The Unconventional Guide To Dedication And Goal Setting

MOTIVATION BOOST0The Unconventional Guide To Dedication BY RICARDO · NOVEMBER 21, 2017How do you stay dedicated to goals? One thing that can help you stay…
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MOTIVATION BOOST0The Unconventional Guide To Dedication BY RICARDO · NOVEMBER 21, 2017How do you stay dedicated to goals? One thing that can help you stay dedicated to your goals, dreams, aspirations, ambitions or more is feeling unsatisfied with some area in your life. This is what pushed many to start changing their life and dedicate some time for change.When you are unhappy with some area of your life you start to dedicate more of yourself to your dreams and goals. When you start feeling desperation that is where you will wake dedication in you.Dedication is woken up when you start feeling you deserve more than what you have in life. When you have worked so hard, so much in life and feel that you need a big break in life, that is when you will get fired up and dedicate more time, energy and resources to your dreams and goals. How do you stay dedicated to your dreams and goals? When you feel you haven’t reached success in your life you start becoming more passionate and dedicated to your dreams and goals because you want to change your life completely. You or something inside of you wants to become the best version of yourself and the only way to get there is by dedication. When you start enjoying life and cherishing every moment as your last and imagining how life would be like when you have reached your goal that is when dedication is at it’s highest. What will push you to your limit to keep going is imagining deeply inside of you how life would be like achieving your master goal. Work towards your goal because you know it took hard work and if you haven’t reached it yet, also know that it takes hard work to get where you need to be. Dedication will also demand from you sacrifice and you have to be willing to accept and overcome what is coming your way. This is the test of truth, are you willing to show the world who you are? Are you willing to break old beliefs, old myths, negative comments etc?converted by Web2PDFConvert.comYou cannot give up on yourself because you have something to prove. Even though it feels like a man’s world you have to prove to the world that you also fit in it and have broken every stereotype that is about you. You cannot allow yourself to give up because you are a woman. The reason you haven’t seen many triumph is because of wrong world beliefs. Some of you haven’t succeed in life because you blame life’s situations and we see many of you less succeed. But there is a change of times a coming. Many women have come to become the world leaders of tomorrow and all because of dedication. So what makes you different from any other man nothing. You are capable of doing anything just like any other person. You are capable of more. Dedication will spring out of you more when you start seeing that the possibilities for you are endless. When you start creating the dream life of your dreams. Inspire yourself to not quit and prove something to the world. You are more than what you think you are. You are capable of being someone in life. Imagine the role model you will be for the world. Imagine the impact you will make on others and influence large masses. When you start proving to yourself and others you are worthy of accomplishing large dreams you start being happy. Making a difference in other people’s life is great. What will push you to become the woman you want to be is the personal growth and gain you will achieve by the person you will become. The person you want to become in life is what should and must push you to be the very best everyday. Push yourself because you have to work twice as hard as any other person. What will fuel your dedication to your goals and dreams? It’s living how life would be like going to the next level. To not depend on anyone else but you. Feeling that you can go ahead in life by yourself, you have done it with the minimal help from others. Going to the next level is what will make a difference in your life. This is what motivates many people to stay dedicated to themselves. Picture yourself and truly look at yourself in the mirror and say “I MADE IT” and give yourself a hug that you have broken many false beliefs, customs and rules of the world. Why should you be dedicated to your goals? To improve your life that’s why, to live well and feel security. You are a dedicated person because you want to be happy. You want to start filling every incomplete empty hole inside of you. Go ahead and start improving your life. Feel that you own the world. Do you want to feel extremely satisfied in life? Then look at yourself in the mirror and help that person get there, say “YES, I CAN”. Help yourself get there. Motivate yourself to a point where you must believe you can do it despite the odds. To get there you must learn to break through many traditions. Break away from those putting you down. One reason that motivates many to dedicate themselves to their goals is they are dissatisfied with themselves. They want to get rid of their old self and become rejuvenated . In other words, you are reading this because you are dedicated to your goals and you are going to keep pursuing them because you do not like the old you or the present you.converted by Web2PDFConvert.comUse this to motivate yourself change. Sometimes being unaccepting of your old self is a big motivator to make you change. If you are one of those people unhappy with their life then it is time to change. Be less tolerant of your life situation and this will also help you change. Most of us change when we cannot stand our unhappiness anymore. All of us have a certain level of tolerance and once you have reached that threshold, change immediately. This is your exit strategy. When you have reached this point you are ready for the next step. It is time to say you deserve more and become more. When we have found our exit as mentioned earlier usually its a goal in life and this is what makes people be dedicated to change100%. Because we know deep down inside it’s going to change our lives. I hope you are dedicated enough to change your life today and not give up on your goals. Take the next step.FREE RESOURCE Share and like this article with one friend. 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