Social Marketing And New Media Opportunities

1. Social Marketing & New Media Opportunities IHRSA 2012, LA Saturday, March 17th 2. Good Morning! 3. And Happy St. Patty’s Day 4. Mission Statement“We improve…
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  • 1. Social Marketing & New Media Opportunities IHRSA 2012, LA Saturday, March 17th
  • 2. Good Morning!
  • 3. And Happy St. Patty’s Day
  • 4. Mission Statement“We improve the quality of life through exercise, nutrition, weight management, wellness and community.”
  • 5. Club One Owned & Operated Clubs• Founded in 1991 in San Francisco• 14 Bay Area lifestyle clubs• 55,000 members
  • 6. Club One Owned & Operated Clubs
  • 7. Our shared focus…Net Membership Growth
  • 8. Frame of Mind to ConsiderNew media channels & shifting consumer behavior change is transforming the way brands market• Historically, we know very little about our members and prospects.• What we do know, we don’t always use.• Knowledge, when applied, is power.• Think traditional and communicate “new”.• Cut down the noise and simplify.• Be creative, experiment, track, analyze and repeat.
  • 9. Roadmap to Success• Define your key objectives – lead generation and retention; provide greater customer relevance, response and return• Assign KPI’s – key performance indicators help measure success so you know what works and what doesn’t• Personalize & segment – use analytical & behavioral data to segment lists and personalize relevant communication• Experiment – test campaigns against different target groups; play with imagery, copy, layout until you get it right• Act genuinely & intentionally – distinguish our voice as engaging, approachable, knowledgeable and supportive to build trust and improve loyalty
  • 10. Our Marketing Tactics Digital TechnologyGrassroots Social Efforts Media Direct Email Marketing Marketing
  • 11. Digital Technology
  • 12. Making Smart Decisions Fast What used to be a message, is In 2011, consumers used 10.4 now a conversation. Today’s sources of information when consumer finds and shares their making a purchasing decision, upown information about products in 100% (5.3 sources) from lasttheir own way, on their own time. year.Google, Shopper Sciences, Zero Moment of TruthMarco Study, April 2011
  • 13. Mobile App
  • 14. Keep Members Connected from Mobile Devices  Current Functionality • Mobile access to class schedules • Ability to download classes to personal calendars • Class change notification • Promotions • Instant-access to contact us • Membership card • Social check-ins on Facebook & Foursquare • YouTube integration Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 15. More App Functionality Possibilities Online Booking & Scheduling Member mobile social network • Offer & review sharing Geo-social Challenge • Check-in at various outdoor workout spots for points • Challenge friends to a competition Bio-metric tool tracking & calculators • Provide a mobile tracking resource • Reward healthy behavior outside the club Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 16. Web MarketingHighly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 17. Search, Listings & Reputation Management: Why is this important? Social Search: friend 90% of web traffic The Top 3 spots on recommendationscomes from organic Google get 58% of and likes garner listings clicks higher placement And it’s all FREE.
  • 18. Lead Gen Web Marketing Key Guidelines Determine Most Wanted Responses. You may want visitors to activate a pass, sign up for a newsletter or join online. Amplify. Link to social pages, review sites and activate share widgets to enable viral offer & content sharing [ or] Answer the questions prospects & members are asking. Interact in real time: live chat with SnapEngage; instant answers and provides an opportunity to survey Optimize. Ensure local listings on directories are current; keep content & offers fresh and compelling.
  • 19. Social Media
  • 20. The Social Media Landscape
  • 21. Social Media Key Guidelines Stick with What you Know Strategically select a few key methods of social media outreach to maintain consistent brand voice. Relevance Keep content localized, current, personal and actionable. Maintain a Consumer Focus Socialize; participate in every day conversations and build relationships. Remember 8:2 ratio if not 9:1… Tracking Measure interest and engagement qualitatively; track likes, comments, retweets, views, etc.
  • 22. Social Media Objectives Viral Sharing Building EngagingCommunity ConversationOnline Group Geo-Social & Purchasing Gaming Recommendation Engines CONFIDENTIAL
  • 23. Facebook Photo Contest Fans posted photos of themselves sporting Club One gear for rewards points Encouraged member interaction and WellPower sign-ups Generated 163 new likes
  • 24. Race Registration Giveaway Post why you’re a fan of fitness on our Facebook page to be entered to win two registrations to the Giant Race & two tickets to the post-race VIP reception!*.
