The Irish Abroad in the Early Modern World

The Irish Abroad in the Early Modern World IRISH UA 181 HIST-UA 181 New York University &, 11:00-12:15 Spring 2014 Instructor Thomas M. Truxes Phone Office Hours
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The Irish Abroad in the Early Modern World IRISH UA 181 HIST-UA 181 New York University &, 11:00-12:15 Spring 2014 Instructor Thomas M. Truxes Phone Office Hours By appointment Office Glucksman Ireland House, 2nd floor Description: Students in this course will explore the roots of the global Irish presence. There were well established communities of Irish expatriates on the European continent by the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603, and Irish mariners, merchants, settlers, and servants took part in the formation of the Atlantic World during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Important chapters in this story involve the American and French Revolutions and the creation of the new America nation. Required Texts: Goals: All course readings will be posted on NYU Classes. This course will provide students the opportunity to (a) trace the emergence of Ireland s global presence (b) think critically and develop analytical skills appropriate to historical inquiry, and (c) express ideas persuasively in clear and carefully edited expository prose. Requirements: Attendance is required. Please bring the texts we are discussing with you to class. Grading will be based on assignments below and regular contributions to class discussion. Assignments and expectations: Students will be asked to read roughly 150 to 200 pages per week. There will be eight 3-page response-toreadings papers (four before and four after the semester break). In their take-home mid-term and take-home final exams, students will be asked to draw on both the assigned readings and classroom discussion. Weight of assignments and responsibilities: (1) response-to-readings = 60% (2) midterm = 15% (3) final exam = 15% (4) classroom participation and attendance = 10% of final grade. 1 Schedule: Week Topic Required and Supplemental Readings January Context: Art Cosgrove, The Gaelic Resurgence and the Geraldine Supremacy: c , The Course of Irish History, edited by T.W. Moody and F. X. Martin (2012), G. A. Hayes-McCoy, The Tudor Conquest, , Course of Irish History, D. B. Quinn and K. W. Nicholls, Ireland in 1534, Early Modern Ireland, , edited by T. W. Moody, F. X. Martin, and F. J. Byrne. Volume III of A New History of Ireland (Oxford, 1976), January 3. 3 February 4. 5 February Context: Context: Context: Aidan Clarke, The Colonisation of Ulster and the Rebellion of 1641: , Course of Irish History, J. G. Simms, The Restoration and the Jacobite War: , Course of Irish History, Herman Murtagh, The War in Ireland, , Kings in Conflict, [1 20]. Maureen Wall, The Age of the Penal Laws: , Course of Irish History, Edith Mary Johnston, The Age of Molyneux and Swift, c , Ireland in the Eighteenth Century (1974), S. J. Connolly, The Inventions of Men in the Worship of God: Religion and the Churches, in Religion, Law, and Power: The Making of Protestant Ireland, (1992), R. B. McDowell, The Protestant Nation: , Course of Irish History, McDowell, The Age of the United Irishmen: Reform and Reaction, , Eighteenth-Century Ireland, (1986), Dickson, Vortex, New Foundations, February The Irish Abroad J. Silke, The Irish Abroad, , Early Modern Ireland, L. M. Cullen, The Irish Diaspora of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Europeans on the Move: Studies in European Migration, , ed. by Nicholas Canny (1994), February The Irish in Europe Mary Ann Lyons and Thomas O Connor, Preface and Strangers to Citizens, in Strangers to Citizens: The Irish in Europe, (2008), vii-viii, Thomas O Connor, Ireland and Europe, : Some Historiographical Remarks, The Irish in Europe, , edited by Thomas O Connor (2001), Joseph Bergin, The Europe That the Earls Encountered, The Ulster Earls and Baroque Europe: Refashioning Irish Identities, , edited by Thomas O Connor and M. A. Lyons (2010), February Irish in Europe: Community Raymond Gillespie, Contrasting Communities: A Comparative