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  TUGAS AKHIR HUKUM BAHASA INGGRIS 0 Nama : Deni Adi Nugroho Nim : 312011040 The Beginning Of Law And The Adat Recht   BAB I   LATAR BELAKANG ( background ) Every family always have the head of that family, It’s father. Like the family, the adat also have the head of that adat. In a country, like indonesia, adat also have the rule, or usually we called the adat laws. Adat always have the rule for everything in every life content of the society. Usually, in society the adat laws more spesific than country laws. It’s why the adat laws were not written but just explain with head of the adat  Its why the adat always have the head of adat BAB II   THE BEGINNING OF LAW AND THE ADAT RECHT  After studied chapter one, we knew what is the law. And now, we will learning more about the spesific law, it’s the adat laws or the adat recht. And For beginning, Let’s we talk about the simple thing which us called, the family.  As we know, the law began with the family. The father was the head of the family. As we know, the family, or become the group of family, they will choose someone who selected to be their larger group leader. The chief of the tribe made rules of laws to govern the dealings of one clan with another. But the head of the clan still made the laws for the family group. If a tribal law was broken, the chief will give the punishment for those who broke the rules in their family group. Tribal laws were not written. But they were handed down by word of mounth for one generation to another. Some of them are actually still in force today.  For example, a man who was a member of one clan could not marry a woman of the same clan. He had to choose his bride for another clan, but with the same tribe. It was ducth who was introduced europians laws to the country. Then known as the netherland east indiest. As early, as 1824, there was a concept of separate law made by the ducth goverment. The population was then devided in to three groups for laws were concerned, namely eouropians, natives, and foreign oriental. During the ducth colonial rule, the laws for natives were primarly the adat laws. Many historians stated that the traits of custom of the people were the basic of adat law. Trough in traditional culture, adat is an embodiment of the traditional values and moral as well as an expression of universal values, today adat laws still regulates such sespects of life like marriage, birth, death inheritanceand, and divorce. When speaking the law of indonesia, one must go back to period when the indonesia archipelago was under ducth colonial rule. As has been previously mentioned there were separate laws in the country under the colonial goverment in 1826. Different groups of people were subject to different law. Another factor which is of great significance in study the srcin of law in indonesia is the exsistence of the different ethnic groups in the country. the various ethnic groups have different cultural background, values and custom with regard to many aspect of life. For marriage, minangkabau follow the matrilineal system, while the batak adopt the patrilineal system. in the batak clan system, members of the clan should assist one another on marriage ceremonies and certain type of hierarchy in the marriage organization, such as who should be the speaker in decided by custom. The bilateral system is common to most of the regions of indonesia. So, the srcin of law in indonesia can be learned by our knowledge about the colonial ducth rules in indonesia. It’s the beginning. And indonesia also have the adat laws wich very various of ethnic. BAB III   KESIMPULAN ( conclusion  )  For studying the srcin of the law in indonesia, we have to know about the rule of ducth colonial and the eouropians. Indonesia not only had the law of country, but also had the adat laws wich very various of ethnic. In Indonesia, there are many of ethnic, but still subject to the law of indonesia.   question! 1. in some countries, such as Indonesia, customs also has rules - rules or what we call the? 2. but unwritten customary law? 3. why in an area that has a custom must have a chairperson? 4. in general, who has the right to make rules in a custom? 5. why customary law in any area is always different rules and behavior?   
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