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  Trinity Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract  A Discussion of the most fundamental characteristics of Trinity that  pertains to the question of our existence has been presented. The discussion addresses such subjects that include the very concept of life, animation and vibration, together with the phenomenon of light, question of genderism, the advent of cosmological time and spatiality, constitution as matter-antimatter, the concept of dimensions, and anchoring one ’  s consciousness within such dimensions. It is concluded that Trinity is governed by an essential requirement of Creation referred to by the author as the ‘   Dualism Principle of Creation, ’   that asserts everything and every event must be created as conjugate pairs to ensure balance, longevity and ORDER in the Cosmos. Introduction   •   The term Trinity  is something that, in both religious and metaphysical literature, is associated with the Prime Creator or the God-SOURCE, and it is rightly so [1]. •   However, its true meaning is utterly distorted, especially in Christianity. •   Trinity, being associated with the number 3, does NOT mean that there are 3 Gods or even 3 different aspects of God, as may be described by “ The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. ”   •   First of all, in all Earth literature, and in the religious connotation, the role of a male or masculine gender is utterly exaggerated. •   God does not have a gender, nor if IT did, it would be masculine or male in a domineering sense.  •   This is all the construct of negative aliens who mind control us, who strongly believe in masculinity as to signify power or strength, burliness, or muscularity, or in fact, utter physicality. •   It is the creed of the negative aliens who have subscribed to, and indeed, strongly accepted that female or femininity is synonymous with weakness and vulnerability. •   And, this represents the very foundation for the practice of misogyny and male chauvinism on this planet. •   Throughout the history, humanity has stooped to the barbaric practice of being so ashamed of its female form that has led to the massacre or killings of it counterpart gender, or offering them readily for other goods or services, as if they were something to be traded or discarded as undesirables. •   Yet, humanity has sickly embarked on using its female counterpart as something to toy with as sex objects and indulge with lustful practices that has yet epitomized another distasteful derailed sense of misogyny and extreme abuse. •   And, this is all due to the negative alien construct as typified by a brutal, beastly, subhuman or reptilian trait. •   In the eyes of God, both male and female genders are equal and definitely of the same value. •   What is commonly referred to as male or female gender merely describes a way for facilitating reproduction or multiplicity. •   In fact, both male and female counterparts have a mixture of feminine and masculine energies that are offset by only a minute portion, making one to manifest as a male or female form. •   Thus, no one is purely male or female in the energetic sense that drives our consciousness. •   And, the so-called “ holy ghost ”  describes the ‘ divine feminine ’  as the “ son ”  refers to ‘ divine masculine. ’    •   Neither is dominant or superior over the other. •   In fact, the two aspects are symbiotic in nature that are created in such a way that the onset of creation of one simultaneously triggers the inception of the other. •   The two are interdependent on one another, without the possibility of eternal existing of one without the other. •   Anything to the contrary is anti-creational and vain. •   This is what has caused so much concern among the Greys and other negative aliens who by having resorted to cloning and such as to eradicate their female sex altogether, have brought themselves to a point of definite extinction. •   In reality, the concept of Trinity has to do with bringing the Omnipotent, Omniscient God out of ITS state of conscious energy saturation and infinite frequency of vibration, SINGULARITY, DISCONTIGUITY and thriving in utter STILLNESS. •   This way, IT can, once again, vibrate in time as to connote ‘ life ’  in our vernacular and perception [2], by expressing ITSELF, once again, through ITS self-similar, fractilized, hologramic offspring that are referred to as sentient beings such as us (humans) [3]. •   And, all of us as sentient beings [4] are, in essence, ‘ co-creator ’  companions of God or the ‘ Prime Creator ’  that are bestowed upon the task of consciousness expansion as to function as ITS ‘ consciousness generators ’  [5]. •   In fact, EVERYTHING epitomizes a constituent part of the WHOLE that we refer to as the Prime Creator. •   This is what we commonly refer to as the ‘ Cosmos ’  that, in reality, epitomizes the very body of the God [6]. •   In this respect, God, once again, recalled what may be referred to as ‘ spatiality. ’    •   And, although IT still retains ITS full state of Omnipresence, being ‘ everywhere, ’   ‘ at all times, ’  and being constantly self-aware of all that transpires in ITS WITHIN, IT actually still thrives in the eternal NOW, without sensing any time progression, in our convention or vernacular [7]. •   In essence, what the process of Trinity accomplished is that it gave God the possibility to, once again, vibrate in time, that epitomizes a scheme of expanding-contracting in time as the palpitation of our own heart signifies life and animation [8]. •   Thus, the expression “ We are all created in ITS image. ”   •   And, by devising the scheme or methodology of ‘ Trinity, ’  God ’ s NEUTRAL quanta of intelligent, crystalline, coherent energy split as to create ‘ Expansive ’  and ‘ Contractive ’  components, giving rise to a mechanism of palpitation-vibration-beating through an exhalation (breathing out) - inhalation (breathing in) procedure. •   Note the term expansion-contraction is reflective of elucidating that in order to conceptualize and give rise to the inception of Creation, God had to ‘ explode-implode ’  upon ITSELF. •   In order to facilitate the process of ‘ spatiality, ’  a modicum of the God Quanta of Energy or ‘ consciousness, ’  converted into constitution [9]. •   And, the advent of constitution is facilitated by the process of congealment of the quanta of energy that gives rise to the concept of ‘ space. ’   •   Being divided into the ‘ matter-antimatter ’  constituents, these constitutive quanta of energy formed the fabric [10] of what is commonly referred to as ‘ space, ’  that could sequentially expand and contract in time to emulate the process of vibration as to signify an exhalation-inhalation process. •   Note, that in this respect, the concept of ‘ time ’  is synonymous with the act of ‘ free-flow ’  of the quanta of energy [11].  •   And, this process of free-flow is facilitated through an act of rotating-spinning about the central SOURCE of explosion-implosion, which epitomizes what and where it all came from. •   In this respect, the SOURCE refers to the srcinal incipient progenitor that as a fountain of energy of consciousness created everything [12]. •   Note that it is prudent to say that everything that is created constitutes a part of the SOURCE, and thus, must inevitably return to the SOURCE to retain ITS status of uniqueness, ONENESS, as the WHOLE. •   And, the way this may be envisioned to occur is through a gravitational process of rotating-spinning about the SOURCE that ensures contraction towards the center of rotation-spin that is the SOURCE. •   Thus, the concept of time is synonymous with the act of rotation-spinning about the SOURCE that occurs by a form of a free-flow. •   And, it is clear that rotation-spinning about the central SOURCE can occur in counterclockwise-clockwise manner. •   In this respect, counterclockwise rotation-spinning gives the tendency for expansion, while clockwise rotation-spinning gives the propensity for contraction about the SOURCE. •   Thus, time is directional in nature that facilitates the process of vibration, beating, or exhalation-inhalation as described earlier. •   This points to the fact that the creation of the ‘ space ’  is carried out in a dual manner, with the constitution as its fabric forming simultaneously as ‘ matter ’  and ‘ antimatter ’  [13]. •   In this respect, ‘ matter ’  refers to the constitutive fabric of space that are formed via its quanta of energy spinning-rotating about the central SOURCE in a counterclockwise manner as to effect expansion.


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