Approach to Irish Communities in Baroque Europe, Ulster Earls and Baroque Europe, Pedro O Neill Teixeira, The Lisbon Irish in the Eighteenth Century, Irlanda y el Atlántico Ibérico: Molividad, Participación e intercambio cultural ( ), edited by Igor Pérez Testado and Enrique García Hernán (2010), Maria Begona Villar Garcia, Irish migration and exiles in Spain: Refugees, Soldiers, Traders and Statesmen, Irish Communities in Early Modern Europe, Éamon Ó Ciosáin, The Irish in France, : The Point of No Return, Irish Communities in Early Modern Europe, edited by Thomas O Connor and M. A. Lyons (2010), February Irish in Europe: Soldiers Lyons and O Connor, Canny Mercenaries, Strangers to Citizens, Harman Murtagh, Irish Soldiers Abroad, , A Military History of Ireland, edited by Thomas Bartlett and Keith Jeffery (1996), David Bracken, Piracy and Poverty Aspects of the Irish Jacobite Experience in France, , The Irish in Europe, February Irish in Europe: Education Lyons and O Connor, Irish Student Communities Abroad, Strangers to Citizens, John Brady, The Irish Colleges in the Low Countries, Archiv. Hib., 14 (1949), Patricia O Connell, The Early Modern Irish College Network in Iberia, The Irish in Europe, Liam Chambers, Rivalry and reform in the Irish College, Paris, , Irish Communities in Early Modern Europe, March Irish in Europe: Faith Stephen Conway, Christians, Catholics, Protestants: The Religious Links of Britain and Ireland with Continental Europe, c , English Historical Review, 124:509 (2009), L. W. B. Brockliss and P. Ferté, Irish Clerics in France in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: A Statistical Study, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Vol. 87C (1987), Jan Perez, The Irish Franciscans in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Prague, Irish Migrants in Europe after Kinsale, March Irish in Europe: Business Lyons and O Connor, Trading Places: Irish Merchant Communities in Europe, Strangers to Citizens, Jan Parmentier, The Irish Connection: The Irish Merchant Community in Ostend and Bruges during the late Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Eighteenth- Century Ireland / Iris an dá chultúr, 20 (2005), L. M. Cullen, The Irish Merchant Communities of Bordeaux, La Rochelle and Cognac in the Eighteenth Century, in P. Butel and L. M. Cullen, eds., Négoce et industrie en France et en Irlande aux XVIII et XIX sie`cles (1980), Maria del Carmen Lario, The Irish Traders of Eighteenth-Century Cadiz, Irish and Scottish Mercantile Networks, Steve Murdoch, Irish entrepreneurs and Sweden in the first half of the eighteenth century, Irish Communities in Early Modern Europe, March Irish in Europe: Adaptation Oscar Recio Morales, Irish emigre group strategies of survival, adaptation and integration in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Spain, Irish Communities in Early Modern Europe, Cullen, Apotheosis and Crisis: The Irish Diaspora in the Age of Choiseul, Irish Communities in Early Modern Europe, Samuel Fannin, The Irish Community in Eighteenth- Century Cádiz, Irish Migrants in Europe after Kinsale, , edited by Thomas O Connor and Mary Ann Lyons (2010), March Take-home mid-term due Irish in Europe: Decline Liam Swords, The Irish in Paris at the End of the Ancien Régime, The Irish in Europe, Sam Scott, The French Revolution and the Irish Regiments in France, Ireland and the French Revolution, edited by Hugh Gough and David Dickson (1990), Philippe Loupès, The Irish Clergy of the Diocese of Bordeaux during the Revolution, Ireland and the French Revolution, SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK March America: The West Indies Hilary Beckles, A Riotous and Unruly Lot : Irish Indentured Servants and Freemen in the English West Indies, , The William and Mary Quarterly (hereafter WMQ] 47:4 (1990), Carl and Roberta Bridenbaugh, Peopling the English Colonies, in No Peace Beyond the Line: The English in the Caribbean, (1972), Matteo Binasco, Few, Uncooperative, and Endangered: The Activities of Irish Catholic Priests in the West Indies of the Seventeenth Century, , Irlanda y el Atlántico Ibérico: Molividad, Participación