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  Extract the cstrike folder to: C:\...\Steam\steamapps\'your acc'\counter-strike\ ******************************Future updates:->Walkguard walls visible.->longjump stats enabler.->optimize waypoints->better support for aim_sk_* maps******************************7.0.0b-> Fixed w7 Menu bug6.0.7 -> 7.0.0PREADDED: All 1 Bombspotmaps: br_dust2_a & br_dust2_b, br_inferno_a & br_inferno _b, br_nuke_a & br_nuke_b, br_train_a & br_train_b ARE NOW INCLUDED IN THE ZIP.ADDED: dm_give_he, dm_give_flash, dm_give_smokeADDED: 7.0.0 now works officialy with russian Steam version , polnish Steam version and CS LAN Steam . Be aware that most of those version are not legal.ADDED: Message if MOD loads game automaticlyADDED: Support for de_lite, de_fog, de_fence_rc1_2, de_karachi, de_tmar and de_diceADDED: New CSDM spawns: de_lite, de_fog, de_fence_rc1_2, de_karachi, de_tmar and de_diceADDED: Bots now react to radio commands again if playing NON CSDM (like Need Backup)ADDED: Vampire mode -> Gain HP for frags (+7hp/ap for head, +5hp/ap for normal frag - but always at least full hp/ap (100/100))ADDED: High FPS colored DM Models ( Ts: Red / CTs: Blue )ADDED: CSDM: If unlimited ammo is deactivated you automaticly get new clips (unlimited reloads)FIXXED: Slightly increased fps vs lots of botsFIXXED: Spinning aimbug of botsFIXXED: All Brush maps are now based on the srcinal maps. They now have correct lighting conditions and correct wallbang prospects and no marginal texture changes.(BRUSH maps made with the walkguard plugin by h00re. ©Original mapsmakers)FIXXED: Menu spelling mistake ( [...] disabled. )FIXXED: Soundsbugs with dm_trans weaponsUPDATED: dm_infoUPDATED: mapsupport.txtUPDATED: de_tuscan waypointsCHANGED: Intro color - easier to read nowREMOVED: Knife and grens from dm_trans 1 . Weapons invisible - knife/grens visible.REMOVED: DM_X.cfg -> Settings now in dm_userconfig.cfgUPDATED: Windows Menu to version (/ Menu easteregg which unlocks all possible optionsADDED: Pistols onlyADDED: CSDM: Hideradar on/offADDED: CSDM: Autoswitch to weapon on/offADDED: CSDM: Helmets on/offADDED: CSDM: Grenades on/offADDED: Longjumps support (automaticly actived if kreedz support is on)ADDED: Warningmessage for weaponswitcher plugin  ADDED: Menu can now deactivate plugins completely if not needed - this should safe some fpsADDED: Skill rater which shows you how strong your configuration isADDED: 2 new predefined options (highest / lowest skill rating) ADDED: Predefined Spawn/WaypointeditorADDED: Bots weapons: AWP / FAMAS/GALIL are now accessibleCHANGED: Increased size of status boxCHANGED: Resized and restructured menunewest: de_lite -> -> 6.0.7ADDED: LXL MOD Windows Menu Configurator ADDED: 4 New skill configsADDED: OPTIONAL AWP/SCOUT nozoom crosshair: dm_cross <0|1>ADDED: sv_money <0|1> gives you every round 16k (after Freezetime)ADDED: dm_give - Opens a menu where you can get an additional weapon (ak, awp, m4a1, deagle, usp )ADDED: dm_give_ak, dm_give_m4a1, dm_give_awp, dm_give_deagle, dm_give_usp, dm_give_allADDED: Bots NoRecoilADDED: Ex_interp 0 forcerADDED: amx_shot_user <0|1> enables/disables silent aimer of bots at usersADDED: sv_norecoil <0|1> enables/disables norecoil for all players on server (amx_recoil_mode has to be 