The Scout Guide Fort Worth, Volume 4

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TH E SCOUT GUI DEFORT WORTH TEX AS4 CITY GUIDE817.882.6688 . . E L L I N GT H EF O R Tâ„¢Our Private Clients trust us to assess their risk exposure based on their assets, activities, and goals. We help determine if you are adequately covered and, when appropriate, we guide you to additional options that might have been previously lacking in your current portfolio. We conduct an annual review of your coverage so that policies can be adapted as your personal needs change. As part of our commitment to high value personal insurance programs and service, we offer a wide range of specialty insurance coverages. The following are among the specialized coverage options we offer. . . . . . . . .Home | primary, vacation, and rental properties Auto Collection Policies | jewelry, fine art, and sports memorabilia Umbrella | up to $100 million Watercraft, Aircraft, and Recreational Vehicles Farm and Ranch Workers Compensation for Household Staff Personal Risk ManangementTRUSTWORTHY . HONEST . KNOWLEDGEABLE . KIND Each is a cornerstone that defines who we are as a company.3221 Collinsworth Street . Fort Worth, TX 817.529.5347 . GUSBATES.COMANNA M. PAMPLIN Senior Consultant, Personal LinesGUS S. BATES OwnerA Truly Southern Experience817.875.1057 WAYNE NOACK | TREY HARDIN Principals3501 CAMP BOWIE BOULEVARD FORT WORTH, TX 817.738.1933 CARTERMUSEUM.ORGFind Yourself in The River DistrictBusinesses CallingTHE RIVER DISTRICT Their New Home :. Heim BBQ . Salsa Limón . Abundio’s Fitness Studio . Flowers On The Square . Lettuce Cook Gourmet . Giordano Wegman Walsh & Associates, Christie’s International Real EstateThe River District is a walkable entertainment and housing district in West Fort Worth, offering entertainment and retail options, direct access to the Trinity River and unique restaurants in a beautiful riverside setting. Located in the culturally, historically, and naturally rich area between two bridges crossing the Trinity River, The River District is only 10 minutes from downtown, three minutes from West 7th Street, and around the corner from Rivercrest and Shady Oaks Country Clubs. With homes ranging in price from $400,000 to $2,000,000 and brand new, luxury Elan River District apartments ready for lease – there is a place for everyone to call home. Come find yourself in The River District!5109 PERSHING AVENUE FORT WORTH, TX M-F | 10AM-3PMJ OANNA B ENNETT CO- OWNERA NNE W ALKER M ILLER CO- OWNERC LOTHING•S HOES•F INE J EWELRY•A CCESSORIES817.862.7466.YOUAREHEREFW.COM.@YOUAREHEREFORTWORTHDECEMBER 16, 2017The 64th Annual Jewel Charity BallSince our inception in 1953, Jewel Charity has been raising funds for the health and well-being of the children at Cook Children’s Medical Center. Please join us at the 64th Annual Jewel Charity Ball, Fort Worth’s largest and longest-standing black tie event.Visit our website for more information on the Ball or other ways to | | 817.810.9849 |@jewel charityI D A A N D T E D. C O M I D A @ W I L L I A M S T R E W. C O M||8 1 7. 7 2 3 . 