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  LECTURE METHOD AND THEIR EFFECTS ON HIGHER SECONDARY EDUCATION SYSTEMResearch conducted byZohaib HussainRoll No. bk 640652B.Ed (1.5 Year) Department of Teacher Education Introduction As every educated person of the current era is well aware with the fact that the teachingmethodology plays a vital role in the development of the child in their educational career in the beginning and professional career in the end of education and before the entrance in the practical 1  | P a g e  life, So every person who is trying to get education for himself/herself or its children is supposedto know the basic difference between the most effective method of teaching which will createinterest in the student for their subjects in class and least effective method of teaching which willcreate disturbance and anarchy amongst the students. Due to which they start rebellion againsttheir own best future and leave education.So in order to improve the teaching methodologies related to HSSC education, we needto clearly understand the problems and then take the remedial steps in our teachingmethodologies for the better future of our youth and methods of teaching should be changedfrom passive learning to active learning. 1.Problem Statement The problem statement of our thesis proposal is “After effects of the teaching methods on the education of HSSC students and their remedies in case of exploitation/disintegration/dis-satisfaction of students related to studies byadapting the newly and highly motivating methods of teaching for the recovery of their interestin educational career through active learning processes and doing the difficult things in a muchmore easy ways so that difficulty should not be felt difficult and interest should be developedalongside with internal satisfaction and confidence.”This task must be done be monitoring continuously on daily basis in the beginning andthen weekly basis and then monthly basis and then annual basis so that the students should notfeel any kind of difficulty at the time of exams and they should get good grades along with the best conceptual grip on their syllabus and whole syllabus should be covered before time 2  | P a g e  alongside with revision and test series for the near future (terminal and final exams of board)they are supposed to face at any cost without any hitch and difficulty. 2.Objectives The main objective of this research a. To identify the key factors which are the causes of dis-satisfaction and leavingthe education career in HSSC students  b. Remedial actions in the form of Change of teaching methods for the recovery of losses (leaving of educational career) c. Motivating the students for education d. Make the education easy for the HSSC students by applying active learning procedures instead of passive learning processes on long-term learning basis. e. Completely eradicate the malfunctioned teaching methods and clean the processof teaching the HSSC students with highly result-oriented teaching methods. 3.Preliminary Literature Review Teaching is the Vital Position and key responsibility during entire educational career and itmust be focused and triangularly completed in between teacher, student and parents of thestudent. As soon as this triangle will be completed then the extraordinary results can be achievedwithin very narrow span of time. The only problems which are faced by the triangle are the barriers to readiness, traditional approach of teaching and non-readiness to understand by either  party in a triangle. When the students become authors to the answers of the questions then the problems are resolved and students are self-centered towards the resolution of their problems andthey become independent. (Effective Teaching Methods in Higher Education: Requirements andBarriers - J Adv Med Educ Prof . 2016). 3  | P a g e  The research (of  Michael J. Prince & Richard M. Felder  in January 2013) on the topic of  “Inductive Teaching and Learning Methods” clearly indicates that the inductive teaching is theonly source of active learning and it includes multiple -methods of learning.Out of which few are based on personal-experiences basis as personal experiences are the best teachers of life, most interactive is problem-based learning and project-based learning because the person becomes the part of the learning environment and that environment teaches alot and for long run. Discovery learning is also very attractive source of teaching as it involves the interest of travelling and curiosity within the person attitude and those experiences are never forgotten andlasts for the longer durations. Case-based teaching is also very effective because cases are alsotaken from the real visible world which cannot be negated because they are in front of the peopleand people watch and feel it personally and it is unforgettable. The last but the most important is just-in-time teaching because the students are in dire needof some very helpful assistance and easy approach to cover the syllabus in such a way that thewhole syllabus should be covered and the papers should be prepared in minimum time and that place or person or teacher becomes the blessing which is never forgotten and never left behind inthe entire life other than the educational career as well. 4.Methodology The method which will be followed in this research will be 4  | P a g e  f.Interviews with the senior teachers in the teaching industry and collection of facts about their teaching methods (either passive learning followers or active learning followers)g.Interviews with the new comers in the teaching industryh.Questionnaires submission and collection of data from students related to teachingmethodology before and after the delivery of lecture according to active learning procedurein which participation and maximum involvement of students will be specially taken care of and they will be shown the importance of their questions which are sometimes stupid andirrelevant but informative and sometimes logical with respect to the topic.i.Questionnaires submission and collection of data from students related to teaching  j.Providing a chance to students to enhance the understanding and delivery of their thoughts inwriting by allowing and teach them how to deliver the things which are inside you in writing by putting them in a situation within the class. 5.Research Results CATEGORY FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulativePercentValidSTUDENT24100.0100.0100.0 5  | P a g e
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