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Scores of Bible translations, original-language texts and major reference works. A powerful search engine unsurpassed for speed and ease of use.

... for anyone wishing to study the Biblical languages in depth, this program is a dream come true. }Dr. Moisés Silva Scores of Bible translations, original-language texts and major reference works. A
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... for anyone wishing to study the Biblical languages in depth, this program is a dream come true. }Dr. Moisés Silva Scores of Bible translations, original-language texts and major reference works. A powerful search engine unsurpassed for speed and ease of use. Tightly-integrated resources that save time and allow you to work more efficiently. For more, visit BibleWorks 7 T he brochure for BibleWorks 6 describes the software as the Premier Biblical Exegesis Tool. They are not exaggerating. In my opinion, there is no better software program available for the direct and independent study of the Biblical texts themselves.. } Professor Roy Ciampa, Director of the Th.M. program in Biblical Studies & Associate Professor of New Testament, Gordon- Conwell Theological Seminary BibleWorks 7 The Standard Gets Even Better. 3 } New Insights. See Scripture in a whole new light. 6 } New Features. Work more easily and intuitively. 8 } New Databases. Draw on a new wealth of information. 11 } Full Contents. If you need something, chances are it s here. 16 } Essential Works. Your reference library leaps off the shelf. 18 } How to Order. Begin your journey today. BibleWorks 7 Serious tools for serious scholars } New Insights See Scripture in a whole new light. The most important insights into the meaning of Scripture, the ones that are profound and life-changing, come at the end of a long process of dwelling on the meanings of individual words and comparing Scripture with Scripture. Computers will never change that. The process is the same for us as it was for Saint Augustine. But what computer software has done, and what BibleWorks does particularly well, is to shorten the amount of time spent on the leg work involved in comparing Scripture with Scripture. The time saved in looking up verses and lexical meanings can now be spent in actually thinking about the text and praying for guidance! This can result in some profound changes in the way you study Scripture and how you teach it to others. Power. Simplicity. Speed. Most pastors and teachers lament that they don t have as much time as they would like to prepare sermons and Bible-study materials. But thousands of people all over the world have found that BibleWorks can help. The power, speed and simplicity of BibleWorks translate into more efficient and productive use of your time in the Word. This means deeper insight into the meaning of Scripture and better-fed sheep! Focus. BibleWorks will not replace your library, but it can replace the books that you use most often with an integrated system of resources focused on one thing determining the meaning of the Biblical text using the primary tools of every responsible exegete. Concordance searches, lexical entries, statistical analysis tools, grammars, morphological analysis summaries and primary reference works are only a mouse click away. Ease of use. With a single click of the mouse on a word in the original Greek or Hebrew, you can see lexical entries for the word in your favorite lexicons, a morphological analysis of the word, a list of all the places in your favorite reference works where the verse is cited, plus much more. And all this power is wrapped in a new interface that is both intuitive and fun to use. If you get stuck, BibleWorks comes with extensive context-sensitive help, a complete set of study guides and four hours of new task-oriented videos. Powerful tools. Most people buy Bible software so they can perform searches on the Biblical text. This is one area where BibleWorks shines. Even complex searches often take less than a second. Basic searches are so simple that it is just a matter of double clicking on a word to see a list of every place it occurs. Or you can construct complex Boolean searches for phrases, parts of speech, morphological constructions and much more. You won t find a more powerful search engine anywhere at any price. And you won t find one that is easier to use. Comprehensive resources. BibleWorks 7 contains all major original language texts, plus every major English translation and a wealth of non-english translations, for a total of 115 major versions in 35 languages. It includes, without unlock codes, more than 30 major lexical and grammatical reference works and numerous dictionaries and related reference works. A complete list is included later in this brochure, but before looking at the big picture, you might want to consider a few of the things that users are already doing with BibleWorks... For more, visit BibleWorks 7 Read the Bible 1 With so much power at your fingertips, it is easy to forget you can use BibleWorks for something