The Prime Creator

An overview of the Prime Creator with the Cosmos as to constitute ITS 'body' is presented. It is explicated that the Prime Creator emanated from the God-SOURCE that now serves as ITS heart-brain and command control center. An overview of the
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  The Prime Creator Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract  An overview of the Prime Creator with the Cosmos as to constitute ITS ‘   body  ’   is presented. It is explicated that the Prime Creator emanated  from the God-SOURCE that now serves as ITS heart-brain and command control center. An overview of the body of Cosmos is presented that include an intricate Tree of Life structure comprised of a main ‘   trunk  ’   that accommodates and sprouts out as to form the intricate conjugate dimensional structure of the Cosmos as ITS branches. It is explicated that ALL living things, and even the Constitutive Quanta of energy that give rise to the fabric of the dimensional space-times as well as all forms created within the Cosmos, are inevitably interconnected to one another, being a constituent part of the Tree of Life. In this respect, view yourself as a young leaf having sprouted out from a fresh branch that is, in turn, connected to an older and more stable branch and so on and so  forth that is connected to the main trunk epitomizing the Prime Creator  ’  s spinal cord, giving rise to certain branches that represent ITS Neural Network. Thus, everything is, ultimately, supported by a root system having ALL germinated from the srcinal God-SOURCE and the  progenitor of life and consciousness of the ALL that routinely supports and supplies ALL with the vital life-consciousness energy via the advent of light. It is further elucidated that everything is naturally prone to entropic energies of disorder that would ultimately wither and die if it did not remain connected to the Tree of Life and the SOURCE. It is, thus,  prudent to stay in the light and remain connected to the SOURCE to be  privy to constantly receive the support and the vital energetic supplied by the SOURCE, so as to attain consciousness expansion and evolve.  Introduction   •   The Cosmos constitutes the body of the Prime Creator [1]. •   It is comprised of mainly Consciousness Quanta of energy that free flow in Void within the Cosmos, and a modicum of Constitutive Quanta of energy that form the fabrics of the dimensional space-time edifice of the Cosmos [2]. •   Such Constitutive Quanta also provide the essence for the variety of forms that thrive within such dimensions. •   The Prime Creator mainly operates through ITS heart-brain referred to as the God-SOURCE that is located within the center of ITS spherical body [3]. •   The God-SOURCE epitomizes the initial source of intelligent energy that as a mass of unlimited density of enormously ordered, fully crystalline, coherent form of consciousness energy, torsionally vibrating about ITSELF as a an infinite degree of freedom system with immeasurable frequency, now functions as the command center for the Prime Creator. •   The Cosmos was created as the SOURCE comprised of the initially congealed Consciousness Quanta of energy, exploded-imploded upon ITSELF as to free up ITS quanta of energy, forming Expansive-Contractive Quanta of energy [4], respectively, that were subsequently projected into the Void as light, maintaining ITS multi-degree of freedom torsional vibrational pattern. •   In this respect, the torsional vibration that occurs via spinning back and forth of the quanta of energy about an infinite series of vectors referred to as the ‘ cosmological vectors of time ’  [5], preserves ITS initial multi-degree of freedom torsional vibration, but in an expanded manner. •   In this respect, a cosmological vector of time depicts a vector that connects a quanta of energy to the SOURCE at the center.  •   Thus, the Cosmos is spherical in morphology [6]. •   Furthermore, it expands and contracts about ITSELF resembling the pulsation of our own hearts. •   This is probably one reason that it is commonly said: “ God created us in ITS own image. ”   •   Through a process of progressive congealment [7], a relatively small amount of Consciousness Quanta of energy convert to Constitutive Quanta causing a drop in their energetics as well as frequency of vibration [8]. •   Such congealed Constitutive Quanta eventually form DISCRETE energetic contours referred to as the space-time dimensions of time or consciousness within the Cosmos, with the Constitutive Quanta serving as their fabric to which the Consciousness Quanta anchor themselves via a scaffolding mechanism [9]. •   In this respect, the radial vector of the cosmological time not only defines the curvatures of such space-times or energetic contours known as dimensions of Cosmos, it also epitomizes a concept that has to do with spinning-rotation about the SOURCE [10]. •   A plane of spin may be envisioned as to have been caused by the spinning of the quanta of energy about the cosmological vector of the moment of time. •   And, it is clear the that the full spherical domain of a dimension, and indeed, the full spherical edifice of the Cosmos can be formed via rotating a cosmological moment vector of time about the central SOURCE [11]. •   Note that a particular spin plane formed via the spin of the quanta of energy about a cosmological vector of the moment of time, depicts a ‘ facet ’  of a spherical Cosmos in much the same way as one would see the facets or ‘ tables ’  of the structure of a diamond.  •   Such a spin plane may be defined via two mutually independent-perpendicular axes that may be envisioned to rotate about the SOURCE to form the spherical edifice of the Cosmos. •   Alternatively, the same scenario is obtained if we envision that the cosmological vector of moment of time defining a particular spin plane rotates about the SOURCE within a plane referred to as the ‘ transversal plane. ’   •   This transversal plane obviously contains the central SOURCE, which may be defined through a perpendicular unit vector to it that forms the 3 rd  coordinate unit vector mutually perpendicular to the last two that define a particular spin plane. •   In any case, the Cosmos may be envisioned to be comprised of ‘ mainly ’  Consciousness Quanta of energy that ‘ free flow ’  in time in the Void (referred to as the ‘ innerspace ’  that defines the pure domain or realm of time) [12-13], and a series of spherical surfaces that epitomize individual space-times or dimensions of time-consciousness that are DISCRETELY dispersed in the Void and are filled with the Constitutive Quanta of energy as their fabric [14]. •   Since, the Consciousness Quanta of energy are defined by a vibrational kinetics and waves of energy that propagate in the innerspace (the Void) via the advent of time, such innerspace define the ‘ Neural Network ’  of the Prime Creator that pulsate in time. •   And, since such pulses cannot get retarded via the presence of any constitution (congealed Constitutive Quanta), the communication occurs hyper fast with an unimaginable speed. •   Note that the author has, indeed, stressed the important effect of Constitutive Quanta of energy in ‘ retarding ’  the extend of the Consciousness [15]. •   First of all, the Constitutive Quanta are formed as a result of conversion or congealment of the Consciousness Quanta of energy  that has the effect of diminishing the overall energy of the Consciousness Quanta. •   Secondly, the act of congealment reduces the frequency or the speed of spinning of the quanta of energy, be it the free flowing sentient Consciousness Quanta or the congealed non-sentient Constitutive Quanta of energy. •   And, it is clear that as verified by the Planck ’ s equation, the extent of energy is directly proportional to the frequency of the free flowing waveform of Consciousness Quanta, or the magnitude of the spinning velocity of congealed or particulate Constitutive Quanta of energy [16]. •   Thus, within the innerspace, as the Constitutive Quanta are absent, there can be no retardation of the speed of torsional movement (a tunneling or drilling phenomenon). •   Thus, any communication occurs instantaneously at such hyper speeds. •   This is what is referred to as ‘ hyper communication. ’   •   Also the associated energetic waves are referred to as the ‘ torsional waves ’  [17]. •   In essence, here, communication occurs in the eternal ABSOLUTE NOW moment as it did, when the Prime Creator as the initial God-SOURCE occupied a single point in the Void [18]. •   This means, instantaneous communication occurs void of any time or time delay, whatsoever. •   Thus, travelling through the innerspace or the Void without any interruptions that would otherwise be caused by encountering or the presence of any congealed or Constitutive Quanta, preserves the quality of the Prime Creator being Omnipresent, meaning IT is EVERYWHERE at ALL TIMES.
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