e intercambio cultural ( ), edited by Igor Pérez Testado and Enrique García Hernán (2010), March America: Montserrat Riva Berleant-Schiller, Free Labor and the Economy in Seventeenth-Century Montserrat, WMQ, 46:3 (1989), Donald Akenson, Ireland s Neo-Feudal Empire, , If the Irish Ran the World: Montserrat, (1997), Akenson, From Neo-Feudalism to Crown Rule, , If the Irish Ran the World, March America: Irish West-Indian Trade Truxes, West Indian Merchants and Ports, Irish- American Trade, Truxes, Provisions, Irish-American Trade, Truxes, London s Irish Merchant Community and North Atlantic Commerce in the Mid-Eighteenth Century, Irish and Scottish Mercantile Networks in Europe and Overseas in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, edited by David Dickson, Jan Parmentier, and Jane Ohlmeyer (2007), April America: War and Trade Richard Pares, American versus Continental Warfare, l739- l763, English Historical Review 5l (l936) Truxes, Dutch-Irish Cooperation in the Mid-Eighteenth- Century Wartime Atlantic, Early American Studies, 10:2 (2012), Truxes, Transnational Trade in the Wartime North Atlantic: The Voyage of the Snow Recovery, Business History Review, 79 (2005), 18. 7 April America: The Irish in the French and Danish West Indies Bertie Mandelblatt, A Transatlantic Commodity: Irish Salt Beef in the French Atlantic World, History Workshop Journal, 63 (2007), Orla Power, The 18 th Century Irish Sugar and Slave Trade at St. Croix, Danish West Indies, Irlanda y el Atlántico Ibérico, Power, The Quadripartite Concern of St. Croix, An Irish Catholic Plantation in the Danish West Indies, Proceedings of the Irish in the Atlantic World Conference, Charleston S.C. (2007) April America: The Irish in Spanish America Óscar Recio Morales, Doing the Americas : The Irish in the Spanish Colonies, Ireland and the Spanish Empire, (2010), W. J. Williams, Bolivar and His Irish Legionaries, Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review, 18:72 (1929), Peadar Kirby, Ireland and Latin America: Links and Lessons (1992). Alfredo Sepulveda, Bernardo O Higgins: Rebel Son of an Irish Viceroy, History Ireland, 16: 4 (2008), Edmundo Murray, Secret Diasporas: The Irish in Latin America and the Caribbean, History Ireland, 16:4, (2008), April America: North American emigration Kerby A. Miller, Settlers, Servants, and Slaves: Irish Emigration Before the American Revolution, Emigrants and Exiles: Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America (1985), Marianne S. 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Pole (2000), Michael Kraus, America and the Irish Revolutionary Movement in the Eighteenth Century, The Era of the American Revolution, ed. by Richard B. Morris, J. Bennett Nolan, Benjamin Franklin in Scotland and Ireland, 1759 and 1771 (1938), Truxes, Trade and Revolution, Irish-American Trade, McDowell, Ireland and the American Revolution, Irish Public Opinion, , (1944), Ernest J. Moyne, The Reverend William Hazlitt: A Friend of Liberty in Ireland during the American Revolution, WMQ, 21:2 (1964), Patrick Clarke de Dromantin, Irish Jacobite Involve-ment in the American War of Independence, Irish Migrants in Europe, May The diaspora of 1798 refugees Michael Durey, Irish Radicals, Transatlantic Radicals and the Early American Republic (1997), Michael Durey, The United Irishmen and the Politics of Banishment, , Radicalism and Revolution in Britain, , edited by Michael Davis (2000), 27. 7 May The diaspora of 1798 refugees Miller, Liberty, Intolerance, and Profit: Irish Emigration, , Emigrants and Exiles, Edward C. Carter II, A Wild Irishman Under Every Federalist s Bed: Naturalization in Philadelphia, , Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 94 (1970), Bric, The Irish and the evolution of New Politics in America, The Irish in America: Emigration, Assimilation and Impact, edited by P. J. Drudy (1985), May Assessment Martin Burke, Piecing Together a Shattered Past: The Historical Writings of the United Irish Exiles in America, The United Irishmen, Take-home final exam Due during the week of semester exams 8
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