simple but very important: reading the Bible (in any of 112 versions). Enrich your personal Bible study 2 Many people use BibleWorks to organize their own devotional time. It is just as important to understand the Bible when you are on your knees as when you are in the pulpit! Prepare a Sunday School lesson 3 BibleWorks provides numerous tools to help you prepare basic Bible studies. Bible verses, dictionary articles and high resolution satellite maps of the Holy Land can be easily copied to any word processor for handout or personal study and preparation. Prepare a book study or sermon BibleWorks is the perfect tool 4 for preparing an expository series on a book of the Bible. With the new BibleWorks editor you can maintain multiple sets of notes attached to verses or chapters. Prepare a topical study or sermon From world class search 5 capabilities to the new Key Word in Context (KWIC) module and side-margin cross references, BibleWorks has the tools needed to trace the development of related concepts in Scripture. Prepare an exegetical paper Exegetical papers always begin 6 with a detailed grammatical analysis of the verses under study. The morphological databases, syntactical diagrams, grammars and lexicons in BibleWorks are essential tools that every exegete will want to use. Perform textual criticism 7 BibleWorks has an extensive and growing list of text-critical tools, from the standard Metzger commentary to the Tischendorf apparatus to numerous add-on tools. Enter your search here Results appear almost instantly BibleWorks 7 Serious tools for serious scholars Conduct Bible translation projects Translation projects require 8 instant access to the best lexicons, grammars and morphological databases available. That is what BibleWorks is all about. Translators will also appreciate the ability to compare their work with dozens of other translations. Create a new reference work BibleWorks is the tool of choice for 9 hundreds of scholars doing primary research on the Biblical text. They appreciate the fact that BibleWorks is a focused tool without extraneous material that just gets in the way of serious research. Teach in the classroom 10 The ability of BibleWorks to place as much useful information on a single screen as possible makes it ideal for use in the classroom. Teachers will also appreciate the flashcards, study guides, paradigms, sound files and basic grammars. Almost every time I use BibleWorks I am amazed at its speed and power. And each time BibleWorks opens the Scriptures up a little more for me, I am deeply grateful to the LORD for what is truly an amazing tool for studying the Bible. Thank you for a superb piece of work. }Stuart Robertson, Software Architect, Johannesburg, South Africa See lexical and grammatical details for the word under the mouse View the Bible text for each matching verse For more, visit BibleWorks 7 } New Features Easier and more intuitive. BibleWorks 7 has a new set of features designed to make it easier to use than ever. Finding a comfortable balance between power and ease of use is no easy task, but that was the goal that we set before us when we started to work on this new release. New User Interface The new BibleWorks interface is more intuitive and easier to use. The BibleWorks user interface has been redesigned to work the way you work. When you are researching a particular topic you normally progress from searching, to browsing, and, finally, to analysis of particular words. The new interface is laid out in this order so that your work flow is more natural and intuitive. Study Guides Use the full power of BibleWorks. New and experienced users will both appreciate the extensive set of task-oriented study guides that come with BibleWorks 7. Detailed instructions, complete with 4 hours of videos, will explain how to use BibleWorks to perform common tasks, like writing exegetical papers, searching Hebrew and Greek text and much more. Key Word in Context (KWIC) / Collocation Table Module Find recurring word usage patterns. This new tool makes it easy to build key word in context lexicons and collocation tables for any word in any version. You will quickly uncover important phrases and word usage patterns often overlooked in standard searches. Support for Unicode Hebrew & Greek You can now export Greek and Hebrew text in the formats you need. BibleWorks now supports both Unicode and non- Unicode Greek and Hebrew. Exporting Unicode is as simple as dragging highlighted text from BibleWorks to your word processor. Standard SBL and SIL Unicode Greek and Hebrew fonts are also included in the package. BibleWorks 7 Serious tools for serious scholars T he program is fast and, in the majority of areas, easy to use. With BibleWorks, scholars can work with the Biblical text in ways they could only wistfully dream of, if even imagine, in the past. It is a pleasure to use. }Professor Theresa L. Reeve, Assistant Professor of New Testament Theological Contexts, Seventh-Day Adventist Theological Seminary Completely Rewritten Editor Word and WordPad compatible. In response