5 1 6 6T E D. O L S E N @ W I L L I A M S T R E W. C O M3206 Collinsworth Street • Fort Worth, TX • • 817.708.2885D RO P - I NP LA Y C A R EW I T HP U R P O S ENSANDERS EWSTr a v e l C e n t r eD I A N E PA R K S ownerJENNY WESTERMANN ownerEVERYTIME,ANYWHERE.3 5 5 0 H ule n St re e t | Suit e A Fort Wort h, TX | 8 1 7 .7 3 1 .3 3 3 5Kelley Roberts designerRebecca Atkinson designerTHOUGHTFUL, TIMELESS, AND SOPHISTICATED INTERIORS 3508 Lovell Avenue | Fort Worth, TX | beckleyds.comWo m e n ’ s C lo t h i n g // Ac c es s or i es // S hoes 3 3 2 8 W est 7 th Str e e t | Fo r t Wo r t h, T X | 682.841.1360A L Y S O N J O H N S O N a n d K A C E Y C A R G I L E // O W N E R S & B U Y E R SALLEN CRUMLEY R E A L E S TAT E S E R V I C E S | FA R M & R A N C H | R E S I D E N T I A L3707 Camp Bowie Boulevard | Suite 300 | 817.480.9502 | | #landsanddwellingsART GALLERY | GARDENS | EVENT SPACE | ART CONSULTING111 Hampton Street | Fort Worth, TX | 8I7.692.3228 | artspace111.comMargery Grella Gossett ownerB O U T I Q U E CAT ER I N G A N D C U S TO M M EN U S F O R SP ECI A L EVEN TS A N D WED D I N GSPaige Rodriguez | Catering Director Juan Rodriguez | Chef & OwnerR EN OWN ED S U P P ER CLU B & BE AU T I FU L EVEN T SPACE 817.740.8085 . .@magdalenastxH un ter Bobbitt Pa rtner Ty l er B o bb i tt Pa r tn erPhotography by: Kristen Kilpatrick Photography5 1 3 6 W E S T V I C K E RY B O U L E VA R D . F O RT WO RT H , T X . C L OV E R I I I . C O M6323 Camp Bowie Boulevard . Suite 145 . Fort Worth, TX 817.737.7171 . . @babiesontheblvdTHE SCOUT GUIDE THESCOUTGUIDE.COMA COLLECTION The Scout Guide (TSG) is a collection of city guides that highlights the premier artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs in more than 60 locations nationwide.A COMMUNITY TSG is about people. We celebrate the faces behind the places and products that we love; value craftsmanship; and seek out the authentic, unique, and genuine. We connect people with makers, experts, and each other.A LIFESTYLE F o r b o t h l o c a ls a n d t r a v e ler s al i ke, TS G pr o v i des i n s p i r a t i o n a n d i n f o r m a t i on f o r l i v i ng b eauti f ul l y, l i v i n g w e ll , a n d li v i n g l i k e a n i nsi de r — wh er ev er yo u ar e.MEET YOUR INSPIRATIONF O L L O W L E I G H F O R A N I N S I D E R ’ S V I E W O N W H E R E T O G O, W H AT T O D O, A N D W H E R E T O S H O P I N F O R T W O R T H .THESCOUTGUIDE.COM/FORT - WORTH @TSGfortworthThe Scout Guide Fort WorthLeigh Brown EditorStyled by You Are HereKNOW YOUR BODY • STRENGTHEN • LENGTHEN3911 CAMP BOWIE BOULEVARD|6080 SOUTH HULEN STREET |SUITE 320S M A R T B A R R E B O D Y. C O MF O RT WO RT H , TX ||8 1 7. 3 7 7. 0 2 6 1F O RT WO RT H , TX|8 1 7. 3 7 0 . 2 1 2 1I N T E R I O R S full-service interior design & retail shop4 003 camp bowie b ou l e var d fo rt worth, tx 8 1 7 .737.7878 j e s si camcinty reinter i or s .comP h otog ra p h y b y: K ris te n K ilp a tric k P h otog ra p h y. ARTISTRY IN TILE & STONE . 2824 Marquita Drive . Fort Worth, TX . . 817.731.2600APRIL JONES DesignerREBECCA FARRIS OwnerA L L E N C R U M L E Y | W I L L I A M S T R E W R E A L E S TAT E AMON CARTER MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART A R R A N G E S TA G E W I T H S T Y L E A R T S PA C E 1 1 1 G A L L E R Y & G A R D E N S BABIES ON THE BOULEVARD BECKLEY DESIGN STUDIO BLACK EYED DISTILLING n dsa n ddw e l l in gs. c o m c a r t e r m u se u m . o r g st a ge w it h st yle . c o m a r t spa c e 111. c o m ba bie so n t h e bo u le va rd. c o m be c k le yds. c o m bl k e ye . c o mBOTTEGA DESIGN GALLERYbo t t e ga de sign ga l le r y. c o mB U R T L A D N E R R E A L E S TAT Ebu r t la dn e r. c o mC A S T O R V I N TA G E H O M E Sf a c e bo o k . c o m / c a st o r vin t a ge h o m e sCLOVER III CONSTRUCTIONc lo ve r iii. c o mELLE BOONE PHOTOGRAPHYe l le bo o n e ph o t o gr a ph y. c o mELLERBE FINE FOODS ESTHER PENN EYES ON CAMP BOWIE FORT WORKS ART G U S B AT E S I N S U R A N C E & I N V E S T M E N T S HALE HOUSE JASON KINDIG PHOTOGRAPHYe l le r be f in e f o o ds. c o m e st h e r pe n n . c o m e ye so n c a m pbo w ie . c o m f o r t w o r k sa r t . c o m gu sba t e