  • 25. Giant Race Facebook Winners:“I’m a fan of fitness because…”
  • 26. Club One Anniversary T-shirt: Cast Your Vote! 123 total votes, likes and posts Total Cost of Wildfire app: $16 Gained 38 new fans in 1 week! Week long voting garnered excitement for upcoming referral reward promotion
  • 27. Facebook Cause Marketing Campaign: Give with Your Like 1030 New “Likes” Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 28. Ways to Increase “Likes” Ask Questions Spark conversation to get members talking. Post Exclusive Offers To reward fans for the advocacy and give them something to share. Provide Tips and Resources Be the supportive, motivating and knowledgeable voice. Host Live Discussion For member to ask questions to expert panels. Hold Contests, Giveaways, Polls Engaging activities will increase interaction and activity. Upload Video YouTube is the 2nd most used search box behind Google!
  • 29. Twitter“Follow the tweets to get the deets” Members can follow Club One’s up-to-date construction Twitter feed during renovation closures!
  • 30. Dedicated YouTube Channels:Aid in Retention & Increase Engagement
  • 31. Building Your Stations with Engaging Content Fitness Tips Meet Our Team Quick Workouts Resources and Trainers & Beyond the support to help Instructors Club members share their achieve their fitness 5-min workout goals philosophy from a hotel room or office
  • 32. And Drive Exposure Behind the Success On the Scene Scenes Stories Capture special Sneak peek Celebrate events andinto the making members who communityof a group class have reached participation their goals
  • 33. Online Group Purchasing UpdateNumber of Deals 9Total Deals Sold 3452Total Leads in CRM 1653Total Joins 547Join to Lead 66.18%Conversion 33.09%Net Revenue $98,201 Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 34. The Win-Win-Win: Yelp Daily Deal • January 6, 2011 • Bay Area Distribution • 1137 Sold • 613 activated guest memberships • 296 joins • 48% conversion • $37,521 net revenue • January 2012 results: 1166 deals sold Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 35. Custom Daily Deal Platform Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 36. Investing in Earned Media through Advocacy There are 3.5 70% of AmericansThe #1 motivation 75% of consumers billion brand- read online for Advocates to trust peer related reviews before recommend is to recommendations; conversations each making a help others only 14% trust ads day purchasing decision
  • 37. Referrals, Recommendations & RevenueIdentify Brand Advocates Energize Brand Advocates Track Results, Optimize
  • 38. Advocate Identification
  • 39. Energizing Advocates: Sharing Made Easy
  • 40. Energizing Advocates: Sharing Made Easy
  • 41. Driving Referrals through WOM
  • 42. Share Platform to Help Increase Fans Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 43. Open House Invites Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 44. Driving Social Recommendations
  • 45. Driving Social Recommendations
  • 46. Email Marketing
  • 47. Data Mining: Knowledge is Power Member name  Visit patterns Gender  Fitness interests Age  Main fitness goal Email & home address  Goal satisfaction Join date  Fitness “personality” Net Promoter score (Meyers/Briggs profile) Orientation date (if any)  Purchase trends & history Orientation coach  Promotional email history Visit Frequency  Email open/CTR rate
  • 48. Engaged Member Knowledge Increases Revenue & Retention Stay as members longer 4.5% better retention with live orientation and Are a moreSpend more $16 WP as compared captive marketingper month vs. $7 to no orientation audience – higher per month and no WP open and CTRs Use the club 1.5 Are more satisfied to 2 times more and engaged – per month higher NPS
  • 49. RapleafWe now know even more. Email Prospect Data • Age • Gender • Location • Household Income • Marital Status • Presence of Children • Home Owner • Home Market Value
  • 50. Email Marketing Segmentation & Personalization • Share offers and drive recommendations Advocates • Increase ancillary revenue and aid inWellPower Groups retention Alumni • Drive rejoin sales via online purchases Corporate • Increase referrals & bulk sales Prospects • Increase sales conversion • Encourage referrals & aid in retention Members through engagement
  • 51. The Engaged Member vs. Non-Users Targeted Results: • Total Sends: 1,140 • Unique Opens: 512 • Open Rate: 44% • Unique Clicks: 183 • CTR: 14.311% Non-Targeted Results • Total Sends: 5,239 • Unique Opens: 1,344 • Open Rate: 25% • Unique Clicks: 201 • CTR: 3.855%
  • 52. WellPower Groups:Weight Loss Members at SF/OAK WellPower User Emails Sent: 738 Open Rate: 39.83% CTR: 17% Non-WP User Emails Sent: 7412 Open Rate: 20.7% CTR: 8.5%
  • 53. Alumni Messaging • Total Sends: 20,358 • Unique Opens: 3,313 • Open Rate: 16% • Unique Clicks: 922 • CTR: 4.5%
  • 54. Corporate:Generating Corporate Leads from Members  22 New Corporate Account Leads in August • Total Sends: 10,363 • Unique Opens: 2,862 • Open Rate: 28% • Unique Clicks: 208 • CTR: 2%
  • 55. Missed Guest Prospecting 10% Open Rate 20 Sales Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 56. Member Add-ons to Increase Spend 271 Leads 178 Sales 65% Conversion Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 57. Member Communication: Monthly eNewsletters
  • 58. Member Communication: Monthly eNewsletters Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 59. Email Marketing Key Guidelines Segment lists by demographics, interests, and/or behavior One does not fit all. Segment your lists for optimal personalization. Relevant Promotions Target members with offers based on their needs and goals allows for more effective campaigns limiting irrelevant “noise”. Use photo-driven imagery Visually stimulating photos garner higher click through rates. Amplify Link to your social media pages and activate “Share with a Friend” functionality to enable viral sharing. Tracking Measure opens, click throughs, unsubscribes, etc.