to requests from many users, we have completely rewritten the BibleWorks editor from the ground up. It now has full support for Unicode and produces files that are fully compatible with Microsoft Word and WordPad. The new editor has an impressive list of features including full undo and redo, hypertext links, graphics inserts, RTL typing in Hebrew with left-wrapped text (Unicode only), a full array of text formatting options, a Unicode character input table, plus full integration with BibleWorks, and much more. Satellite Maps Locate any Biblical site with the click of a mouse. BibleWorks comes with a set of beautiful satellite maps that you have to see to believe! The collection includes a full set of editable site and terrain overlays for major locations in Israel and Egypt, along with detailed overhead and elevation data and a comprehensive list of archaeological sites. You can even create your own map views, select sites to display, annotate key locations and trace journeys or battle lines. Improved Lexicon Links Find the right lexical entry every time. The tables that BibleWorks uses to bring up the right lexical entry when you place the mouse cursor over a Hebrew word have been carefully proofed and revised. This extensive revision resulted in nearly 50,000 corrections! All lexicons now have hypertext links for Scripture references and are also indexed so you can find all citations of a particular verse with the click of a mouse. For more, visit BibleWorks 7 } New Databases Draw on a wealth of new information. Lexicons. Grammars. Original-language references. Bible versions and foreign-language translations. New databases in BibleWorks 7 offer comprehensive information and depth for your own study. All of these databases are included with BibleWorks 7 and do not require unlocking. Shorter Lexicon of the Greek New Testament, 2nd Edition Edited by F. Wilbur Gingrich & Frederick William Danker This one-volume digest provides easy access to reliable and brief definitions, interpretations of most variants and many of the conjugational and declensional forms that can frustrate readers of the New Testament. Gingrich and Danker s revision was created not only for experienced ministers and scholars, but also for students. Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament, Second Edition Bruce M. Metzger In his commentary, Metzger explains why one alternate reading was chosen over others when translators for the United Bible Society prepared the Greek New Testament, Fourth Edition. Not only does his analysis provide a look at different interpretations, but it also helps illuminate the process and challenges of textual criticism. Greek New Testament Diagrams Randy Leedy This original work by Randy Leedy of Bob Jones University provides diagrams and explanatory notes for every verse in the New Testament. Includes free updates as new portions of the series are published. Exclusive to BibleWorks 7 Greek New Testament Diagrams is not available anywhere outside BibleWorks 7 A Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint, Volumes 1 & 2 J. Lust, E. Eynikel & K. Hauspie with the collaboration of G. Chamberlain The first lexicon concentrating entirely on the Septuagint, this work occupies a pivotal place in modern exegetical study. Entries contain morphological tags. BibleWorks 7 Serious tools for serious scholars use several big name Bible software resources and have I found BibleWorks to be the best and most accurate. It is without doubt the only software I have found to be invaluable toward translating a Bible text. May God continue to bless your efforts. }Bill Wennell, Director of Biblical Truths for the Endtimes, Augusta, Kentucky The CATSS/Tov Hebrew-Greek Parallel Alignment Module The Revised CATSS Hebrew/Greek Text (Tov-Polak, 2005) is a revision of the Parallel Aligned Text of the Greek and Hebrew Bible, edited by Emanuel Tov. The Hebrew text has been collated with the BHS text/ morphology in BibleWorks and includes an updated version of the textual notes in the original alignment. This is an essential tool both for New and Old Testament studies. A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament: Based on the Lexical Work of Ludwig Koehler and Walter Baumgartner W.L. Holladay, editor By eliminating biographical references and specialized technical information, Holladay created an English, abridged version of Koehler and Baumgartner s Lexicon in Veteris Testamenti Libros that all students need to translate Old Testament passages. Some reviewers have called this the best Hebrew reference tool available. A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research, 3rd edition A. T. Robertson Robertson s grammar provides nearly 1500 pages of detailed notes for the advanced student and professor. In spite of more recent advances in the study of New Testament Greek, Robertson remains the advanced reference grammar by which all other New Testament Greek grammars are measured. NET Bible, First Edition An innovative translation by evangelicals who sought to represent the meaning