s. c o m sh o ph a le h o u se . c o m ja so n k in d ig. c o mFORT WORTHJEWEL CHARITY KM LEEDY EVENTS & DESIGN LUCKYBEE KITCHEN LUX MACHINE M A G D A L E N A ' S C AT E R I N G & E V E N T S NH SOUTHERN DEVELOPMENT PA X T O N P L A C E D E S I G N PIERCE HARDWARE S A N D E R S T R AV E L C E N T R Eje ssic a m c in t yre in t e r io r s. c o m je w e lc h a r it y. o r g k m le e dy. c o m f a c e bo o k . c o m / lu c k ybe e k it c h e n lu x m a c h in e . c o m m a gda le n a st x . c o m n h so u t h e r n . c o m pa x t o n pla c e de sign . c o m pie rc e h a rdw a re . c o m sa n de r st r a ve l. c o mSIMPLE THINGSsim ple t h in gsf u r n it u re . c o mSMART BARRE®sm a r t ba r re bo dy. c o mSTEVEN CAMP MD PLASTIC SURGERY STIR CRAZY BAKED GOODS THE DUWE-OLSEN GROUP W I L L I A M S T R E W R E A L E S TAT E T H E P L AY S PA C E THE RIVER DISTRICT T R I N I T Y V I S TA D E R M AT O L O G Y YOU ARE HEREc a m ppla st ic su r ge r y. c o m st irc r a zyba k e dgo o ds. c o m ida a n d t e d. c o mt h e pla yspa c e f w. c o m r ive rd ist r ic t f w. c o m t r in it yvist a de r m . c o m yo u a re h e re f w. c o mDIRECTORYP ho t o c o u r t e sy o f : J o sep h Ha u b er tJESSICA MCINTYRE INTERIORSHALE HOUSE 4900 Camp Bowie Boulevard Fort Worth, TXDe t a il p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f : S oph i e Hemph i l l817.349.0535 s h o p ha l e h o u s e. c o m @ s h o p ha l e h o u s eBekah Hale Pollock ownerM O L LY M C C O O K & R I C H A R D K I N G|o w n e r sf r e s h..s e a s o n a l1 5 0 1 W E S T M A G N O L I A AV E N U E.817.926.3663.l o c a lELLERBEFINEFOODS.COMP R I VAT E & B U S I N E S S E V E N T S HEADSHOTS | PORTRAITS | jasonkindig.comJA S O N K I N D I G Photographer for T h e S c o u t G u i d e Fo r t Wo r t hS O P H I S T I C AT E D S T R E E T F O O DJENNY CASTOR .. 817.946.0290JON CASTOR .. 817.821.9597BREAST|BODY3455 LOCKE AVENUE||FACE|FORT WORTH, TXCAMPPLASTICSURGERY.COM||NOSE|SKINCARE8 1 7. 2 2 8 . 4 3 1 5@STEVENCAMPMD4030 West Vickery Boulevard . Fort Worth, TX 817.737.9090 . info@piercehardware.com2100 MONTGOMERY STREET FORT WORTH, TX 817.759.9475 FORTWORKSART.COM @fortworksart503 Bryan Avenue || Fort Worth, TX || 817.349.9977 || @blackeyeddistillingCooked Distilled AND Bottled I N F ORT WO RTH , T XTO DD G RE G ORY OW N E RS C O T T B I L L I N GS OWNERT R I N I T Y V I S TAD E R M A T O L O G Y Lear n to care for your skin from the professionals you trust.A L L I S O N R E A D I N G E R , M . D. PHYSICIAN & FOUNDER Board Certified in Der matology & Der matopathology8 0 0 8 t h Ave n u e|C AT H E R I N E H A R R E L L , M . D. PHYSICIANBoard Certified in Der matologySuite 326|AESTHETICIANS K I M B E R LY L O P E Z & V E RO N I C A U R E N AFo r t Wo r t h , T X817.885.8222 trinityvistaderm.comG E N E R A L D E R M ATO L O G Y|C O S M E T I C D E R M ATO L O G Y|D E R M AT O PAT H O L O G YB A K E D F R E S H , W I T H LOV E .////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////T H E O L D - F A S H I O N E D W A Y.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1251 West Magnolia Avenue | Fort Worth, Texas | 817.862.9058 //LKMLEEDY EVENTS & DESIGNF ORT W ORTH, T X 817.366.8216 K M L E E DY . C O MKRISTY MINTER LEEDY OWNER432.889.2010 @elleboonephotographyALEXANDRIA, VALEXINGTON, KYASPEN, COLITTLE ROCK, ARATLANTA, GAMAIN LINE, PAAUSTIN, TXMEMPHIS, TNBALTIMORE & ANNAPOLIS, MDMIAMI, FLBATON ROUGE, LAMINNEAPOLIS, MNBIRMINGHAM, ALNAPLES, FLCHARLESTON, SCNASHVILLE, TNCHARLOTTE, NCNEW ORLEANS, LACHARLOTTESVILLE, VANORTHERN NEW JERSEYCHATTANOOGA, TNNORTHWEST ARKANSASCHICAGO, ILOKLAHOMA CITY, OKCINCINNATI, OHPALM