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The Science of. The Science Psychology. Psychology WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY. Case studies & surveys. Definition and goals. Correlational techniques

The Science of The Science of Psychology Psychology Links to Learning Objectives WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY LO 1.8 & surveys LO 1.1 LO 1.9 Correlational techniques Definition and goals LO 1.10 Experimental design
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The Science of The Science of Psychology Psychology Links to Learning Objectives WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY LO 1.8 & surveys LO 1.1 LO 1.9 Correlational techniques Definition and goals LO 1.10 Experimental design PSYCHOLOGY THEN LO 1.2 ism and functionalism LO 1.3 approaches LO 1.11 Placebo/experimenter effects LO 1.12 Amabile s experiment ETHICS & CRITICAL THINKING PSYCHOLOGY NOW LO 1.13 Ethical concerns LO 1.4 perspectives LO 1.5 Psychiatrists, Psychologists LO 1.14 Critical thinking PSYCHOLOGY THE SCIENCE LO 1.6 Scientific method LO 1.7 Naturalistic/laboratory settings What is psychology? 1 How is psychology defined? 1.1 What defines psychology and what are its four primary goals? Write down one idea that comes to mind when you hear the word psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes Psychology as cliché What are the goals of Psychology? Description Explanation Control Prediction Psychology Then 2 How are mind & body related? Philosophers Aristotle( B.C.) connection between soul and body Plato( B.C.) dualism body and soul are separate but interrelated Rene Descartes ( ) modified dualism mind and body have reciprocal interaction via pineal gland How do mind and body interact? What is structuralism? 1.2 How did structuralism and functionalism differ? Wilhelm Wundt EXPERIENCE First psychology lab in Germany (1879) Mind consists of basic elements analyzed via objective introspection EMOTION THO What is structuralism? Edward Titchener Introspect about physical objects AND thoughts Tell me about things that are yellow. 3 What is structuralism? Margaret Washburn First woman to receive a Ph.D. in psychology (1894) Author of The Animal Mind What is functionalism? William James stream of thought vs. elements of mind Focus on adaptation, living working, playing functioning in the real world Gestalt Psychology 1.3 Basic ideas and important people in early approaches What do Gestaltists mean when they say that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts? 4 Gestalt Psychology Gestalt- good form Gestalt psychologists believe that people naturally seek out patterns ( wholes ) in available sensory information Gestalt principles are relevant to cognitive issues such as learning, memory, problem solving and relationships. What is psychoanalysis? Sigmund Freud Neurologist in late 18 th century Vienna Psychoanalysis y insight therapy for fear & anxiety unconscious early childhood 5 JOHN B. WATSON AND BEHAVIORISM Watson wanted to bring psychology back to a focus on scientific inquiry, and he felt that the only way to do that was to ignore the whole consciousness issue and focus only on observable behavior...he based a lot of his ideas on the work of Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov (shown here). -Page 10 (Ciccarelli & Meyer) Of Babies and Rats Fear is learned when a neutral stimulus is paired with an aversive stimulus like Watson a loud noise. believed fears are learned via experience. This sounds really bizarre what does scaring a baby have to do with the science of psychology? Psychology Now 6 Perspectives 1.4 What are the basic ideas behind the seven modern perspectives? Focus on the unconscious and early development, not sex Perspectives Focus on operant conditioning, punishment and reinforcement human free will potential People have the freedom to choose their own destiny umanistic perspective Bonsai tree animation by Augosto Flores 7 Perspectives Attribute human and animal behavior to biological events Perspectives Memory, intelligence, perception, learning, etc. Perspectives Relationship between social behavior and culture 8 Perspectives Biological, mental traits shared by all humans Types of Psychological 1.6 How does a psychiatrist differ from a psychologist? Psychiatrist Psychoanalyst Psychiatric Social Worker Psychologist Professional /Growth 9 Professional /Growth Professional /Growth 10
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