mission7 Full Rector's Report, p. $ Fr. Rishi Sativihari  NEW STRUCTURES FOR ST. JAMES' PARISH (1) LEADERSHIP, () FINANCE, (!) STRATEGIC PLANNING 1. R"#"$%#& O A*+ T* L"+"/%: A# E0*$"0"# M*"2 Recently " too in an interestin# seminar on leadership in the $1 st  century church. "t !as sponsored by the 3piscopal 8hurch Foundation 9S:/. The first !ords spoen by the seminar leader !ere these. “Uncertainty is the new 'normal.' And it is in moments such as these that leadership in the church is most greatly needed.” "t is hard to disa#ree that these are very uncertain times for the church. 6o! can !e best ensure the passin# on of the torch of our tradition to the ne*t #eneration, !hether that ne*t #eneration !ill be old or youn# or some!here in bet!een7 The seminar presenter !ent on to define the particular ind of leadership that they believe is no! needed in these uncertain times. “Leadership is taking responsibility  for.... enabling others ... to achieve    purpose ... in the face of uncertainty.” To e*plain that definition, e*amples !ere #iven of three inds of leadership !hich do not    tae responsibility for enablin# others to achieve purpose. The presenter su##ested that these three inds of leadership have been the most common approaches to leadership in the church, amon# both our cler#y and our lay leaders- Full Rector's Report, p.  Fr. Rishi Sativihari  "n the 3I'22 +4" +" *5 %6  approach, !ho is the dot in the middle7 "t is one person or another, !ho is very entrenched in their parish, !ho !ill #ladly do a lot of thin#s, but !ho doesn't leave room for other people to #et involved, e*press ne! ideas, be creative, do thin#s a little differently. "n this model, the leader in the center has so much o!nership that cooperation often comes to mean ;my !ay or the hi#h!ay.< This !ay of leadin# is disempo!erin# to other people. :nd, ultimately, it can be deeply disempo!erin# to the leader. hat happens to them7 =ver time, they develop serious burnout or ;flae>out,< !hen they eep runnin# and runnin#, lon# after their spiritual   Holy Spirit-nspired! tans are empty. Their families often see less of them than the church does, and that leads to even deeper difficulties in their lives. This is a trap that many volunteer or#ani(ations, lie churches, fall into. :nd it is +uite easy to do. There are some very hi#hly dedicated people, and !e tend to lean on them +uite heavily because !e are busy, because !e appreciate their !illin#ness and ability to mae a contribution, and because !e no! that !hen !e #ive them a problem to solve, their reply !ill almost al!ays be be ;"'ll tae care of it.< 4ut there is a bi##er picture here that !e often fail to see. The bi##er picture is that !hat !e are doin# in this process is erodin# the leadership capacity of our community as a !hole, rather than helpin# it to flourish. ?o one's #ifts and capacities end up bein# truly appreciated and deepened in this !ay of operatin#."n the 3W*'/ %# +&" ""76  approach, there are many unfocussed efforts #oin# on all over the place. e all have our ideas, and !e are all #oin# off and doin# our thin#, but there is no dedicated core, no dedicated center, no sense of shared purpose. "n this approach, !e are in a sense hapha(ardly involved ;every!here,< but strate#ically involved ;no!here.< This !ay of operatin# can e+ually diminish the leadership capacity of the community and prevent any clear, deep, shared sense of mission. "t can also lead to burnout, and even to battles bet!een leaders, !ho no! that resources are limited."n the 3H+%2 C+"/+86  approach, one person sometimes cler#y, sometimes laity/ operates lie 3mperor 8aesar, the one !ho no!s all and has all the po!er. 3veryone else must submit to the 8aesar's !ill. hen such a 8aesar type leader is a cler#y person, this !ay of operatin# has sometimes been affectionately called the ;Father@Aother aled>=n>ater< model. "t portrays a priest !ho has probably been in the parish for countless years, and to!ard !hom there is so much deference that no one does a thin# especially his or her dele#ates/, !ithout first checin# !ith Father@Aother aled>=n>ater. :t first #lance, this model sounds much lie the ;"'ll tae care of it< approach, but actually it is Full Rector's Report, p. B Fr. Rishi Sativihari  much more comple*. There is a clear hierarchical structure, and so po!er is indeed spread do!n. 0ines of authority are probably very !ell or#ani(ed. B " "+2 9"/%*# %/ - :re all of those little dots, those ;little people< do!n there beneath 8aesar and his or her dele#ates, really bein# empo!ered to live into the dream that &od has for them C both as individuals and for the !ider church community7 2robably not. 2robably they are only doin# !hatever 8aesar !ants them to. They are liely very dutiful, but their o!n spiritual #ifts are liely not bein# reali(ed and lifted up in the church. The problem here, thou#h, is not only !ith the 8aesar. "t is a t!o>!ay street. e often cede our o!n personal a#ency to a 8aesar>type leader !hen !e come to church or #o the doctor's office/. :nd so !e all have a role in maintainin# this approach, even if that role is the passive one of never +uestionin# the !ill of 8aesar. The 3piscopal structure of church #overnance is carefully desi#ned to prevent these inds of or#ani(ational dysfunctions from happenin#, but it only !ors if !e understand the nature of our 3piscopal structure and ho! it differs from con#re#ationalist models. e all probably reco#ni(e these these dysfunctional approaches to leadership from our o!n e*perience !ith various leaders and !ithin ourselves. e need a #ood alternative approach to the inds of leadership reflected in the above three models. =ne alternative bein# developed in the 3piscopal 8hurch is described as the ;Sno!flae< model. e must be clear- this is an 3piscopal, not a 8on#re#ationalist, model. The 4ishop is still in char#e of the spiritual life of the parish, and the parish priest is still the 4ishop's appointed representative. This operations model does not relate to offical authority, but rather to the /%%+2 "%%2%; po!er, dynamism/ behind all #enuine authority !hether sacred or secular, !hich is manifest in ho! !e actually "2+"  to one another as individuals, in small #roups, and in the parish as a !hole. That is the spiritual foundation of co>operatively fulfillin# our mission and, indirectly, of our diocese fulfillin# its mission. :lthou#h !e have different roles and responsibilities, !e are all in this to#ether. Full Rector's Report, p. ) Fr. Rishi Sativihari
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