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Review Marketing 3 o
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  1 Review Marketing 3,0: Values- Driven Marketing 1)Book Identities Title : Marketing 3,0: Values- Driven MarketingAuthors : Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kertaa!a an" #wan $etiawanPu%lisher : &rlanggaPu%lishe" 'ear : (0)0Pu%lishe" Pla*e : +ira*as, akarta 2)Sno!sis and "ontent o# Book    Sno!sis #n this era, *onsumers not onl! pur*hase a pro"u*t that the! nee" an" want  tra"itionalnee" an" want ., %ut also the! will "eman" their an/ieties an" "esires +onsumers will*hoose a pro"u*t an" a *ompan! that *an 1ul1ill their nee" in *reativit!, *ommunit!, an"i"ealism 2rom this things, we shoul" know that the *onsumers alrea"! aware a%outte*hnolog! Hen*e, all o1 *ompan! shoul" targeting this *onsumers 2or that, marketing withol" manner like Marketing 1,0  or the pro"u*t- *entri* era an" Marketing 2,0  or the*onsumer- *entri* era are not appropriate A *ompan! shoul" *reate a pro"u*t, servi*e, an"enterpri*e *ulture that *an inspire, in*lu"e, an" re1le*t the values o1 *ostumer Marketinge/pert, Philip Kotler an" his partner Hermawan Kertaa!a alrea"! i"enti1! this things with amo"el mention with Marketing 3,0$ #n Marketing 1,0   Pro"u*t- %ase" Approa*h . that selling pro"u*ts to a target marketwithout *onsi"ering the nee"s an" wants o1 *onsumers an" there were man! mis*on*eptionso1 marketing  #n this era marketing *onsi"ere" as mere selling , an" an art o1 persuasion an"even *heating #n Marketing 2,0   +onsumers- %ase" ., the values o1 pro"u*t is "e1ine" %! the*onsumers then the marketer i"enti1!ing un1ul1ille" nee"s an" wants o1 *onsumers the last,*onvert it in to pro1ita%le opportunitiesut, in Marketing 3,0   Human- *entri* era . is "i11er, in this %ook use s!ariah *on*ept,holisti* approa*h an" values- "riven Holisti* approa*h mean is look or see the *onsumers ashuman that multi"imensional The! will re4uest more parti*ipation in value *reation  values-"riven. Marketing 3,0 also *learl! show o11 the greatest i"eas o1 the authors an" giving thereal e/amples so, we *an *learl! un"erstoo" an" tr! to implement to our organi5ation  i1 wehave . e*ause *onsumers aware that their pur*hasing- power have power to in1luen*e themaket, the! "i" *ommuni*ation with ea*h other a%out their *hoi*e that alrea"! *reate  2 Marketing 3,0 also e/plain how we *an involve in that *ommuni*ation, positioning our  pro"u*t in the market with positive power . an" how to make great *olla%oration with the*onsumers   "ontents e1ore we learn a%out what the *ontent o1 Marketing 30 are, 1irst we nee" to learn a%outwhat the marketing is an" the "i11eren*e among Marketing )06 (06 an" 30 Marketing means human a*tivit! taking pla*e in relation to markets Marketing meansworking with markets to a*tuali5e potential e/*hanges 1or the purpose o1 satis1!ing humannee"s an" wants then, people that "i" marketing mention with marketers The "i11eren*e among Marketing )06 (06 an" 30 *an learne" %elow:  Marketing1$0%rodu&t-&entri&'arketingMarketing 2$0"usto'er-oriented'arketingMarketing 3$0Values-driven'arketing 7%e*tive $elling Pro"u*t$atis1! *ustomers an"  %ran" lo!alt!Meet emotional an"rational nee"s o1 *onsumersPower o1  %ran"ingMarketers or +ompan!Marketers or +onsumers+onsumer &na%ling 2or*es#n"ustrial8evolution#T an" +ommuni*ation 9ew ave Te*hnolog!How marketerssee the market  Mass buyers  with ph!si* ne*essar!