Report on Supply Chain Management

Report on Supply Chain Management of elite paint ltd.
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  Chittagong Office : Elite House, C.D.A. AvenueChittagong.Tel : +88-031-! 0##$a% : +88-031-!01!&$acto'( :)#,*he'shah Colon( aii ostai /asi'aa,Chittagong 1  Executive Summary Effective sul( chain anageent 2*C4 solutions can 'ovie a eans to cont'ol aniniie costs 5hile i'oving custoe' se'vice. Develoent of a 'esonsive usinessst'ateg( une'sco'es all successful *C ileentations. 6n the face of unce'tain ean, alancing the nee fo' cost 'euctions 5ith the fle%iilit( c'itical to 'ouctive oe'ation of e%tene sul( chains an the esi'e fo' inc'ease 'is7 anageent conf'onts ost coaniestoa(. $o'ulato's also face the challenge of anaging sul( net5o'7s to consue'-o'ientea'7ets an inust'ial custoe's th'ough a nue' of iffe'ent channels of ist'iution. Ca'efulselection of soft5a'e, usiness 'actices, an ata collection can 'esult in 'aatic i'oveentsin an o'ganiations otto line.ost a9o' cheical coanies, incluing sulie's of 'a5 ate'ials, aitives, an 'esins tothe aint an coatings secto', as 5ell as leaing aint an coatings anufactu'e's theselves,have ileente ente''ise 'esou'ce lanning 2E;4 an sul( chain anageent s(stes insoe fo' o' anothe'. Ho5eve', an( have not gaine the a%iu level of enefits ossilef'o thei' initiatives, an soe have even ta7en actions that have inhiite thei' ailit( to 'eathe g'eatest ossile 'e5a's fo' thei' effo'ts. #  Company at a Glance The foune' of the Elite ;aint <'ou of coanies, =ate '. *e'a9uin Ahe cae to the thenEast ;a7istan f'o 6nia afte' a'tition in 1) &. Afte' coletion of stuies he got engage in usiness. 6n 1)!# he estalishe a sall aint 'oucing facto'( ( the nae of Elite Cheical6nust'ies. The coan( sta'te its 9ou'ne( 5ith a sall anufactu'ing ase, sall caital ansile achine'( an sta'te 'oucing an a'7eting aint 'oucts to the local a'7et. Vision To e the ost t'uste > 'eliale national aint anufactu'e' an sulie' of ?ualit( aint 'oucts in the count'( 5hich facilitates an as consie'ale value to its usiness 'ocesses in 'oviing consistentl( high ?ualit( aint 'oucts of inte'national stana's in the local a'7etat a coetitive 'ice. Mission ã ;'io'itie Custoe' satisfaction. ã High ?ualit( 'ouct. ã Coetitive 'icing. ã Otial utiliation of availale 'esou'ces at all ties. ã Otial use of info'ation > technolog(. ã Continuous eveloent > g'o5th of huan caital. ã Eve'( action of eve'( e'son to e since'e an 'ofit o'iente. ã C'eate envi'onent that 'ives intelligence aongst all involve.3  Product Elite aint is coitte to offe' ?ualit( 'oucts that satisf( consue's@ ultiate esi'es f'o aints 5ith the hel of state-ofa't technolog(. Elite aint al5a(s elieves in one ste ahea inoffe'ing ne5 'ouct to c'eate o'e value fo' custoe's@ one(. DecorativeIndustrialMarineSpecial ProductsThinners Ceent ase ;aint6nust'ial Enael ;aintEnael ;aintTennis Cou't ;aint<ene'al ;u'ose Thinne' *(nthetic Enael ;ainte O%ie ;'ie' oot Toing ;aintoa a'7ing ;aint6nust'ial ;aint*(nthetic Enael att.Buic7 D'(ing ne'coatAntifouling ;aintun5a( a'7ing ;aint*toving ;aint;lastic Eulsion ;aintinc Ch'oate ;'ie' e =ea ;'ie' oa a'7ing ;aint *ecialun5a( a'7ing ;aint*(nthetic ;aste Distee' inc ;hoshate ;'ie' etallic 'otective'o5n'oneun5a( a'7ing ;aint *ecialonntile To CoatDuel ac7 Aluiniu ainte-=ea 'ie'e O%ie ;'ie' *5iing ;ool ;aintFin(l ;aintAntico''osive e O%ie ;'ie' Al7( ase *u'face' Antico''osive e O%ie ;'ie' ust eoving *olutionEo%( ;aintAntico''osive e O%ieB. D. $an EnaelTosie ;ainteove' fo' ;aintoa a'7ing ;ainte O%ie ;'ie' <en'eal ;u'oseHae' $inish /on-*7i Dec7 ;aintCleaning *olvent;'ie' fo' Gooen*t'uctu'esAi' D'(ing ;ol(ch'oatc $inishAluiniu Hol ;aintGashing Thinne' Da ;'otective ;aintB. D. D'u ;aintinc Ch'oate ;'ie' Can =ac?ue' Gate' ase *eale' - ne'coatFin(l esin $inishinc ;hoshate ;'ie'  /.C ;aintGate' ase ;utt(Fin(l esin ase ;'ie' ne'coatue' ;aintAl7( ase *eale' uto #00c 2lac7 > *ilve'4 Aci ;'oof ;aintT'ansa'ent Al7( Fa'nishuto 00c 2*ilve'4$inishe Coatituen Eulsionase Coat;aint lac7 Iaanattlac7 ituinous ;aintEgg-*hell<ene'al ;u'ose *toving EnaelTie'gua'*ecial *toving Enael
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