of Biblical texts as accurately as possible, the NET Bible features about 60,000 notes on textual criticism, lexical issues and exegesis. For more, visit BibleWorks 7 Greek & Hebrew Sound Files Prof. John Schwandt (Greek) & Dr. Jan Verbruggen (Hebrew) Proper pronunciation is a critical part of learning any language. This is no less true of Greek and Hebrew than any modern language. With that in view the BibleWorks vocabulary module has been supplemented with sound files for all Greek words and the 2000 most frequently occurring Hebrew words. Sound files are also provided for common Greek and Hebrew paradigms. Other new databases included in BibleWorks 7 } Greek Apostolic Fathers Gieniusz/Bushell This new resource contains the Greek text of the Apostolic Fathers, with full morphological analysis by A. Gieniusz. Includes an English translation by Philip Schaff. } TEXTKRITIK des Neuen Testaments Caspar Rene Gregory A heavily-annotated bibliography of New Testament manuscripts up to the year 1909, including Tischendorf, Gregory and von Soden designations for the papyri, uncials, minuscules and lectionaries. } Greek Enchiridion: A Concise Handbook of Grammar for Translation and Exegesis William G. MacDonald A concise reference manual for anyone who has been introduced to Greek by an introductory textbook and is ready to work at translation and exegesis, the Enchiridion summarizes Greek grammar and syntax. } Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament G.L. Archer & G.C. Chirichigno New Testament verses quoting the Old Testament are brought together with parallel Old Testament and Septuagint citations and commentary. } Holman Christian Standard Bible A fresh rendering of God s Word, combining accuracy, contemporary English and a clear, reader-friendly style. } Complete Jewish Bible The only complete English version fully Jewish in style and presentation, following the Hebrew order of the Tanakh and using original Hebrew proper names. } Chinese, Korean, & Arabic Bibles } Works of Philo (Greek Text and Morphology) P. Borgen, K. Fuglseth & R. Skarsten The Works of Philo are important resources for word and background studies. Updates to the morphology may be downloaded for free as they become available. } Targum Update The Targums not available in the last version are now provided in BibleWorks 7. } Beginner s Grammar of the Greek New Testament by William Hersey Davis } Bible Afrikaans, 1953 } Bulgarian, Croatian, & Turkish Bibles } Castilian Spanish version from Herder Editorial, S.A., Barcelona } Charles, OT Pseudepigrapha } English Revised Version, 1881/1885 } German Herder translation (Revised Version 2005) } GOD S WORD translation } Grammar of Septuagint Greek by F.C. Conybeare & St. G. Stock } Greek New Testament Text of the Greek Orthodox Church } James, NT Apocrypha } Metaglottisis modern Greek New Testament translation, with footnotes } New Living Translation, Second Edition } New Testament Peshitta translations } Nova Vulgata } Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI) } Polish Biblia Gdanska, 1632 } Portuguese SBP Modern Language Translation } Schlachter 2000 Bible } Svenska Folkbibeln } Swedish Bibel 82/Bibel 2000 } Swahili New Testament } Willibrordvertaling modern Dutch translations, 1978 & 1995 editions 10 BibleWorks 7 Serious tools for serious scholars } Full Contents If you need something, chances are it s here. If you haven t used BibleWorks, you may not realize all it offers. Though it s easy to use for beginners, with many resources hidden from view until you need them, a virtual reference library is available and waiting. Bible Translations } BibleWorks 7 includes 115 Bible translations in 35 languages. English American Standard Version, 1901 Bible in Basic English Bishop s Bible, 1595 Complete Jewish Bible Darby Version Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition English Revised Version, 1881/1885 English Standard Version, 2007 update Geneva Bible, 1599 GOD S WORD translation Holman Christian Standard Bible Jewish Publication Society, 1917 & 1985 Tanakh King James Version, 1611/1769, with Strong s Codes NET Bible with notes and maps New American Bible New American Standard Bible, 1977 & 1995, with codes New Jerusalem Bible New King James Version New International Version New Living Translation, 2nd Edition New Revised Standard Version with Apocrypha New Testament Peshitta Translations by Etheridge (1849), Lewis (1896), Magiera (2005), Murdock (1851), and Norton (1881) Revised Standard Version with Apocrypha Tyndale New Testament, 1934 Webster s 1833, with Strong s Codes Young s Literal Translation German Einheitsübersetzung-KBA, 1980 Elberfelder, Revised, 1993 Elberfelder, Unrevised, 1905 (Darby) German Herder Translation (Revised Version 2005) LutherBibel, 1984 LutherBibel, 1912, with Strong s Codes Münchener New Testament, 1998, with codes Schlachter 1951 Schlachter 2000 French French Bible en français courant, 1997 French Jerusalem Bible French Traduction Œcuménique de la Bible, 1988 Haitian
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