The Story of Theracules

A mythical Story about the (made up)Greek mortal called Theracules
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  The story of Theracules Once in Greek Mythology, Hades had a soncalled Theracules. Although, Hades could notkeep this son because he, Zeus and Poseidonmade a rule that neither of them can hae sons or daughters so Hades looked around for someoneto adopt him. After a day of looking, he finallyfound a humble king and !ueen ho ere illing to adopt him. #Ho much do e need to pay$% asked the&ing#'othing,( replied Hades #)ust keep in mind that he mayhae a ery unusual po er. And hateer you do, don(t tellZeus or Poseidon.%Theracules gre up ith the po er to omit out goldcoins only hen he needed to omit. At school he asmocked by all the other students in the school about his po er. *ery day Theracules complained about his po er after school. *ery day he ouldn(t stop complaining untilone day his parents told him that hen he as fifteen he ould isit Minotaur and he ill sho Theracules the ayto find his true po er. +ays passed. ears passed. -inally one day he turnedfifteen and set off to find Minotaur. After a lot of lookinghe finally found Minotaur.#here do / find my ne po er$% asked Theracules #hat$% asked Minotaur #ho are you$%  #/ am Theracules.% replied Theracules#Ah, Theracules,% said Minotaur #go through thelabyrinth and at the end you ill find your ne po er.%0o Theracules set off through the labyrinth aoiding trapsand the crabs he found there. At the end of the ma1e hedidn(t find anything. )ust alls and a big gate. 0uddenly agiant hammer dropped on him and it killed him.Theracules oke up in the under orld. /t as 2ust a gianthole that as burning. As Theracules ent through theunder orld he found something that looked like a house.He ent through the door and he found Hades. To theTheracules he as as big as life.#ho are you$% asked Hades#/ am Theracules.% replied TheraculesHates looked at him ery eirdly.#Are you the Theracules led here by Minotaur$%#es,% replied Theracules #/ am.%#ell then you are my son.% said Hades#3ut / thought / as the son of a king and !ueen.% saidTheracules.#'o,% said Hades #ou ere adopted. 'o / may gieyou a ne po er.%Theracules looked surprised.#/ ill gie you the po er of turning people into ghosts.%Hades told TheraculesHades put his hand on Theracules and a beam came up.Theracules 2umped in e4citement.#ipee5% shouted TheraculesTheracules turned himself into a ghost and ent a ayfrom the under orld.#ait5% shouted Hades #+on(t go too far ith those po ers5%3ut Theracules didn(t listen to Hades. He 2ust fle off.  3ut the bad thing about being a ghost as that no one cansee him and he couldn(t die and go back to the under orldto ask Hades ho to change himself back. 0o he decided togo and see Zeus. Theracules told Zeus ho he messed upand ho he as Hades( son. Zeus agreed to s ap his po er for another one, but hen Zeus took a ay Theracules( po er, he 2ust took off. Managed to grab Zeus( foot andhold on hile Zeus ent to the under orld.#Hades5% shouted Zeus #hy did you hae a son$5 /t(s part of our rule5 /f you don(t gie me your po er to theunder orld / ill kill your son.%Theracules !uickly had to think of a plan.He !uickly 2umped on 6erberus and rodeonto Zeus. Then Theracules commanded6erberus to bite Zeus on the leg.#O 5% screamed Zeus #Get it off5 Getit off5%Zeus fle up in the air and out of theunder orld ith 6erberus still biting himand Theracules still riding on 6erberus.#That(s it 7 O 5% shouted Zeus#8nless you 9 O 9 gie me the po er to 9 O 9 the under orld 9 O  9 / ill kill your son 9 O .%Zeus lifted his hand to use the lightning bolt and killTheracules although Theracules as already climbing Zeusand up to his face. He sa Medusa do n belo . He kne it as dangerous, but it as for his father. Theracules punched Zeus in the eye hich sent Zeus flying andTheracules falling do n.#Theracules5% shouted Hades as he came out of theunder orldTheracules landed on Medusa.  #ho are you$( asked Medusa #ou hae ten seconds tosay your last statement before you get turned to stone.%Theracules turned to Hades.#/(m sorry +ad.% He said #/(m ery sorry / didn(t listen toyou.%After that Medusa turned Theracules into stone. -oreer.
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