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Jae Kamel’s URLs Presents… The Equinox Edition of The List. January 2016 Update I-Phone free, for your protection. Categories: I. Community Gardens II. Co-ops. III. Energy Systems. IV. Healing. V. Music. VI. Games. FAQs (i.e., following the
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     Jae Kamel’s URLs Presents…   The Equinox Edition of The List.    January 2016 Update I-Phone free, for your protection. Categories: I. Community GardensII. Co-ops.III. Energy Systems. IV. Healing.V. Music. VI. Games. A.  Hnefatafl B.  Go C.  ChessFAQs  (i.e., following the Categories) I. Community Gardens Intro: Sites are shown from many popular geographic areas, such that different communities can see each other’s work, borrowing good ideas from each other and perhaps networking together. Usually one site per geographic area is all that is shown. Consumer Supported Agriculture has been recently receiving media news coverage. }some of their food feeds the poor. DL 2011  Replacement: } helping small and family farmers to sell direct to the public, etc. }the American Community Gardening Association’s page. }colorful productive gardens in Arizona. DL 2013. Replacement: }this is their new site. But we also have these related links now: }the community foodbank and garden list for southern arizona, with photos; and }list of all community gardens in Arizona. This link isgood, and the site is there. If Word won’t link to it, cut and paste, or link from your e-mail. }recipes for DIY Community Gardens. DL 2011 2013: Replacement: }how to build a community garden. But we also found: }almost all photos, and DIY steps for community gardens, from one of the most crowded cities in the world, Tokyo. }more formal description with history of CSA farms. CSA=Community Supported Agriculture. }more of the virtues and uses of Community Garden. }the Burlington, Vermont pleasant site. Like others, they do mini-grants, greenbelts, }list of all their }list of agricultural }sample rules and regulations of a Community }how they do it in }Seattle's view of a Community }American Community Gardening Association Garden picture archive. }a source of non-GMO seeds. DL 2011 This link, sadly, is down, and searching the site yields no info on where/how to obtain non-GMO seeds. Update 2012: }We found this site as a good replacement. Clean, simple site, nice colors, homepage a little crowded. “We offer only the cleanest 100% non-hybrid, non-GMO, chemical free produce seed, to allow you to plant your own gardens, feed your families and friends, and then harvest your seed to save for use the following planting season.” }service site for Community Garden. DL 2011. 2012 Update: We found their homepage here: }this site provides stipends for those who want to start community gardens! “Community Gardens As Appleseeds” is a registered 501c3 non-profit with no overhead that provides help to people interested in community gardens in their town, neighborhood, school or place of worship. Messages to Community Gardens As Appleseeds can be sent to the following email address: .” }organic-looking site from the Southwest. A nice, simple site. }another co-op directory }co-operative grocer’s food co-op directory, with 311 members, and their e-zine, with topics, back issues, and resources. }the concept of community gardens can be expanded to CSA, and then to Community Food Systems, as they have done in this primer. Recommended, for example, if you’re a gardener and want to become involved with local food distribution. }a good site for finding and ordering heirloom vegetable. Clean site, color photos of products. About the annoying voiceover on the home page: use Zap to turn that off. If you don’t have the script for that, go to }and follow the steps to add these bookmarks to your browser. We don’t know for sure if these heirloom seeds are non-GMO, but that seems to be implied. }community food gardens in Toronto, Canada. Clean, simple site. Their community guidebooks and fact sheets }have HTML and pdf manuals, guidebooks, etc. for what they call, “community driven naturalization”. The pdfs are natural and community garden manuals. } the food gardens foundation, in Africa! “Food Gardens Foundation also known as FGF was established in 1976 under the name of Food Gardens Unlimited, as a resultof the June 16 riots in Soweto, Gauteng. At that time there were no food supplies going to Soweto as vans wereoverturned at every opportunity available. Two ladies Pauline Raphaely (a geologist) and Joyce Niland (a farmer's wife) saw a need and started the organization out of R100 to introduce Food Gardens in Soweto. These gardens were letter called Peace Gardens and as a result of this the organization won several awards.” }Community Garden in Dallas, TX. }New York City. ”A unique mix of education, organizing, and advocacy to help people cultivate community gardens…” Clean site. }An intro to community food gardens. The point of most community gardens is to provide healthy, safe food, but there are many other kinds of garden sites on the web. These links are for community food gardens. }Chicago's Community Garden and "green-net", which shows what other communities can do. }search by state of zip code for CSA in your area. These are almost the same thing as community gardens. This site also has good links. 2012 Update: }new URL for this site. }photo of a Community Garden (Waltham, Mass.), and links (which may  be hard to see) }well-developed site, community has large garden. }the food gardens foundation. “established in 1977 under the name of Food Gardens Unlimited, as a socio-economic project to teach people to help themselves by growing essential food according to sustainable organic principles.” CFG is a part of this larger website and organization. South Africa. }page for the Homefree Growing Project in Santa Cruz(Ca) DL 2011.  Replacements: }they have their own site now, and… }more on their community supported agriculture. }has farmer’s markets, family farms, and CSAs as well. }The Los Angeles Community Garden Council (LACGC) partners with 40 community gardens in LA County to take care of the business side of gardening and give you more time to get dirty in the garden! We also offer gardening advice and workshops to more than 125 community gardens in LACounty. }with a grant from Wild Oats, etc. “We are a non-profit organization operating 6 organic community gardens in the city limits of Long Beach, CA.Founded in 1994, we locate urban vacant lots from public and private owners and turn them into beautiful community gardens for local and sustainable food production.” }this is from: }in }OSU's "urban gardening program". DL 2011.  