Suggesting Critical-Thinking and Problem-Solving Method into Teaching English Reading To EFL Students in Indonesia A Critical Reading Response

Suggesting Critical-Thinking and Problem-Solving Method into Teaching English Reading To EFL Students in Indonesia A Critical Reading Response
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  Suggesting Critical-Thinking and Problem-Solving Method into Teaching English Reading To EFL Students in Indonesia A Critical Reading ResponseBy : Lusy Apriliandri Tanjung Name : Lusy Apriliandri TanjungAfilliation : State Islamic University Of North Sumatera, Sumatera Utara, Medan,IndonesiaGmail : / English is an international language, especially in this developing era, although there areother international languages, everyone is demanded to be proficient in English, many people areasking for an increase in English language skills especially in countries where English is not anative language or language national. Many students are also interested in learning English, inIndonesia English is the only language taught in Indonesia from elementary school to universitylevel, of course it requires a teacher to teach. In teaching activities, teachers need effectivemethods. English has four skills, one of which is reading skill, the teacher can use criticalthinking and problem solving methods in teaching reading, because after reading a reading text,students are asked to analyze the contents of the reading text, then students are able to solve theproblems contained in the text.In this article discusses suggestions for critical thinking methods and problem solving inteaching English reading to EFL students in Indonesia. One of the skills discussed in this articleis understanding reading skills. By reading students can think critically in analyzing the readingtext given by the teacher, then students issue ideas and opinions, then with problem solvingmethods students are able to solve the problems contained in the reading text, so this strategy isgood for teaching students in teaching reading skills. The definition of critical thinking said by(Halpren 2014) critical thinking is an objective and reasonable activity. Critical thinking is usedto find the conclusion of a problem, this conclusion must be accounted for,To get a criticalconclusion, the first one is to analyze opinions or ideas of various types.While problem solving is  one of the strategies, which can be used with critical thinking methods. So these two methodscan coexist or relate to one another in teaching reading activities. Because if students thinkcritically in understanding the text, they will be able to solve the problems contained in areading. Then, this methods is effective to use when teacher teach reading skill in the classroom. On the statement "a critical thinker as a purposeful, reasonable, and goal directed thinkerin compare to non-critical thinker which requires early nurturing and thought". Wilson (2016) Iagree with the statement. Because someone who has critical thinking will try to find the truth andanalyze in a discussion, one of which is reading a text and then issue ideas and a critical thinkeralso tries to accept the opinions of someone who has a non-critical mind, a critical thinker is ableto appreciate opinions and understand the views of others who disagree with him. Anotherdefinition proposed by Halpern (2014) stated that critical thinking is a purposeful, objective, andreasonable activity which utilization of cognitive skills works to increase the level of probabilityof the desirable result. I agree because in this case, critical thinking is a strategy that increasesprobability, it can be used in making decisions, solving problems and making decisions.Oneamong skills tested in any English language proficiency test is reading comprehension skill. Thetest on reading comprehension skill designed to ensure test takers‘ ability on key issues orinformation extraction from the given sample of text (Richard& Schmidt, 2013). The test takerswould be presented to variety of questions forms such as yes or no statements and some sorts ofmultiple choices questions. I agree with the statement, when the teacher gives the text, in the textthere will be a question or statement. So to see students think critically or not. We can make atext, then give a problem in the text, then students are asked to solve the problem. So I think withusing tests in the form of questions, is an appropriate way to lure students to critically thinking. Problem-solving as a method in teaching readingcould be believed helping students todevelop their ability in reading (Li, 2010). I agree with the statement. With the problem-solvingmethod, students can deduce a problem contained in a text, so this method is appropriate forstudents’ reading skills. while according to one expert Problem Solving Method is a way ofteaching that is done by training students to deal with various problems to be solved alone ortogether.(Alipandie, 1984: 105). Then,Paul (1991) points out that critical thinking in the strongsense involves approaching the problem from various perspectives and demanding an open mindto understand the point of view with which people disagree. So students are given a text and  then submit their opinions to other students, then students who disagree with these words willrefute the statement, like debate, so it can make students think critically.Dealing with problemsolving as another model of approach which allows to comprehension in reading, it might requirea great deal of skill that incorporate together regarding to its complexity within its process(Nunan, 1999).This method can also activate student awareness, they observe a text given by theteacher and then finish it by giving an opinion. So it can be said that this method helps theteacher to teach reading a foreign language that is English. In teaching, a teacher must be good at choosing methods or strategies in accordance withthe material being taught, with the right methods it will get effective results, one of the rightmethods used by a teacher to teach reading is critical thinking and problem solving methods ,both of these methods are interrelated if the teacher can apply it well. Critical thinking andproblem solving are two very effective methods to be used in teaching reading comprehension ofEFL abilities of students in Indonesia, with these two methods, students are required to be able tothink critically then solve problems, through reading texts, students expressing them ideas oropinions about reading text that he disapproved. Apply of these methods make the teachingprocess run effectively, efficiently and productively, especially in learning to understand readingEnglish texts as a foreign language. Paul. (1991). Critical Thinking Center for Critical Thinking and Moral Critique, Rohnert Park,CA.Sadri, I., Fithriani, R., Saidurrahman, S., Salmiah, M., & Hamidah, S. (2019). Suggestingcritical-thinking and problem-solving method into teaching English reading to EFL students inIndonesia. KnE Social Sciences, 3(19), 294–304.
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