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World leaders' role to build and sustain peace Sustaining peace is among the most important and complex challenges in contemporary international relations and geopolitics everyday lives. Look at the resource geopolitics and geo-economics until
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  World leaders’  role to build and sustain peace Sustaining peace is among the most important and complex challenges in contemporary international relations and geopolitics everyday lives. Look at the resource geopolitics and geo-economics until now; the world has never really been peaceful. People have been fighting for resources, land, food, over boundaries, on their faith and belief system and for wealth; people have been fighting and are still fighting for their gods. We need to understand this, the way human beings are right now, if this continue further then there will not be any peace and harmony in the world. In 1944, when Second World War ended, many nations around the world decided never again to fight by saying that we never again create this horror on the planet. But in reality, since 1944 to this day, there has not been a single day's break in fighting and scarcity around the world and some battle or the other has been going on without a single day's break. There is a clear announcement by human beings, that the way we are right now, we are incapable of being  peaceful.  Now, if we look at the circumstances we are setting up right now in the world, we have laid foundations to ensure that there is no peace on this planet. There are various aspects to it like greed, inequality, hierarchies, and high priorities towards economics. We are making geo- economics the most important part of human life.  In today's world, you as being are not important. The most important thing is geo-economics/wealth. If you make wealth the most important thing, fighting is inevitable. As the resources are limited, with our lives being driven by the engine of economics, war is inevitable,  peace is impossible. Moreover capitalist world are imposing high superstructures on developing world so in such a scenario every one’s desires for high profile electronic  gadgets is natural for example in China one person sold his kidney for buying iphone and apple’s laptop.  Everywhere people who are wealthy economically are to be remembered or people who did so much violence like Alexanders, Ghengis Khans and Adolf Hitlers are being given much more importance then Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and Gautama Buddha, but not them. If you happen to visit Dharmasala in India, you will find Buddha statue is standing everywhere and  being sold in every corner but still Buddha is not there, peace is not there, his teachings are not  being followed. Animals are being slaughter openly, tourists are harming nature, and environmental pollution is rising. Monks are doing which kind of meditation that they could not create harmonious and sustain peace around them. They only worship statues but not adopting the character of that great noble soul Buddha. At the age of 16 Alxander started fighting and killing thousands of people on his way. He died at the age 32, in a most miserable condition because he had managed to conquer only one half of  the world, the other half was still left. But someone like Gautama Buddha is only a statue decoration piece and footnote in our books. In pursuit of our economic well-being, the amount of violence that we have imposed on every other creature on this planet is awful. Don't think of violence as just killing another human being or animal. Any destruction of life, faith and emotions beyond repair is violence. If you look at it that way, today societies are filled with enormous amounts of aggression; our very existence is aggression. It will take us a thousand years to understand that the violence that we inflict upon other creatures on the planet, whether it be a plant or a worm or an insect or any other animal, it is going to have an impact on our lives. Unfortunately, it takes us a thousand years to realize this and in fact that will also not be sufficient. Realization is not very easy to make sometimes each  birth on this earth is not sufficient for human being to realize that we as human being need to spread love, care and peace around us as we all are going to leave this body one day let’s make this earth a beautiful place for coming generation and for our next birth. If you don’t allow your body and mind energy to find its expression in positive things, then it naturally turned contributing towards violent things. If you look around the world today, you will see almost everything is becoming violent and aggressive as patience is giving answers, resources are limited, and superstructures are being imposed on us and people living in developing world are becoming victims of structural violence and superstructures.  Right now the world community is sitting on a catastrophic foundation. Peace is something that these people have not even thought and tasted. What right do we have to expect it in the social and world situations? Unless we are willing to work to change the foundations on which the world community is built, peace is not a option but the need of the hour and food of your consciousness. Another big reason why the world is perpetually flooded with conflicts is that our religions and ignorance of people have failed us completely. The moment man became educated religious it should have been the end of conflict, but unfortunately, everywhere in the world, religion has  become the main source of conflict and division in the society. For centuries the most horrible things in this planet were done in the name of religion and monopoly of gods. Religion and quarreling cannot go together. But unfortunately, we have many quarrelling on the name of almighty. We have become so devil that we can kill in the name of Jesus, in the name of Rama, and in the name of Mohammed. Somewhere we have lost the basic sense of what goodness and love is? True religion is an inward step. But today religion has divided the society. This has only brought hatred, conflict and separation among people. The same people who are together today, who are friends, and neighbors, the moment they identify with their religions and ideologies suddenly they separate.  What the world needs is not more superstructures, gods, religions or more followers, but people committed to becoming good and peaceful themselves. Just one  being alone can’t do anything as one Jesus, one Buddha, one great noble soul will not do. Many are needed. If people just learned how to live in a present moment and become the munificent of their excessive wealth and content with the natural creation with great strength, you would see at least more than half of the violence and greed would simply evaporate from the planet. World leader’s response   Sustainable and inclusive development was the best tool to prevent violent conflict and instability that will help to achieve 2030 Agenda as a blueprint for more stable and resilient societies. The King of Belgium said time was needed to heal the wounds caused by humiliation and violence, to bring perpetrators of serious abuses to trial, and to remember. The United  Nations’ failure in recent years to prevent wars or to swiftly end them should not overshadow its successes. The scale, complexity and duration of man y of today’s conflicts must encourage Member States to find other ways to create lasting peace. Miroslav Lajcak (Slovakia), President of the General Assembly, said peace was at the core of the founding of the United Nations, with its Charter endeavouring to save generations from the scourge of another war.
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