Replacement: }an announcement; and of course }their gardening hotlines. For real. More info here: }searched OSU. }a derelict (physical) allotment site reclaimed for food production. The English invented  this sort of thing. }more Community Gardens (this from Bronx, NY). }Began in 1983 as an effort to purchase good wholesome food in bulk for our family and a few friends and neighbors. Over 600 families later, we are still sharing purchases with old as well as new friends. While providing food is the way we make our living, ours is a personal mission to provide folks with whatever service it takes to help them along the road to a wholesome and healthy diet. We support local agriculture and enterprise either directly in the buying club or indirectly through networking to help members and local enterprises find one another. }another intro site for community gardens and CSA. “The focus of this page is to provide background resources for Washington local government policy makers on opportunities to enhance sustainability by encouraging gardening in urban settings.” Good overview and links. }there's also Community Supported Agriculture. Convenience, independence, sustainability. }Philadelphia's Community Garden, with photos. A "green" site. Info on making garden fountains, variety of designs and prices. Recommended. }clean and tasteful }another area's Community Garden "POS". DL 2011  Replacement: }scroll down to “Community Based Food System”. They also have a different }community gardens page. }more from Washington State. Here, they’re connecting farmers and communities together. What can happen when CSA, etc., are systematized and developed. }complete info about RainGardens, and the RainGarden network. }Because of its healing properties and the Velcro-like hairs, you can use a comfrey leaf just like a bandaid. If you want to sterilize it, dip it in boiling water, then let it cool and apply to minor wound. Comfrey is known for its healing qualities. It was referred to as "Knitbone" traditionally, as it is known for knitting together tissues and promoting cell growth. It was also referred to as "Bruisewort" as it is known to reduce swelling and bruising when applied to injuries as a poultice or compress. Leaves in poultices and compresses have been applied to varicose veins and arthritic joints, as well as diaper rash. Warm, smashed or bruised leaves applied to an inflamed injury are said to help reduce swelling and  bruising, as well as reduce scarring. }shows all "p-patch" Community Garden, with a very thorough and complete linklist for Community Gardeners. Their list alone is more complete than this whole Category. }more on the "p-patch program" (Seattle, Wa.) Their program is well-organized and doing very well; good site. }brief statement on San Jose (Ca.) Community Garden, with history, links, and downloads. }site with downloadable information regarding healthy foods and sustainable living, for use as handouts (“get involved”). These include a Farm Kit and a Sustainable Food Kit, for example, if you wanted to start Homefree Gardens in your area, or CSA. }homemade site with tips for children. This page also has more info on demonstration gardens in Vancouver and Montreal. This site has been improved in recent years. }their colorful Community Garden site. DL 2011. Replacement: }their links are in the right-hand column, e.g. for }the Vancouver edible garden project. }more photos; a U.K. example. DL 2011 No replacement. The entire site is gone. 2012 Update: We wanted the English to be still included on our list; so, we found: }”Carmarthenshire County Council’s Housing team have been working closely with tenants, residents and young people to improve the areas around which they live and to develop environmental enhancement and community food growing schemes.” II. Co-ops. Intro: Sites are shown from many popular geographic areas, such that different communities can see each other’s work, borrowing good ideas from each othersand perhaps networking their areas together. Usually one site per geographic areais all that is shown. Some of these co-ops are more community-active, some aremore politically-active, etc., some are simpler. We have avoided the big business health food stores, since there is something inappropriate about them; think of, say, Whole Foods. Note: “coop” denotes the extant term “coop”, i.e., a place where chickens live. A co-operative enterprise is abbreviated “co-op”, that is, with the hyphen. }nice list of sister-organizations. DL 2011 This link is down now; however, they’re still there at }their homepage. They have a great farmer’s market there: }info about it. }in Bozeman, Mt., with a fancier website design. }an example of utility  co-ops; list of utility co-ops from all over the country. }Marietta, Ga. Has excellent, long list of co-ops& markets throughout the eastern states. Also “action alerts”, and news. DL 2011 but the original site is still there at: }their homepage. A national list of food co-ops, health food stores, and natural food stores can be found here: }a long list of ‘em. }one from Champaign, Ill. Site partly under construction. 2011 Update: Their site is finished and it is nicely organized. A good co-op. }from Bellingham, Wa, another pleasant website. They are also associated with a community garden, as are many of these co-ops. We’re featuring not just co-ops with nice websites, but those who carry non-GMO foods or have community gardens, etc. }get a “.coop” domain name. }National Co-op Grocer’s Assoc. Links. DL 2011  but they have a link-list to co-ops nationally here: }12 pages of them listed. }they also publish an online magazine, called Co-operative Grocer. 2011 Update they’ve adopted the blog format on their site now. Lookup articles. }the co-op directory service; novel set of links. This is a nice site, and their links are here: Of Our Favorite Links }includes links not related to co-ops. }from Brattleboro, Vermont. “Think co-op member initiatives move too slowly? Then you haven’t met the members of the Brattleboro Food Co-op. Due to the powerful efforts made by a handful of persons, the shelf tags in this co-op’sgrocery department now indicate which foods are produced without GMOs: genetically modified organisms.”
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