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Product 1: Desiccated coconuts 6-digit HS Code: 080111 Product 2: Live ornamental fish 6-digit HS Code: 030110 Note: Login to Trade Map. On the main selection menu, click on the search box next to "Product". As you do this, a drop down menu
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  Practical Exercises on Trade Map I.PRODUCT APPROACH SELECTING PRODUCTS Select two export products that you want to analyse – to familiarise yourself with theproduct selection search engine Product 1: Desiccated coconuts6-digit HS Code: 080111Product 2: Live ornamental fish6-digit HS Code: 030110 Note: Login to Trade Map. On the main selection menu, click on the search box next to “Product”. As you do this, a drop down menu appears. Type the name of the product in the search box. As you start typing the name of the product, Trade Map searches for the word you have entered in the text describing each code. You can scroll down to view them all. Once you see the appropriate definition, click on it to select it. If you want to delete the  product you have selected, click on .Remember to keep the search words you use short and simple and if you can not find a product, try to think of how else it could be described. The code description does not always match the common name of the  product. For example, if you are looking for “raisins” the code is “080620 dried grapes”. If you had entered “raisin”, Trade Map would have found “jacks and hoists of a kind used for raising vehicles”. So you would need to try again calling the raisin differently.  Always be careful not to make any spelling or typing errors when   entering the word!  ANALYSING IMPORT MARKETS AND ASSESSING COMPETITION- with Trade Indicators 2. Analyse the importing markets for one of the products you selected in question 1: 2.1How much in total of this product is imported in the world? US$ 843 036  000 Quantity: 402 440 tons/units Note : Select the product for which you want to do market research. Select “Imports” and click on Trade Indicators. 2.2 Which three countries are the largest importers of the product? Country 1: United States of AmericaCountry 2: Netherlands Country 3: Germany Value in US$: 121 047 000Value in US$: 76 734 000Value in US$: 45 655 000 2.3 Have imports by country 1 grown or declined in the last 5 years? In value:-4%In quantity:-3%  2.4Is there a difference between country 1’s growth rate in value and growth rate in quantity?Explain what this difference could mean. Yes. This difference because the price of Desiccated coconuts has decreased for the last 5 years. 2.5What average unit value was paid for the product by country 1, 2 and 3? Country 1: United States of AmericaCountry 2: NetherlandsCountry 3: Germany Value in US$: 2 518 per ton/unitValue in US$: 2 448 per ton/unitValue in US$: 2 356 per ton/unit Note : This average value is calculated simply by dividing the total value by the total number of tons or units. 2.6What share of world total imports do countries 1, 2 and 3 make up together? 28,9 % 2.7 Do you think this indicates that the world demand for this product is concentrated? The Concentration of importing countries is 0,05 so the world demand for this product is not concentrated but dispersed. 2.8Is your own country an exporter of this product?Yes Note : To easily find your country among all countries listed, click twice on the title of the column entitled    “Importers”. The list of countries will no longer be sorted by “Value imported in 2018”. It will be sorted alphabetically. Click on the numbers located on the top right of the table, below “rows per page”, to browse through the list. Once you have found the answer to this question, click on the title “Value imported in 2018” to sort data again. 2.9From where does country 1 import? (list the top 5 supplying countries) Note : Click on the name of country 1 - underlined in blue Country 1: PhilippinesCountry 2: Sri LankaCountry 3: Dominican RepublicCountry 4: Viet NamCountry 5: Indonesia 2.10Is your country a supplier to country 1?Yes2.11 If yes, what is your country’s ranking in world exports of this product? In the table, Viet Nam ranked 4th in world exports of this product. Note : Don’t forget that if your country is not listed on the first page, you can click on the numbers “1   2 3 4…”    underlined on the top right hand side of the table. 2.12Looking at the supplying countries of country 1, which countries do you consider to becompeting for a greater market share? Why so?  Philippines is the largest exporter country (81%) so this country is the hardest one to compete. But Growth in imported value and quantity between 2014-2018 were decrease (-4% & -3%). Sri Lanka and Indonesia had the same situations. So this is the change for Viet Nam to competing for a greater market share with Growth in imported value and quantity between 2014-2018 were increadible (14% & 13%). Especially, Growth in imported value of Viet Nam between 2017-2018 jumped with 153%, while Dominican Republic had a good gowth in value and quantity between 2014-2018 but saw the strong decrease between 2017-2018. So Viet Nam has a good change to compete with Philippines for a greater market share. Note : Take a look at the Trade Indicators. Which countries demonstrate both strong growth rates in quantity and low growth rates in terms of value? Which countries show a decline in growth rates in value for the previous year?Do not hesitate to ask the trainer’s help to answer this question.  - with Time Series TradeMap – Practical Exercise 080507-3-Exer-NEW-TMap-En.doc- 2  2.13Trade Map allows you to look at “Time Series” data and growth trends. Go to the “Times Series” data table, still for the same product and look at the imports of country 1. How havethey evolved over the last 5 years? Note: Go back to the list of importers for the selected product by selecting “All” countries in the secondary selectionmenu. Select “Time Series” under “other criteria” in the secondary selection menu. The new page will feature“List of importers for the selected product”. Note: Please note that not all countries have reported their data for 2018 yet, and may be listed at the end of the table. However, you can sort the countries in this table by any year desired by clicking on the “Imported value” for any given year. The Imported value in 2014 of United States of America was million US$ 138,770 highest value of the world. The number decreased quickly to million US$ 110,458 in 2016, after that the Imported value increased streadily to 121,047 in 2018. But United States of America was still the largest Desiccated coconuts importer of the world. 3You can use Trade Map to identify potential markets. Choose three importing countrymarkets that could be interesting for your selected product. Note: Analyse the data in the table “List of importers for the selected product in 2018” paying special aenon to the indicators listed in the table below. Do not choose these markets only on the basis of the size of the imporng market and dynamism, or because the country selected already exports to those current markets but take also into account other parameters such proximity, cultural similaries, trends etc. Don’t hesitate to adapt the table to your needs and add other indicators. Target Country ValueImported (million $)Unit Value(US$/unit)World Market Share(%) Annual Growth Ratein value2014-18 (%) Annual GrowthRate in quanty 2014-18 (%)Other criteria( Consumpon,Distance,Cultural...etc)  AEgypt34,7582 4774,1%69%66%BSaudi  Arabia12,3701 8691,5%14%8%C United States of  America121,0472 51814,4%-4%-3% Comments: MARKET ACCESS 4Identify the tariffs and regulations for the three import markets you identified in question 3. Note : Click on the corresponding “Tariff equivalent ad valorem applied by the country” underlined in blue in the last    column for country A, B and C. Country A: Egypt, tariff equivalent ad valorem applied to Viet Nam is 10%Country B: Saudi Arabia, tariff equivalent ad valorem applied to Viet Nam is 0%Country C: United States of America, tariff equivalent ad valorem applied to Viet Nam is 5%Would your choice of market change in light of this information?  I would change Country A is United States of America, Country B is Saudi Arabia and Contry C is Egypt. TradeMap – Practical Exercise 080507-3-Exer-NEW-TMap-En.doc- 3
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