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SISIJNf,ICS CNOOA ONV TTNIOIIYNUflINI IIIA  MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, CULTURE, SCIENCE AND SPORT INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT UNIYERSITIES INTERNATIONAL UNI\IERSITY SPORTS FEDERATION MONGOLIAN NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION MONGOLIAN STUDENT SPORTS FEDERATION VIII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF STTIDENTS AND YOI.ING SCIENTISTS (UNIVERSITY SPORT: HEALTH AND PROSPERITY OF NATION> Ulaanbaatar cify, Mon golia April 20 -21,2018. ryI li:"l' =='-=======i':===;'^"''---'---- lien ii,r"k: E -,.-- -  ----  i i i:. ; : '. .-. ,i,: i.: : t.: . .-rii ,Fl ., *.",., , .,;l4-l [+, i:+s :'',ir I j'q.-. li ,i': ,:4.:ri::i:: .i, t1 i i't; rt tl. . . ;' : r j: i.1 1,'.' .{]: MA 378lt2t A-486 HAA 72 \1III INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF STUDENTS A}[D YOUNGSCIENTISTS ..UNIYERSITY SPORT: HEALTII ANDPROSPEROTY OF NATION" Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2018-493 ISBN 97 8-9997 8-2-7 7 7 -7 The articles which were presented in the VIII International Conference of Students and Young Scientists "University Sport: Health and Prosperity of Nation" that was organised by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sport and Mongolian National Institite of PhysicalEducation were published in this proceeding book. This proceeding is for the scientists, sfudents, university teachers, athletes, coaches and specialists of health, sport and physical education sectors. Chairperson of the organising committee:Altantsetseg.L /Sc.D, Prof/- Rector of Mongolian National lnstitute of Physical Education. Vice chairperson of the organising committee: Gundegmaa.L /PhD, prof/ - Vice rector of Mongolian National Institute of Physical Education. Batsaikhan.Kh - senior specialist of the Policy Authority of Higher Education of the ministryofeducation, culture, science and sportJargalsaikhan.D iPhDl - General Secretary of Mongolian Student Sports Federation Members: Baasankhuu.D /Ph.D/Myagmarzul.N /Ph.D/ Tuvstrinj argal.R /I)octorate/ Gerelmaa.T /I\48/ Lkhagvasuren.R AvIB/Battsetseg.B /\{B/ Khajidsuren.G INzIB/ Edited by: GundegmaaL lPhD,proflISBN 97 8-9997 8-2-7 7 7 -7 Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and SportMongolian National Institute of Physical Education t, L  sieB Ilodeopuaa A., Yve6Ho-o:4opoBr.rrenbuufr rslxnuft c6op KaK cpe.{crBo pa3Br,rrgfl .fl4aw B. cxopocrHo-clrJroBbrx cuoco6nocrefi cry4euroB ...... caudoea.M.x., ollsrnqecras KyrrrTypa fi crropr B crpyKType cQepu ycJryr A6dynoee A. 8., HaIII{oHzuIEHoft elcouourarra pecrry6nuKu raAxr{Kr.rcraH ...... Tou.Mamoe P.T. Ceponnu H.IO., Ilpo6leusI I,Iurerpaqun yre6nrx u ?peHr,rpoBosHbrx npoqeccoB y Eoilrcoea M.B. cryAeHToB, 3aHlrMalolr{Hxcs cnoproM Brrctuux 4ocruxeHnft Tepeumaea @.8., onut I{cIroJIE3oBaHr4s copeeuonanrafi ro npo$eccraonaJr6Ho- Eeceeea O.3. opI4eHTIrpoBaHHbIM BLI.{aM ABr{rarenLHofi axusuocrr{ B no.qroroBKecrequzlJrr,rcron no A<DK @edopoea H.A., Cqqenrecruft cnopr KaK Ky3Hr,rqa KaApoB Anfl fopdaueea E.IL, npo$eccraoHaJrrHoro cnopra 69 Ifououapee A.A. llfanoeanoea 8.M., Hoeoe BpeMfi - HoBbre Br4IBr cnopra ............ 72 Rypdnxoe E.@. II. BIIEIIfrH TAMI,IP, CIIOPTbIH AIIATAAX ITXAAII, Br.r o Jrorlrfor acwg;rwl MEIUKO-BIIOJIOTUTmCKIIE ACIIEKTbT OU3trIIECKOII ITJIbTITPBI tr CtrOPTAMEDICAL A}ID BIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OFPHYSICAL CULTT]RE A}[D SPORTS Baltina A.S Application innovative technologies in the sphere of physical culture and sport 74 Tsvetkov V., Research of the mobility profile of 16 year old soccer players during a Petrova B. game (time motion analysis) 75 Axruemxuputvt M.A., onpe4elenue QymqraouarrrHrrx norasarerer Bnrlurrorqrlrx Ha Kydautoe 8.C., a$tlertusnocrr copeBHoBaremsofi Ae.rrreJrrHocru cry.qeHroK - Re$ep H. 3., 6acrer6omrcroK ...... 7g Rydautoea JLP. Eadauxarud. M, Oloyrau raMHprIAbIH lueufiu xunrprftn u4excufir xapbr{yyJraH Auydapa, A, cyAaJIcaH Hb ............ ............... gz Eaamap. T Eam-3pdeue. Iil, On4op ssperrsfi raMr,rprrAbrH nrop{ot}ynxrluoHaJrb onqnorufrrCyx6am. f, cyAancan H6 . ........... g4 3us6uru. C, Typdadau. A EamrauMsz.E, "LUant,4laap alxax"-LrH arl Tyc g7 Emzyyu. B, Hauduu4sqee. f, Cotiudunez. f, 3ux-Vnuza. T, Vm,tedqozson. Jf 58 606466 8 I i  n .e important thing as search of the toilet room with the smallest turn by means of smartphone application. Advanced booking systems allow to collect own favorable subscription only from those actions which the fan is going to visit. Powerful photography equipment flxes stands at the most emotional moments of a game that the audience wasn't distracted by a selfie, and sends the best shots right after a final whistle.Services of statistics allow to provide in real time to the fan on the screen the mostdetailed information. Even more often there are opportunities to select the camera to look at theinteresting moment under a certain angle, to select a soundtrack - the favorite commentator or at all noise of stands. Broadcastings become available in VR, in 360o and in the special mobileformat adapting the telepicture under the small screen. Conclusions. Having studied use of furrovative technologies in the sphere of physical culture and sport, we see that, despite the certain difficulties connected with organizational, material, scientific and methodical aspects of development and deployment of modern innovative technologies in the field of physical culture and sport they allow to carry out much more effectively collecting, processing and information transfer, to simpliff the system of logistics, to increase the level of safety and staginess of competitions. LIST OF REFERENCES 1. Eounu 8.A., Eyraeu 3.I4., Barran C.H., Bolroe I,I.K., I'op6yHos B.A., ,{euugeuro O.LI., Klrtnuu B.JI., Koporroe K.f., KoporKoBa A.K., Jle6e4rancxrafi B.IO., Cunoxon B.JI., Cusoxosa E.JI., lllnopun 3.f . I4HHOBA$4OHHbIE TEXHOJIOfITL B COBPEMEHHOM CIIOPTE (monograph) // Achievements of modern natural sciences. - 2010. - Ilb 2. - P. 34-35; 2. MenelxMeHT cnoprusHofi opraHa3arluu: Manual. 3rd prod., reslave. and top. - M.: <Physical culture and sporb>, 2006. - 464 p. RESEARCH OF THE MOBILITY PROFILE OF 16 YEAR OLD SOCCER PLAYERS DURING A GAME (TIME MOTION ANALYSIS) Tsvetkov.V, Ph.D student; Peev.P, PhD; Petrova. B,Ph.D student; Kqmords: high intensity running, medium intensity running, low intensity running, sprint, time motion analysis, mobility, youtli soccer Introduction.Understanding the contribution of the energy systems in soccer has involved the use of time-motion studies. A number of tools have bein used (e.g., pen and paper methods, video, electronic tracking devices). Recently, global positioning technology (GPS) has been shown to be the most accurate tracking system. -In order to correctly determine the physiological requirements of football and the dosingof the workload, it is necissary to quantiff ii during an ofdcial match. [7, 8, 18] This is done by measuring different types of mobility, known as time-motion analysis. This analysis is widespread in all team sports as the most intensive use has been made in the last two decades [1, 8]. One of the earliest data for motor activity analysis was by T. Reily, V. Thomas (1976) and included six categories of movements: sianding, light running, running at high speed, sprinting, reversing, and ball motion. From now on, the categories in which the analysis isoemg performed have been changed significantly, but they have by no means been unified. In our available literature, we found the classifioations detailed below. We have already lentioned the six categories introduced by T. Reily, V. Thomas [15]. Another type of classifications can be seen by Castagna, Di Salvo, Barros, Harley f3, 5,7, 9, l37.It includes sixcategories - standing, walking, light-running, medium-intensity jogging, high-intensity jogging and sprinting, u. *Iil as anotheiextra-higt-intensity action. In his studies, H. Goto itr,-rz] o: ,n rVt rh rf .,h 75 I t t I ,j rll 1\ II
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