  • 60. Direct Marketing
  • 61. Better Direct Marketing Strategy Uses current member database to build Test and measure prospect mailing lists success with qualitativeAdvecor based on attributes and results behaviors (neighbors of current members, etc.)
  • 62. September Direct MailHit mailboxes September 6th – September 8th 114,000 Sent 492 Sales $81.33 Cost per Join
  • 63. Highly Targeted Direct Marketing Campaign Email and Direct Mail creative segmented by gender + age Message & offer further personalized to members, prospects, missed guests and alumni Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 64. Alumni Segmented EmailsSent to former female members, younger Sent to former female members, ages 45than 45 years old years & older5942 emails sent; 17% open rate; 2107 emails sent; 22% open rate Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 65. Alumni Segmented EmailsSent to former male members, younger Sent to former male members, ages 45than 45 years old years & older4142 emails sent; 18% open rate 1928 emails sent; 22% open rate Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 66. Lead Call TrackingVanity phone numbers are included on external marketingefforts to help us achieve the following: Marketing No Missed Leads: Calls Are Performance prospect’s Recorded and Tracking: contact Make for accurate information is Invaluable Tools campaign results immediately for Staff Training to attribute ROI collected
  • 67. Sample Call Tracking Report & Web Portal
  • 68. Grassroots Marketing:Community Outreach & Local Partnerships
  • 69. EventsCONFIDENTIAL
  • 70. Technology + Human Interaction = Connection Rock N’ Roll Marathon Pre-Race Expo • 2 new same-day joins • 225 Leads • 20 TRX demo sign-ups • 15 WellPower sign-ups • 16 Member check-ins for Reward Pts • Preferred race registration for members Highly Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  • 71. The Integrated Campaign:Black Friday Friends & Family
  • 72. Rapleaf Prospect Email Data Mining Predominant Age: 34-44 years old Gender: ~60% Female Location:Predominant CaliforniaIncome: 50K- Mainly Home100K Owners ~ 50/50Home Market Married/SingleValue: 250K-500K
  • 73. Display Homepage
  • 74. Retargeting Campaign
  • 75. Facebook Ad Campaign
  • 76. Direct to Online Enrollments
  • 77. Real-Time Behavioral Adaption Reduced Bounce Rates by 13% Increased conversion by 20%
  • 78. Results 835 new joins in 6 days; nearly doubled last year’s results Collected $15,725 in enrollment fees TOTAL 12M MT Ttl Enroll TOTALClub 2011 O M Fees 2010Almaden Valley 109 107 2 $200.00 66Carmel MountainRanch 69 68 1 $100.00 38Citigroup Center 15 11 4 $400.00 3Embarcadero Center 16 10 6 $600.00 17Encinitas 46 45 1 $100.00 11Fillmore Center 37 33 4 $400.00 36Nob Hill 20 19 1 $100.00 7Oakland City Center 100 77 23 $2,300.00 41Petaluma 54 35 19 $7,725.00 21Santana Row 35 30 5 $500.00 44Scotts Valley 125 122 3 $300.00 59Silicon Valley 24 23 1 $100.00 13Silver Creek Sportsplex 64 49 15 $1,500.00 28Skyport 21 19 2 $200.00 18Solana Beach 46 42 4 $400.00 10Union Square 17 14 3 $300.00 7Yerba Buena 37 32 5 $500.00 24TOTAL 835 736 99 $15,725.00 443
  • 79. ResultsCONVERSION SUMMARY - 2011 Count % of Total CO FFEnrolled 1st time the site was accessed 786 40% 631 156Enrolled after previously exiting site 49 3% 44 5TOTAL ENROLLED 835 43% 675 161Accessed site but did not enroll 1112 57% 975 137GRAND TOTAL 1947 100% 1650 298 43% Conversion! 1112 Leads Still Left in the System
  • 80. 3 New Things You WILL Try…1.2.3.
  • 81. Thank You!If you want more details on anything we’ve covered, pleasedon’t hesitate to contact us. ’d love to hear from you! Bill McBride President & Chief Operating Officer Kari Bedgood Director of Marketing & PR
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