The presence of associated disorders as indicators of multiple disability in children diagnosed with cerebral palsy [Meeting abstract]

The paper presents the preliminary results of research conducted in order to examine the differences in the distribution of various associated disorders in a population of children and young people with cerebral palsy. The functional profile included
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  ISSN 0354-8759 Beogradska defektološka škola Belgrade School of Special Education and Rehabilitation   Vol. 22, No. 2 (Suppl. 1) (2016) Ranije – before: DEFEKTOLOŠKA TEORIJA I PRAKSA (1977-1995) Ranije – before: SPECIJALNA ŠKOLA (1952-1977)  IV INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE “SPECIAL EDUCATION AND REHABILITATION – EARLY INTERVENTION” OCTOBER, 14-16, 2016SUBOTICA, SERBIA ABSTRACT BOOK University of Belgrade – Faculty of Special Education and RehabilitationUniversity of Novi Sad – Faculty of MedicineUniversity of East Sarajevo – Faculty of Medicine, Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina Resource Center for Special Education, Belgrade, SerbiaSpecial Educators and Rehabilitators Association of Serbia, Belgrade, SerbiaSociety of Defectologists of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia  ORGANIZATORS: University of Belgrade – Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Belgrade, Serbia; University of Novi Sad – Faculty of Medicine, Novi Sad, Serbia; University of East Sarajevo – Faculty of Medicine, Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Resource Center for Special Education, Belgrade, Serbia; Special Educators and Rehabilitators Association of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia; Society of Defectologists of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Snežana Nikolić, PhD, Serbia; Goran Nedović, PhD, Serbia; Vojislava Bugarski Ignjatović, PhD, Serbia; Špela Golubović, PhD, Serbia; Milan Kulić, PhD, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Danijela Bratković, PhD, Croatia; Edina Šarić, PhD, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Stanko Blatnik, PhD, Slovenia; Hana Valkova, PhD, Czech Republic; Keith Storey, PhD, United States of America; Carlo Lai, PhD, Italy; Jose Ferreira, PhD, Portugal; Eudokia Samouilidou, PhD, Greece; Bryan McCormick, PhD, United States of America; Itaru Enomoto, PhD, Japan; David Hassan, PhD, Northern Ireland; Elena Kalenik, PhD, Russia; Robert Lockie, PhD, United States of America; Mohammad Bushnaq, PhD, Jordan; Calogero Foti, PhD, Italy; Yeshayahu Hutzler, PhD, Israel; Giorgio Ferriero, PhD, Qatar; Alexandr Nazarkin, PhD, Russia; Vladimir Trajkovski, PhD, Macedonia; Saša Radovanović, PhD, Serbia; Dragan Rapaić, PhD, Serbia; Gordana Odović, PhD, Serbia; Vera Ilanković, PhD, Serbia; Miodrag Stošljević, PhD, Serbia; Radmila Nikić, PhD, Serbia; Danijela Ilić-Stošović, PhD, Serbia; Fadilj Eminović, PhD, Serbia; Dragan Marinković, PhD, Serbia; Svetlana Kaljača, PhD, Serbia; Branka  Jablan, PhD, Serbia; Srboljub Đorđević, PhD, Serbia. ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Goran Nedović, PhD, President; Snežana Ilić, PhD, Secretary General; Fadilj Eminović, PhD; Srećko Potić, PhD; Mirjana Đorđević, PhD; Sanja Trgovčević, PhD; Mateja Bublić; Sanela Slavković; Renata Škrbić; Milosav Adamović; Ivana Sretenović; Sanela Pacić; Marinela Šćepanović; Viola Povše Ivkić; Milorad Mrvić; Snežana Maravić; Sanja Selimović; Jovana Bugarić.  Sadržaj / Content FOREWARD 11 Program of IV International Scientic Conference „Special Education and Rehabilitation – Early Intervention“ 13ABSTRACTS 23 AUTHOR’S INDEX 237  126 THE PRESENCE OF ASSOCIATED DISORDERS AS INDICATORS OF MULTIPLE DISABILITY IN CHILDREN DIAGNOSED WITH CEREBRAL PALSY  Milena Milićević  11  , Danka Krstić  2 1 Institute of Criminological and Sociological Research, Belgrade, Serbia   2 Day Care Center for Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities, Belgrade, Serbia Ths paper presents the prelmnary results of research conducted n order to examne the derences n the dstrbuon of varous assocated dsorders n a populaon of chldren and young people wth cerebral palsy. The funconal proile ncluded data on the type of cerebral palsy, the level of mparment of gross motor, ine bmanual and manual ables, level of funconal ndependence, ntellectual dsablty, present sensory mparments, communcaon dsorders and socalzaon. Due to the prevalence of health problems, data on the general health status and the presence of eplepsy are also ncluded. The study ncluded 117 parcpants dagnosed wth cerebral palsy, 66 (56.4%) male and 51 (43.6%) female, aged from seven to 18 years, resdng on the terrtory of the Republc of Serba. Funconal Proile was created by mplemenng Gross Motor Funcon Classicaon System – Expanded and Revsed (GMFCS–E&R; Palsano, Rosenbaum, Bartle, & Lvngston, 2007), Manual Ablty Classicaon System (MACS; Elasson et al., 2006), Bmanual Fne Motor Funcon (BFMF; Beckung & Hagberg, 2002) and Funconal Independence Measure for Chldren (WeeFIM; Msall et al., 1994). Other data were collected from avalable medcal, educaonal or psychologcal documentaon, and from members of the expert team, ther parents or caregvers. In addon to descrpve stascs, χ  2  test of ndependence and Mann-Whtney U-test for group comparson were appled. Stascally sgnicant derences were conirmed n relaon to the level of funconal ndependence n the domans of self-care (p=0.029, r=0.201), cognon (p=0.000, r=0.461) and overall ndependence (p=0.008, r=0.244). In addon, stascally sgnicant derences were found n the doman of communcaon (p=0.001, r=0.297), ntellectual ablles (p=0.000, r=0.617) and socalzaon (p=0.000, r=0.441), but also n relaon to the health problems present (p=0.010, ϕ =0.258). The results obtaned ndcate that the domnant dsorders, as an assocated ones, can be consdered as ndcators of mulple dsables n chldren dagnosed wth cerebral palsy. The results were further dscussed n relaon to prevous and current, prmarly populaon-based studes of the phenomenology of cerebral palsy. Key words: assocated dsorders, the dagnoss of cerebral palsy, funconal proile 1 Ths work resulted from the project “Crme n Serba: Phenomenology, rsks, and possbles of socal ntervenon” (regstraon number 47011) funded by the Mnstry of Educaon, Scence and Technologcal Development of the Republc of Serba.
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