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  AWA2O - Make your own sketchbook!! Incorporating the Elements of Art/Design. For the cover- You will use collage (see definition below) and two other mediums. Review your Elements and Principles page. What is collage? Definition: ( noun ) - Collage derives its name from the French verb coller  , to glue. The work of art is made by gluing things to the surface. Collage became an art form during the Synthetic Cubist period of Picasso and Braque. At first, Pablo Picasso glued oil cloth to his surface of Still Life with Chair Caning  in May of 1912. He glued a rope around the edge of the oval canvas. Georges Braque then glued imitation wood-grained wallpaper to his Fruit Dish and Glass  (September 1912). Braque's work is called  papier collé  (glued or pasted paper), a specific type of collage. During the Dada movement, Hannah Höch (German, 1889-1978) glued bits of photographs from magazines and advertising in such works as Cut with a Kitchen Knife,  (1919-20). Fellow Dadaist Kurt Schwitters (German, 1887-1948) also glued bits of paper he found in newspapers, advertisements and other discarded matter beginning in 1919. Use of photos exclusively is called PHOTOMONTAGE. Mediums: Collage Pencil crayons Markers ink   Your assignment: READ carefully. You will make your own sketchbook consisting of blank  pages (from teacher) and a cover page   . With your knowledge of the Elements, design the cover  so that it includes the following: 1.All 7 Elements of art (should be obvious)-review them. 2.Collage – add it so that it looks like part of your design. Integrate it into the images. Use magazine  pictures, ribbon, wallpaper, cards, etc. It must fold flat! 3.Paint/markers – add decoration to enhance design or use to fill in a larger area. 4.Pencil crayon – mix colours (try using different values of one colour!) 5. Your info : i.e. Name, AWA2O, Period 3 – place it on the front, so that it is visible. 6.Follow instructions from your teacher on how to attach cover to inside pages. 7.Answer questions and hand in rubric.  RUBRIC and Artist’s Statement for Sketchbook Cover  NAME:____________________________________________ Answer the following questions: 1.Describe where and how you included each of the following Elements: Line: Value: Shape: Form: Texture: Space: 2.How is the use of colour effective in your overall design? 3.How did you incorporate the use of collage with the other mediums? Criteria Level 1 – 4 Mark/Comment Reflection: Use of all Elements    – well explained and creatively incorporated into design. Principles of Art  – understanding and use evident to create an effective composition. Colour    – use of colour scheme enhances the composition and is used to provide overall Unity to composition and adds focus to certain areas. Creation: Use of mediums  - incorporated collage,  pencil crayon and paint, etc effectively and creatively. Well planned overall. Presentation of work    - includes all required criteria (name, course code, period). Shows preparation and detail in overall design construction    – inside papers and cover are well connected and will not fall apart (followed instructions) and folds easily.   
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