$marter *onsumers an"mass market+onsumers that holisti*l!have min", heart, "an spiritKe! Marketing +on*eptPro"u*t "rivenmarket Di1erentiationValues o1 pro"u*t to*onsumers emotions+ompan! Marketing ;ui"an*ePro"u*tspesi1i*ation+ompan! Positioningan" Pro"u*tMission, Vision an"Values o1 the +ompan!Value Proposition2un*tional2un*tional an" &motional2un*tional, emotional, "an spiritual#ntera*tion with +onsumersMass*ommuni*ation Mi*ro segmentation+onsumers *olla%orate with ea*h other   3 #n Marketing 3,0: Values- Driven Marketing *ustomers not as mere *onsumers %ut as the*omple/, multi-"imensional human %eings that the! are +ustomers, in turn, are *hoosing*ompanies an" pro"u*ts that satis1! "eeper nee"s 1or parti*ipation, *reativit!, *ommunit!, an"i"ealism   like e/plaine" %e1ore #n Marketing 3,0 we will learn a%out something that *ausingan" %e*ome a reason wh! Marketing 3,0 arise (e *ge o# %arti&i!ation and "olla+orative Values "reation The "evelopment o1 *omputing has rolle" out in 1ive maor waves, an" the 1ive wavesresulte" 1rom the unpre*e"ente" *oales*en*e o1 three power1ul te*hnologi*al 1or*es: *heapan" u%i4uitous *omputing "evi*es, low-*ost an" omnipresent %an"wi"th, an" open stan"ar"s#n the age o1 parti*ipation, people *reate news, i"eas, an" entertainment as well as*onsuming them an" the growing tren" towar"s parti*ipative *ustomers has a11e*te" the %usiness $o, *ompan! shoul" *olla%orate with *onsumers 1or e/ample marketing manager listen to *onsumers voi*e to un"erstan" their mains an" *apture market insight $tar%u*ks an" &ven Kellog $*hool o1 Management are 1or the e/ample a *ompan!that use *olla%orative approa*h to a*hieve" their purposes $tar%u*ks lo*ation have Hear Musi* me"ia %ars, a servi*e whi*h uses ta%let- %ase" P+s to allow *ustomers *reating their own mi/ +Ds &ven Kellog $hool o1 Management applies the 1a*ult!- stu"ents *olla%orativeapproa*h to *reate the %est MA e/perien*e, as reporte" %! Kellog Alumni Maga5ine lo+aliation %arado. and I&oni& Branding ;lo%ali5ation alwa!s *reate" a worl" o1 para"o/ There are three ma*ro para"o/esthat arise %e*ause o1 glo%ali5ation 2irst, glo%ali5ation o1 "emo*ra*! *reates the new non-"emo*rati* superpower 2oe e/ample +hina, whose manu1a*turing in"ustr! se*tor is strong,a*ts as the worl"<s manu1a*turing hu% $e*on",glo%ali5ation "oesn<t *reate a *onvergent, %uta "ivergent e*onom! Thir", glo%ali5ation "oesn<t *reate a uni1orm, %ut a "iverse *ulture;lo%ali5ation para"o/ phenomena ha" e11e*t to the marketing whi*h *ompanies are intensel! *ompeting to %e i*ons o1 so*iet! 2or e/ample M*Donal"<s positions itsel1 as the i*ons o1 glo%ali5ation so, that no *ountries with M*Donal"=s ha" gone to war with ea*h otherThe other e/ample is a *ompan! that mention with o"! $hop    o"! $hop is knownas an em%lem o1 so*ial e4ualit! Although sometimes *onsi"ere" as anti-*apitalist or anti-glo%ali5ation, The o"! $hop philosoph! is in 1a*t in 1avor o1 glo%al marketpla*es "onsu'ers "reativit and Inde!endent "o''uni&ation  4 +reativit! is nee"e" %! ever!one an" ver! important %e*ause, *reativit! is the "riving1or*e o1 e*onomi* growth Then, wh! *onsumers *reativit! also nee"e" in Marketing 3,0>e*ause *onsumer are as in1luen*er an" important in marketing The! are not onl! as a pur*haser pro"u*t %ut also as the market-resear*h hea", 8?D *hie1 an" pro"u*t-"evelopment manager The Economist   8esear*h . 