Redemption PvP Basics

Eden Eternal: Redemption PvP Basics - Party Structure: We try to form balanced parties as much as possible and don’t particularly mean to ever leave anyone out. The basis for balance is usually a party with 3 PDPS, 3 MDPS, and 3 Healers if we are capable of doing so. Not everyone can make the same wars, people have lives, and people live in different time zones. We have to adjust sometimes as needed. - Prep: We try to host a banquet before every war, but at least for every “importan
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  Eden Eternal: Redemption PvP Basics -   Party Structure : We try to form balanced parties as much as possible and don’t  particularly mean to ever leave anyone out. The basis for balance is usually a party with 3 PDPS, 3 MDPS, and 3 Healers if we are capable of doing so. Not everyone can make the same wars, people have lives, and people live in different time zones. We have to adjust sometimes as needed. -   Prep:   We try to host a banquet before every war, but at least for every “important” war like a defense TW, a big GvG match, or an attempt to take a territory. Typically speaking, we host preparation and party planning 30 minutes before the war and we will start the  banquets 15 minutes before the war. This is subject to change at times, but we will announce it either way. The earlier you arrive, the sooner Asandra and other team leaders can have a headcount and plan parties based on who they think is attending. Likewise, you are more likely to get invited to a party if you are earlier or on time rather than showing up late. -   Communication:  TeamSpeak is BEST! We use it for a reason. Whether or not you have a mic, you’re shy, or you don’t like talking is all fine and dandy. It still helps a ton with organization if people come onto TS and at least listen to the plans, strategies, and party leader directions. This saves party leaders a lot more time compared to having to type everything out in party chat. For those who do talk on TS during wars, please be mindful of traffic, at least during “important” matches. Peopl e need to be able to hear directions rather than “Oh, ouch! Sepr hurts!” This also helps with efficiency if people announce on TS which crystal is clear and which crystal is under attack, so others don’t waste time checking crystals that someone else has already seen is clear. -   Achievement Bonuses:  I know not everyone is as familiar with or as fond of crafting as some, nor can we always afford it, but keep in mind that some crafting Lv. 20-65 will highly benefit your stats for pvp settings. Even if you can’ t afford to craft everything, at least try for the most important achievement bonuses. This includes the following: 20-65 Rings (crit dmg & m-crit dmg), 20-65 Necklaces (atk speed & cast speed), 20-63 Heavy Armor (physical resists), 20-63 Cloth Armor (elemental resists), 20-63 Light Armor (evasion), 20-65 Shields (strike resistance & block rate for shield swaps), Lv. 1-3 Gems (movement speed), and possibly Capes (parry). Also, choose what main weapon(s) you use the most, and try to craft all of the oranges for them up to 65 as well. This will increase your damage and stats while equipped with that weapon type. Class score bonus stats are also something to be considered when trying to max out efficiency.  -   Resists:  From my experience in pvp, more than any other defensive stats, resists will save you the most. Other defensive stats like evasion, parry, hp, block rate (if you use a shield), and defense are all still great and helpful, but nowadays, if you are low on resists, you are likely to die very quickly. Consider the armor achievements mentioned above if you have not done them yet and consider a DD trophy combo for a nice boost in resists. -   Shield Swapping:  It is important to keep a decent shield ready and available in your inventory. For times when you get stunned, immobilized, feared, silenced, slept, heal  blocked, or just plain pinned down without an available healer nearby, shield swapping can potentially save your life. I advise keeping the shield on a hotkey for quick emergency swaps. This won’t always save you, but it boosts your defense and there is a chance to block incoming attacks. This can at least buy you a bit of time to retreat, have a healer get to you, or kill more of the enemy’s time until reinforcements arrive.  -   Spacing:  Be very mindful of your surroundings, party members, and the environment around you. Proper spacing is not-so-easily explained, but rather takes practice in-game. You absolutely want to stick with your party, unless your party leader asks you to move elsewhere, and not run off chasing kills. The point of being in a party is so that we may watch each other’s backs and support one another on the battlefield. However, we need to  be aware of our spacing. By this, I simply mean our range from one another. We need to  be close enough to support each other and close enough to be healed by our healers. However, if we stand directly on top of each other or in one big pile, we’re all going to get hit by the same AOEs, stuns, and the like. Spread out a bit, but not too far. Likewise, while assaulting a crystal, don’t all stay on one side. This allows the enemy to openly approach from the other open side of the crystal. Surround the crystal if possible and set up a defensive perimeter. Make it difficult for the enemy to hit very many of us at one time, but without being too far from our healer’s range.  -   Crystal Capping (TW Only):  For starters, topping on a crystal only requires 1-2 high dps. There is not a collaborative grouped percentage of damage from everyone else hitting the crystal. Topping a crystal only looks at the individual most dps done to the crystal. Also, malice and agro have NOTHING to do with topping a crystal. A tank with malice gear and skills can hold the attention of the crystal as much as they want, but the top spot will still go to the single most dps done to the crystal. That means if we are under attack while capping a crystal, everyone else who is not in that top 1-2 dps on crystal needs to do their best to protect the 1-2 who are. Here is a little something else you might not know: double hit and triple hit skills such as Deadly Icicle, Bombard, and the like do  NOT register on the crystal. Only the first individual hit from those skills will register. Double damage WILL register, which is why mdps can effectively cap crystals using the Super Iron Man bonus on Black Explosives. Also, if double hit, triple hit, or double  damage effects come from gear procs like