Revised Assignment One

Revised Assignment One
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  Assignment One Pretty Little Liars Background Information: In season one, we are introduced to the town of Rosewood and all of its many secrets, most of which belong to four girls: Aria, Emily, Hanna, & Spencer. A year ago, Alison, the girls’ best friend, disappears, which caused them to stop being so close. That changes quickly when they start getting messages from “A,” an anonymous sender, who watches their every move, knows all their secrets, & even threatens them. They soon realize that they will have to stick together if they want to figure out anything. In season two, everyone is trying to figure out who killed Alison, & everyone knows who Aria, Emily, Hanna, & Spencer are. When they start accusing people of things that seem crazy, they are forced to see a therapist, but now feel more alone than ever. Many relationships began to fall apart, which makes the girls consider telling their biggest secrets. But as the mystery of it all grows, more people become involved, and the texts from “A” get eve n scarier, the girls decide it is best to keep everything between them. In season three, the girls are recovering from a much needed summer vacation after dealing with Maya’s murder (Emily’s ex - girlfriend) and finding out that Mona (Hanna’s old best friend ) is “A.” They think things will finally go back to normal, but while trying to leave things in the past, they are faced with many new problems to deal with. Family secrets are revealed and new mysteries begin, so the girls must figure out a way to solve them to keep themselves out of trouble. They are still trying to figure out what happened to Alison, while trying to stay alive. 1.   Figured World : A structure in which there are explanations for how the world works and expectations for how things are supposed to operate (rules). The specific figured world that I am observing is Rosewood, which is the town where the characters in Pretty Little Liars live. Many different things take place in this town, such as the characters going to school, hanging out with family and friends, and experiencing many t hings that don’t usually happen in a normal setting . The rules and conventions of this figured world are much the same and different from the one that we live in. They are the same because they do many of the things that we do, such as having to go to school, spending time with friends, and dealing with family  problems. They are also very different because they have to deal with the police very often and they also feel like they have to lie to keep the people that they love safe. In Rosewood, it is normal to lie to the police when you don ’t want them to know something or don’t feel like they would be able to help you, which would not be normal in a typical world, because we usually go to the police when we need help. Also, while death is normally a tragic thing, it becomes normal in this town and the characters attend many funerals and no longer act sympathetic when someone passes away. Another strange thing that becomes normal in this show is one of the girls dating her teacher. At first, it is kept a secret, but when the girl tells her friends, they  soon become accepting of it, and later in the show, when he is no longer her teacher, she reveals it to her parents, and they soon become welcoming of the idea. 2.   Actors: People who contribute to a community by playing a certain role.    The “Liars”  (Aria, Emily, Hanna, & Spencer):  They are the main characters of the show. They focus on trying to figure out what happened to their best friend and try to bring her back home safely.    Alison: Her disappearance is the most important part of the show, because it is based on trying to figure out what happened to her.    “A”:   Also a main character, although we don’t know who it is, because “A” scares the liars, which causes them to  lie about many things, which gets them into trouble.      The Families: The families of the “liars” are very important, because they often lie to their families to keep them safe, which makes more trouble for them.      Refer to “Character Bios” for more in depth descriptions. 3.   Artifacts : Items and ideas that are important to a community.    Cell Phones:   This is they way in which “A” communicates with many characters in the show, sending threats and secrets anonymously.    Fear:  The idea of fear is what drives this show,  because if the “liars” weren’t afraid of what “A” could do to them or the people they love, they wouldn’t have to lie all the time.  4.   Communities of Practice : Smaller places inside of the figured world in which the people have similarities.    The “Liars”  (Spencer, Aria, Hanna, & Emily):  They are not only characters, but also a community of practice, because they all share the common goal of finding out what happened to their friend, finding her, and bringing her home safely.    The group of people that form “A”:  They are also a community of  practice, because they share the goal of scaring the “liars” and trying to get revenge on Alison. Their shared way of communicating is anonymously texting different characters throughout the show. 5.   Domain : The ideas and goals that the people in the community share.    Finding Alison: The main goal of the “liars” is to find their friend and try to figure out who tried to kill her.    Get Revenge on Alison and the “Liars” :  One of the main goals of the characters who form “A” is to g et revenge on Alison for how mean she was to all of them before she disappeared and to get revenge on the “liars” for always going along with what Alison did. 6.   Practices of the Community : Activities that allow the people inside of a community to accomplish their goals.    The “Liars” Sticking Together: The “liars” must stick together in order to keep themselves safe while trying to figure out what happened to Alison.    Texting the “Liars” A nonymously: “A” texts the “liars” and scares them  by sending them threats and secrets about themselves and others.  7.   Literacy Practices : Ways of communicating with others within the community.    Texting: “A” uses texting to anonymously communicate with characters on the show and scare them.    Face-to-Face: The “liars” talk a lot face to face so that they can be very secretive about what they’re saying to one another.   Interview with Bria Jones: 1.   Tell me about the first time you watched Pretty Little Liars.    PLL was a show I always wanted to watch, but I would forget to watch it when it was on TV. So one day I was really bored and on Netflix and I decided to watch it and I was drawn in immediately. After I watched the Pilot I continued watching the rest of the season and I loved every minute of it. A week or so later I finished all the episodes on Netflix and I was surfing the Internet trying to find more episodes so I could be caught up when the season premiere came on TV. 2.   How does watching this show make you feel? Give explicit examples from the show.    PLL definitely stresses me out. As a viewer you know when something  bad is about to happen because of the music and how the director sets up the scene, so when they fall into A traps it drives me crazy! For example when A led Toby to an old car to find out secrets about his mom, but the  police came and it looked like he was breaking into the car. 3.   Tell me about your favorite character on the show & why.    I’m torn between Hanna and Aria. I love Hanna because she’s like me as far as her personality and her thought process, plus I think her wardrobe is the cutest. I love Aria because she’s so down to earth and a really cool  person. 4.   Who are you most like from the show? Give examples of some of the connections you identify.    As stated previously, I think I’m like Hanna. We’re both very bubbly and happy for the most part and I can really relate to the way a lot of the things the girls say goes over her head and she’s left confused. I’m always confused! 5.   Tell me about your favorite season so far & why.    My favorite season would definitely have to be the latest season (Season 4)  because we’re finally starting to get answers and things are beginning to come together. Season 4, Episode 1 Character Bios:    Spencer: o   The smart, level-headed one   o   Strives for perfection in everything   o   Constantly butting heads with her sister, Melissa    o   Dates Toby      Aria: o   The artsy one   o   Met Ezra in a bar and continued dating him on & off, secretly at first then  publicly, even after she figured out he was her English teacher       Emily: o   The jock    o   Was the closest to Alison before she disappeared, because she had a crush on her    o   Was a closeted lesbian before being outed by “A”   o   Dated a girl named Maya for awhile, before she died   o   Was the first to befriend Toby, when the rest of the group thought he was a bad person   o   On the swim team, which is how she & Paige began dating      Hanna: o   The new “it girl” of the group   o   Was overweight before Alison disappeared, but changed her whole image after with the help of Mona   o   Unexpectedly falls in love with Caleb, a darker kind of guy, after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Sean   o    Not the smartest of the group, but always sticks up for her friends  From Left to Right: Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery ( The girls always seem to end up in trouble or “a mess,” which is what the dirt symbolizes to me.)    Alison:
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