Save Water for the Benefits of All

an essay on the importance of saving fresh water for the benefits of humans
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  1 Save water for the benefits of all Although all of us know that water is important to our life, not all of us know how to use water efficiently. While in some places many people enjoy the abundance of water in their residence, there are still corners of the world where people have to travel over far distances to get treasured water or suffer severe lack of fresh water. Some scientists have suggested producing more water from glaciers. However, this solution is only temporary and would not yield profit in the long run, because the cost of transporting water from the North and South Poles to the mainland is too expensive. Moreover, the facilities for such plan would also cost a great deal of budget. Therefore, in order to alleviate the negative implications of the shortage of water, it is better to save the water that we already have. Of the total volume of water on the Earth, only 9 percent is fresh water. However, fresh water in the form of frozen glaciers, unusable to us amounts up to 8 percent. Thus, the tiny 1  percent of the entire body of water on this planet has to be shared by all living creatures on land, including us humans. This 1 percent of water exists in forms of rivers, streams, and moisture in the air, etc. Nevertheless, the precious 1 percent of water is not evenly distributed among us all. In some countries which are gifted with a large amount of rivers and fresh water bodies such as lakes, people have no trouble finding fresh water for their daily use. However, in other places, where nature doesn’t favor the land, people struggle to attain just enough water for their needs. Therefore, everyone should learn to use water effectively, to let the water run to those who are in more need of it. The first benefit of saving water is, of course, to save money. Most of us now do not have to go to the river to fetch the water, or to dig a well for water in our house. In big cities, there are  2 systems of water transporting network that bring the water to each house’s taps. But to maintain the systems of producing and transporting fresh water, we have to pay money. Although the water fee is not too high to afford in most places, using too much water can significantly increase our monthly bills. Moreover, too much used water also put a strain on the drainage systems, which can subsequently cost more money to operate such large amount of work. Secondly, we should save water for our children’s future. We all know that fresh water isn’t only small in compare to the total amount of water on Earth, but it is also l imited. Dirty water does not just disappear from the ground and clean water does not just fall down from outer space. The water we are enjoying now is the same as the water our ancestors had used in  prehistoric eras. And that amount of water will not get bigger or smaller in the future. Our children will be using the water we are using now. Therefore, if we want to ensure that our children will have enough fresh and clean water in the future, we have to learn to save water today. For the third reason, we should save water to learn to save other natural resources. Although the Earth is filled with valuable resources beneficial to humans, those resources are not unlimited. If we can raise awareness in people about the unchanged amount of water, then people would most likely realize the limited amount of other resources as well, because water is one of the limited natural resources. And lastly, we need to save water to save our own environment. No matter where we are on this planet, except extreme places such as deserts, water is always around us. Humans have  been living with water since the beginning of our human race. Even if we live in the cities, with only concrete roads and buildings, water is still present beneath us through the drainage system.  3 It doesn’t matter whether we realize it or not, water has the ability to really affect our life. On large scale, floods and tsunamis are two eminent examples of the bad effects of water on our life. If we mistreat water, that is, we use it excessively, we can make our own life miserable. On small scale, too much water would escape the control of the drainage system and surface on the streets. In places where water treatment is not developed, dirty water can cause serious problems to human beings. Water can also indirectly cause troubles to our life. Excessive dirty water will damage plants and bring diseases to animals, which are gradually consumed by humans. Before the twenty first century, humans never had to worry too much about the shortage of water. The amount of water, though not abundant, has been enough for all living things  because our population was relatively small and industries did not need as much water as they do now. However, as the Industrial Revolution took place and human population boomed, not only has water been used up too fast, but it also has been contaminated due to carelessly planned water treatment systems. Now we are going through the twenty first century facing the problem of the lack of water all over the world. Therefore, we need to take actions to change the situation, that is, to save the fresh water that we currently own. We save water to save money, our children, other natural resources, and our own environment. Although saving fresh water for the benefits of the world can be an overwhelming task, but each of us could contribute our small effort to make the big change. We maybe unable to change the way the world is using water, but we can change the way we use the water ourselves, such as by paying attention to any waste of water in our residence voluntarily follow guides that help to save more water. Big changes would more likely to happen if smaller changes take place first.  4


Jul 23, 2017
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