the Sadness Ring, 75 Awakened Staff, or Ripple Necklace, they WILL register in your effort on the crystal. The most efficient way for an mdps to cap a crystal is using Black Explosives with the Super Iron Man buff on. The most efficient way for a pdps to cap a crystal is to stack a flurry of buffs that boost damage, attack speed, etc. and quickly burst down the crystal as fast and as focused as you can. One final note for crystal capping is that if the person capping the crystal goes down, it is like they’ve barely touched the crystal to begin with, even if they get revived  by a healer. All of their contributed damage will be cut down from the capping calculator. Say for example, someone bursts down 80% of a crystal by themselves, and then at 20% remaining, some person from another guild comes over and starts to hit crystal. Obviously, the person who knocked down 80% alone will claim top for their guild. However, if that person is killed before the crystal is taken, the top spot is now in the hands of the second person who joined in at 20%, unless someone else can still out-damage that second person in the remaining time and health of the crystal. The moral of the story here is to protect our top dps as they cap crystals for us, because they absolutely must not go down while capping and they need to focus on the crystal, so they can’t move off to get rid of an attacking enemy. -   Belk Map (TW Only):  This is the island battlefield with neutral ursun enemy in the center known as Belk. When Belk is killed, two giant rays will be summoned to the  battlefield randomly at two of the four crystals. The rays can potentially 1-shot players and 2- shot crystals. They give NO SHITS about what team you’re on. They will reset crystals back to neutral as if they were never taken and they will attack just about any  player they run into on their way to crystals. There is a strategy to this that sometimes must be used and gambled with or prevented at all costs depending on how well we capped crystals to begin with. If we are behind another guild on our team due to them topping on crystals, we want to kill Belk and utilize the rays’ potential to  reset crystals. After crystals have been reset, we have a chance to recap the crystals and take the top spots instead. However, if we are top on crystals, we don’t want that to happen. This means, if we can prevent Belk from being killed by pulling him and resetting him, then  by all means do it. If Belk is killed, we need to protect all crystals that we are top on. This means 2-3 dps need to run to those crystals immediately and continuously take turns resetting the rays before they have a chance to touch our crystals. Healers need to be healing, so they should only be the last resort for resetting rays. DPS players need to step up and make sure our crystals are safe from rays more than chasing kills. However, resetting rays only takes about 2-3 people to be safe. The rest can comfortably continue killing and adding to our guild points in the TW. East crystal is always one of the easiest to reset rays on, so we really don’t want another guild to top there to begin with. If by chance a ray takes one of our crystals, we need to do our best to recap it once again. This means dps will have to come back to the crystal and single target it (don’t want to hit the  ray with an aoe) and a couple people will need to keep the ray away from our members who are recapping the crystal. -   Totem Map (TW Only):  This is the icy tundra battlefield that will periodically spawn totems in the map that people can hit to turn into a giant troll. The giant trolls have the  potential to one-shot a majority of players, unless you have high hp, and in which case the troll has the potential to two-shot you or weaken you for someone else to kill you. These trolls have 3 different skills. One is a very close-ranged splash aoe that can be devastating on large crowds piled too closely. The second is a drawn-in aoe that causes no damage, but will pull all nearby enemies close to the troll, even if they’re invisible. This is used to setup kills for that first skill. The third skill is a very slow-moving linear tornado aoe. This isn’t that threatening  because it moves so slowly and most of the time you can move out of the way. These totems / trolls can easily change the flow of the  battle and can potentially stack large amounts of kill points up for their guild. We NEED to try and claim as many of them as possible! They spawn remotely near west crystal, northwest of west crystal, northwest of north crystal, remotely near east crystal, and in two places northeast of south crystal. If the enemy gets the totem, call it out, keep your distance from them and try not to get killed. If we get the totem, call it out, and try to keep enemies away from our crystals, help with crowd control, and others should try stunning or keeping enemies in place under our totems. If someone on our team, but not in our guild gets the totem, call it out, and try to steal kills away from their totem as much as possible. If you plan to use totems to their fullest, I recommend having movement speed gear ready to swap on. -   Crowd Control (Debuffs):  These are highly used and effective i n pvp. These “cc” debuffs include stun, silence, sleep, fear, knockdown, anti-heal, mundane, and immobilize. They are debuffs that prevent players from doing something such as moving, using skills, or healing. I highly advise we all make use of these as much as possible and guard ourselves from them as much as possible as well. In order to protect ourselves from these, we need to have available purifies and make use of shield swapping. Healers can  purify in some instances, but other times they may be busy, under a cc effect themselves, too far from you, or you may have way too many debuffs on you in the first place. You need to be a part of your own rescue. This includes the following: swapping a shield on when you’re stuck with cc effects, letting your part y know on TS, and possibly carrying your own purify skill. I highly recommend the use of True Grit, as it can remove almost any and all debuffs, can be used to purify your healer(s) when they are stuck with cc effects, and can even be used on allies who ar  en’t in your party. However, be aware that True Grit leaves a buff on you, and if someone uses a higher level True Grit on you, you will not be able to use your own. Our guild has formed a pseudo-agreement to level our True Grit skills to Lv. 20 and not a single level higher. Also, consider preventative
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