This Article is About the Telecommunications Corpo

This Article is About the Telecommunications Corpo
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  This article is about the telecommunications corporation. For other uses, see  Nokia (disambiguation)   . For the company arisen from Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's e!ices and er!ices di!ision, see Microsoft Mobile.  Nokia #y$Type   %ulkinen osakeyhti&   (ublic company)Traded as#M  N#*+ ᄃ  N-   N#* ᄃ /ndustryTelecommunications equipment   0omputer soft1areFoundedTampere   , 2rand uchy of   Finland (+345)incorporated in  Nokia (+36+) Founders+Fredrik /destam7eo Mechelin8eadquartersspoo   , 9usimaa, Finland :+;   <rea ser!ed=orld1ide*ey people>?isto iilasmaa (0hairman)?a$ee! uri    (resident and 0#)Timo /hamuotila (0F#)roducts7ist of Nokia products   er!icesMaps and na!igation oft1are solutions( ee ser!ices listing   )?e!enue @+>.6Abillion (>A+B):>;   #perating   income @5+C million(>A+B):>;   rofit @D4+5million (>A+B):>;   Total assets @>5.+Cbillion (>A+B):>;   Total equity    @4.E4 billion(>A+B):>;   mployeesCA,C3+ (>A+B):>;  i!isionsMapping er!ices? 0enter  ubsidiaries Nokia Net1orks8? Nokia Technologies   =ebsite Nokia ᄃ  Nokia #y$:B;    (Finnish Nokia #y$, 1edish Nokia <bpG Finnish pronunciation :noki; ˈ ɑ   ,nglish H ˈ n ɒ  k iI H) is a Finnish communications and information technology multinational corporation    that is headquartered in spoo   , 9usimaa, in the greater 8elsinkimetropolitan area.:+;    /ts  Nokia Net1orks subsidiary pro!idestelecommunications net1ork  equipment and ser!ices.:E;    /ts 1holly o1ned subsidiary 8? pro!ides freeDofDcharge digital map information and na!igation    ser!ices.:5;   <s of >A+B, Nokia employed CA,AAA people across +>A countries, conducts sales in more than +5A countries and reported annual re!enues of around @+>.6 billion.:>;    Nokia is a  public limitedDliability company    listed on the 8elsinki tock Jchange    and  Ne1 -ork tock Jchange   .:4;    /t is the 1orld's >6EthDlargest company measured by >A+B re!enues according to the Fortune 2lobal 5AA.:6;   /n eptember >A+B, Nokia sold 1hat 1as once the 1orld's largest !endor of mobile  phones to Microsoft as part of an o!erall deal totaling @5.EE billion (9 K6.+6 billion). tephen lop   , Nokia's former 0#, and se!eral other eJecuti!es $oined the ne1 Microsoft Mobilesubsidiary of Microsoft as part of the deal, 1hich closed on >5 <pril >A+E.:3;   :C;   0ontents :hide; + 8istory+   +.+ +345 to +C46>+.> +C46 to >AAAB+.B >AAA to >A+AE+.E >A+A to >A+B5+.5 >A+BDpresent   > #perations4   >.+ i!isions6>.> Nokia Net1orks3>.B ?esearch  B 0orporate affairsC   B.+ 0orporate go!ernance+A   B.> tock ++B.B 0orporate cultureB   E 7ogos   5 0ontro!ersies+5.+ N N's pro!ision of intercept capability to /ran>   5.> 7eJ NokiaB5.B NokiaL<pple patent disputeE   5.E <lleged taJ e!asion in /ndiaE   4 ee also56 ?eferences43 Further reading6   C Jternal links8istory:edit; +345 to +C46:edit; Fredrik /destam, coDfounder of  Nokia.7eo Mechelin, coDfounder of  Nokia.duard oln portrait by ero %rnefeltThe predecessors of the modern Nokia 1ere the Nokia 0ompany (Nokia <ktiebolag), Finnish ?ubber =orks 7td ( uomen 2ummitehdas #y) andFinnish 0able =orks 7td  ( uomen *aapelitehdas #y).:+A;    Nokia <b's history started in +345 1hen mining engineer Fredrik /destam established a ground 1ood pulp mill    on the banks of theTammerkoski rapids in the to1n of  Tampere   ,  in south1estern Finland (part of the ?ussian mpire   ).:++;    /n +343, /destam built a secondmill near the to1n of Nokia, fifteen kilometers (nine miles) 1est of Tampere, by the  Nokian!irta ri!er, 1hich had better hydropo1er     resources.:+>;    /n +36+, /destam, 1ith thehelp of close friend and statesman 7eo Mechelin, renamed and transformed his firm into a share company, thereby founding Nokia <b. The company's name came from the  Nokian!irta ri!er, nearby 1hich the factories of duard olOn's company, uomen 2ummitehdas, 1ere located a fe1 years later .:+>;   :+B;   :+E;   duard olOn (+34+D+CBA), Nokia's founder, 1as a Finnish business leader.:+5;    8e 1as founder, 0#, 0hairman of the Poard and the largest shareholder of the uomen 2ummitehdas (QFinnish ?ubber =orksQ). 8e led the de!elopment of a ne1 rubber industry in Finland. 8is group of companies built a modern 1ood and cable industry in Finland. olOn decided to use the name QNokiaQ, the to1n 1here his factories 1ere based, as a brand name for his products to differentiate his products from ?ussian competitors.:citation needed; The legacy of uomen 2ummitehdas li!es on in Nokian Tyres   .<lthough these three companiesR uomen 2ummitehdas, uomen *aapelitehdas and  Nokia <bR1ere not formally merged, as the la1 did not allo1 it at the time, olOn continued to create a successful conglomerate that later became Nokia 70. oln 1as the chairman, managing director, and the largest o1ner of the group for BA years.:citation needed;To1ards the end of the +Cth century, Mechelin sought to eJpand into the electricity  business, but his aspiration 1as initially th1arted by /destam's opposition. 8o1e!er, /destam's retirement in +3C4 allo1ed Mechelin to become the company's chairman (from +3C3 until +C+E), and he subsequently con!inced shareholders.:+>;    /n +CA>, Nokia addedelectricity generation    to its business acti!ities.:++;   /ndustrial conglomerate:edit; /n +3C3, olOn founded Finnish ?ubber =orks, manufacturer of galoshes    and other rubber products, 1hich later became Nokia's rubber business.:+A;    <t the beginning of the >Ath century, Finnish ?ubber =orks established its factories near the to1n of Nokia and  began using its name as its product brand.:+4;    /n +C+>, <r!id =ickstr&m founded Finnish0able =orks, producer of telephone   , telegraph    and electrical cables and the foundation of  Nokia's cable and electronics businesses.:+A;    <t the end of the +C+As, shortly after =orld =ar /, the 0ompany 1as nearing bankruptcy.:+6;    To ensure the continuation of electricitysupply from Nokia's generators   , Finnish ?ubber =orks acquired the business of the insol!ent company.:+6;    /n +C>>, Finnish ?ubber =orks acquired Finnish 0able =orks.:+3;    /n +CB6, erner =eckman, a 1restler  and Finland's first #lympic 2old medalist   ,  became president of Finnish 0able =orks, after +4 years as its technical director.:+C; 


Jul 22, 2017


Jul 22, 2017
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