2or e/ample, a%out @ per*ent internet user in apan per*ent are as a %log rea"er "i11er with B$ whi*h the! onl! have a%out (@ per*ent user as a %log rea"er ut, in (@ per*entuser almost all o1 it  the %log rea"er .are as in1luen*er in the %log worl" 2rom this e/amplewe *oul" know wh! B$ have the %iggest population o1 *reative *lass an" the! have highestgrowthe*ause to"a! is *ustomers in"epen"ent voi*e<s era, we must *reate personal*onversation among *ustomers no matter what approa*he that we take, a"vertising or P8 an"to *reate these personal *onversations, we shoul" promote their 1ree"om to talk a%out usAs e/ample, urger King tries to *ater to the an/ieties an" "esires o1 the *reative*onsumer market urger King en*ourages ever!one to *reate vi"eos a%out urger King their wa! 1or vi"eo iPo" The ra*! vi"eo has invite" over ) million "ownloa"s %! Heav!*omusers, whi*h mostl! are males ages )C to 3, the sweet spot o1 urger King<s marketingtarget The initiatives turn up to %e a goo" a"vertisingE an" P8E 1or urger KingA"vertising Age even "u%%e" urger King as the KingE o1 marketing *ommuni*ation Marketing 3,0: "olla+orative, I&oni&, and Inde!endent Marketing 3,0 will %e ver! mu*h in1luen*e" %! the *ustomers an" the! have three*hara*teristi*s that make them "i11er an" more sophisti*ate" than the earlier marketimg*on*ept, there are +olla%orative, #*oni*, an" #n"epen"ent#n or"er to sta! relevant in Marketing 30, *ompanies shoul" alwa!s target the*onsumers as human %eings A**or"ing to $tephen +ove!, a whole human has 1our %asi**omponents: a ph!si*al %o"!, a min" *apa%le o1 in"epen"ent thought an" anal!sis, a heartwhi*h *an 1eel emotion, an" a spiritF!our soul or philosophi*al *enter 2rom thise/planation we *an make *on*lusion that a *ompan! or marketers *an not targeting the ph!si* or the main o1 the *onsumers onl! %ut, the! shoul" targeting the hear" o1 *onsumers tomake their pro"u*t get a trust 1rom the *onsumers in or"er that *ostumers in"ire*l! willing to promote our pro"u*t to their 1rien"s an" another people  spirit o1 the *onsumers . Amarketers nee" one more *on*ept to hol" the spirit o1 the *onsumers this *on*ept mentin with  5  unlo*king the soul<s *o"eE %! $tephen +ove! This *on*ept learn us that marketers shoul""is*over the an/ieties an" "esires o1 the *onsumersMarketers su*h as Howar" $*hult5 o1 $tar%u*ks, 8i*har" ranson o1 Virgin, an"$teve o%s o1 Apple, appl! more emotional approa*h to their *ompanies $tar%u*ks< *on*epto1 thir" pla*e 1or "rinking *o11eeE, Virgin<s un*onventional marketingE, an" Apple*reative imaginationE are the implementations o1 emotionall! relevant marketing Theseaime" at our emotional hearts whi*h %ear 1eelings (e Meaning o# Marketing  #n Marketing 3,0 there are a triangle o1 Positioning, Di11erentiation, an" ran" Thistriangle support an" help the pro"u*t that sell getting a trust 1rom *onsumers %ut, with*ertaint! the *ompan! *an keep the pro"u*t 4ualit! The marketing shall not %e regar"e" astelling lies 1or selling purpose instea" it shoul" %e regar"e" as keeping the promise to !our *onsumers $o, i1 the *ompan! want their pro"u*t get *lear %ran" i"entit! , their pro"u*tshoul" *learl! positione" in the *onsumer<s min" The *learl! position shoul" %e support %!strong "i11erentiation to get ran" #ntegrit! Positioning supporte" %! strong "i11erentiationwill in turn lea" strong ran" #mage as pi*ture %elow :   Positioning-Di11erentiation-3ran" T r  i a ng l e ran" #"entit! is a%out positioning the %ran" in the min" o1 *onsumers, the positioning shoul" %e uni4ue an" also %e relevant to the rational nee"s an" wants o1 the*onsumersran" #mage is a%out o%tain the *onsumer<s min" share or *on1ession 1rom the*onsumer<s hear" that the pro"u*t is goo" an" *an re*ommen"e" to their 1rien"s an" other  people
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