BEACH, FLCLEVELAND, OHPHILADELPHIA, PACOLUMBUS, OHRALEIGH, DURHAM,DALLAS, TX DENVER, CO FORT WORTH, TX GREENVILLE, SC HILL COUNTRY, TX HILTON HEAD & BLUFFTON, SC HOUSTON, TX HUNT COUNTRY, VA JACKSON, MS JACKSON HOLE, WY KANSAS CITY, MO & KS KNOXVILLE & THE SMOKIES, TN& CHAPEL HILL, NC RICHMOND, VA SAN ANTONIO, TX SARASOTA, FL SAVANNAH, GA TAMPA BAY, FL TRIAD—GREENSBORO, WINSTON-SALEM & HIGH POINT, NC TWO RIVERS & THE SHORE, NJ VIRGINIA BEACH & NORFOLK, VA WASHINGTON, D.C. WILLIAMSBURG & THE CHESAPEAKE BAY, VAFind guides to your hometown and favorite destinations at THESCOUTGUIDE.COMTHE SCOUT GUIDE A T R U ST E D R E S O U R C E F O R L O CA LS A N D T R AV E L E R S A L I K EDr. Cindy Zimmerman O P TO M E T R I S T&OWNER6333 Camp Bowie Boulevard • Suite 272 • Fort Worth, TX 817.738.9301 • eyesoncampbowie.comS TA C I E M C C A N S owner | designerCAITIE BROWN designerH E AT H E R W E G I E N K A office managerA FULL - SERVICE, AWARD WINNING, INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM RESIDENTIAL | COMMERCIAL pa xt onpl ace d e sig n .com|817.888.1947P h oto c ou rte s y of : J os e p h Ha u b e rtFORT WORTHEVENTSJ U N E — J U LY Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra's Concerts in the GardenJANUARY — FEBRUARY Fort Worth Stock Show & RodeoJ U N E — AU G UST Rockin’ the River Live on the TrinityFEBRUARY The Cowtown MarathonJ U LY Fort Worth's Fourth at Panther Island PavilionM ARCH Fort Worth Art Dealers Association Spring Gallery NightS E PTE M B E R Party on the Porch at the Amon Carter Museum of American ArtA PRI L Fort Worth Food + Wine FestivalO C TO B E RMAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts FestivalChristmas in Cowtown Holiday Gift MarketZoo Run at the Fort Worth ZooBoo at the ZooFortress FestivalA PRI L — MAY Fort Worth Opera FestivalM AYN OV E M B E R Lone Star Film Festival Sundance Square Annual Christmas Tree Lighting XTO Energy Parade of LightsMayfest Frontier Forts MusterD ECE M B E RBeastro at the Fort Worth ZooJewel Charity BallDean & DeLuca InvitationalChristmas in the StockyardsJU NE Midsummer Mingle Party at the Amon Carter Museum of American ArtP r o f e s s i o n a l H o m e S t a g i n g & S t y l i n g f o r Va c a n t a n d O c c u p i e d H o m e s Luxury Furniture Leasing 2020 SOUTH CHERRY LANE | FORT WORTH, TX | STAGEWITHSTYLE.COM | 432.528.5664S TAG E W I T H S T Y L EA LY S O N F R E N C H | T I N A M C M A C K I N FOUNDERS&OWNERSThe Scout Guide is a collection of city guides dedicated to living beautifully, living well, and living like an insider. The print guides introduce the premier i ndependently ow ned busi nesses i n more than 60 locations nationw ide; online, the story continues with inspiring and informative features.In The Scout Guide Fort Worth, d iscover ar tists, ar tisans, entrepreneu rs, and ex per ts who can help you en hance you r l i fe, elevate you r su rrou nd i ngs, and enjoy you r com mu n ity to the f u l lest.L E IG H BROW N | E d it or JA SON K I N DIG K AT E HO G A N� � � . S C O U T � �| Phot o g r a pher| A s s i s t a nt E d it o r·� � � . � � � . � � � �C O P Y R I G H T © � � � 7 T H E S C O U T G U I D E . A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D.T h e S c o u t G u i d e Fo r t Wo r t h i s p r o d u c e d b y T h e S c o u t G u i d e , a l e a d i n g p u b l i s h e r of t h o u g h t f u l l y d e s i g n e d a n d c a re f u l l y c u ra t e d c i t y g u i d e s . To l e a r n a b o u t b r i n g i n g T h e S c o u t G u i d e t o y o u r c i t y , v i s i t f ra n c h i s e .t h e s c o u t g u i d e .c o m .
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