a brief sample of a steam power plant design ...good as reference only
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  Table of Contents Description 1. Statement of Problem 2. Theories and Principles of the problem 3. Solution: a. Rankine Cycle  b. THR & Correction THR c. Ws and Ww d. Extraction Steamd.1 Heater 4d.2 Heater 3d.3 Heater 2d.4 Heater 1 4. Review of Steam Power EngineeringBoiler and < H Heating Surface 5. Surface Condenser Surface area 6. Feedwater Heater Surface Area 7. Boiler Feed Pump 8. Actual Heat Rates 9. Pipe Size 10. Combustion Area 11. Forced Draft Fan 12. Smoke Stack 13. Summary of Answer 14. Heat Balance Diagram  Design of Steam Power Plant A. Operating Data and Condition: 1. Turbine – Generation 1.1 Rated Capacity = 70000KW 1.2 Steam Condition: 1.2.1 Main Steam Pressure, P 1  = psig 1.2.2 Main Steam Temperature, T 1  = O F 1.2.3 Exhaust Pressure, P 6  = “ Hg abs. 1.3 Efficiencies: 1.3.1 Mechanical Efficiency,ME = 95% 1.3.2 Electrical Efficiency,EE = 96% 1.3.3 RCR = 86.5%Note: Disregard the pressure drop in Main Steam line/pipe. 2. Extraction or bleed steam pressure: 2.1 Extraction 4 (Heater 4), P 4  = psia 2.2 Extraction 3 (Deaerator), P 3  = psia 2.3 Extraction 2 (Heater 2), P 4  = psia 2.4 Extraction 1 (Heater 1), P 5  = psia  Note: Pressure inside heater is 7% less than the extraction pressure. 3. Feedwater Heaters 4,2 and 1 are surface heaters that have a terminal difference of 3 o F. Water velocity inthe tube is 8feet per sec. Tube is ¾ inch 18BMW, Admiralty metal (32% copper, 1% tin and 29% zinc) 4. Drain Coolers, DC has a terminal difference of 10 o F. 5. Forced Draft Fan, FDF has a static pressure of 2.5”H 2 O. Air inlettemperature is 70 o F at 14.7 psia. 6. Smoke Stack has a static draft of1”H 2 O. 7. Steam Generator(Boiler): Blowdownis 6000lbs per hour, Overall Boiler Efficiency is 86%, Fuel oil is bunkerC with HHV of 18500BTUper lb, Excess air is 15%. 8. Steam Loss between boiler and turbine is 6000lbs per hour. 9. Surface Condenser: Cleanliness factor is 80% tube. ¾ inch, 18BMW, admiralty metal, velocity of cooling water is 7 feet per sec, cooling water enters condenser at 80 o F, condenser has two(2) passes; terminaldifference is 8 o F. 10. Air injector. Steam requirement is 1500lbs per hour. Service ofsteam is the main steam availableheat or enthaphy for heating is 1000BTU per lb.  11. Boiler feedwater pump. BEP, allowance is 10% for extra flow as emergency requirement. 12. Evaporator: make up water enters evaporator at 80 o F. Motivating steam is from extraction 3. B. Calculate/Determine the followings: 1. Heat Balance Diagram 2. Feedwater Flow, W w 3. Main Steam Flow, W s 4. Extraction Flow to Heater 4, S 4 5. Extraction Flow to Heater 2, S 2 6. Extraction Flow to Dearator, S 3 7. Extraction Flow to Heater 1, S 1 8. Motivating Steam flow to Evaporator; S e 9. Boiler Heating Surface Area 10. Superheater Heating Surface Area 11. Feedwater Heater 4, 2 and SurfaceArea 12. Boiler Feedwater Pump, BFP brakehorsepower 13. Deaerator Elevation 14. Boiler Drum Elevation 15. Smoke Stack Diameter 16. Smoke Stack Height 17. Condenser Heating Surface Area 18. Cooling Water Flow in Condenser 19. Evaporator Heating Surface Area 20. Amount of fuel consumed per hour 21. Plant Thermal Efficiency 22. Turbine Heat Rate, GSHR 23. Gross Station Heat Rate, GSHR  24. Net Station Heat Rate, THR 25. Forced Draft Fan, FDF Horsepower 26. Main Steam Pipe size and material. 27. Extraction 4 pipe size and material 28. Extraction 3 pipe size and material 29. Extraction 2 pipe size and material 30. Extraction 1 pipe size and material 31. Draw and give specs of the selected equiptment
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