2)ADDED: End of map now shows: 8/8 GODLIKE, 7/8 ULTRA, 6/8 VERY HIGH, 5/8 ...CHANGED: Bots now get more money then usersCHANGED: Extremly optimized BRUSHT_DUST2b Waypoints ADDED: Kreedz (kz_)Map support by adding the AMXX package v2.1This enables: say /checkpoint , say /gocheck and so onfor a full list of all kreedz_CMDs look here: Fatalis, NumB, eDark, Bla^, xPaw, Koukouz and fakerBender CS Models by http://www.Counter-Strike.deREMOVED: Support for linuxFIXXED: Increased loadings speeds of modified botaimerFIXXED: Players can not get silentaimer of bots anymore4.9c -> 5.0aADDED: Support for h00res brush_traina and BRUSH_TRAINbADDED: dm_trans <0|1> enables instantly transparent weapon models (r_drawviewmodel 1 + reloadsound)ADDED: sv_showspeeds <0|1> for direct activation of speedometerADDED: sv_fragcounter <1|0> for direct showing of streak counter (refreshs after first kill)ADDED: End of map now shows you the SKILL you played onADDED: 'Credits' and 'thanks to' in install.txtADDED: On non CSDM Maps bots now also use Famas/GalilREADDED: HUD Weapon Icon colors for mode 1CHANGED: Optimized buying behaviourCHANGED: Optimized movement of bots on de_aztec  CHANGED: Speedometer is now always set to OFF by defaultCHANGED: Increased the botsskill against each other (bots vs bots) on dm_1 and dm_2FIXXED: Reduced config loading timeFIXXED: Now you cannot ruin the MOD anymore by pushing random buttons while config loading FIXXED: Bug where a joined user would get aimhelper of the bots ________________________________________________________________________________ 4.9b -> 4.9cADDED: Optimized old Spawns and added many new Spawns for de_vertigo, cs_eastateADDED: OPTIONAL: amx_bulletdamage_recieved <0|1> (also to dm_userconfig.cfg)CHANGED: Bullet_damage.amxx to Bullet_damage_redone.amxxCHANGED: Bullet_damage display time from 4 to 1 secondsCHANGED: Airmove settings are now ESL standardCHANGED: Command bullet_damage is now known as amx_bullet_damageFIXXED: dm_fs_brush Footsteps overwriting dm_fsFIXXED: Removed some empty last lines out of the configs FIXXED: Bullet_damage console errormsgREMOVED: Some unnecessary stuffREMOVED: Starting botREMOVED: Spawn_editor as automaticly started plugin ________________________________________________________________________________ 4.9a -> 4.9bADDED: sv_ammo <1|0> - Enables / disables unlimited ammo instantlyADDED: sv_ammo_bots <1|0> - Enables / disables unlimited ammo for bots instantlyADDED: sv_ammo and sv_ammo_bots to dm_userconfig.cfgADDED: mp_fs_brush (turns on footsteps on brush maps autmaticly) in dm_userconfig.cfgADDED: Some more botnamesCHANGED: Optimized waypoints on brush_dust2bFIXXED: dm_4_t Config loading bug ________________________________________________________________________________ 4.7a -> 4.9aADDED: Now supporting h00res 1 Bombspot-Maps (brush_dust2a & brush_dust2b )ADDED: <dm_1_t>, <dm_1_ct>, <dm_2_t>, <dm_2_ct>, ... for only adding 5 bots to the teamADDED: pb_count6 for maxbots at BRUSH levels in dm_userconfig.cfgADDED: New waypoints and visualisation for fy_dustworldADDED: aim_freak, aim_roccat, brush_dust2a, brush_dust2b supportADDED: CSDM Spawns for aim_freakADDED: sv_spbots and sv_intro to dm_userconfigADDED: sp_SPextra Spawnprotection time bots need to start walking on NON CSDM mapsADDED: ex_interp 0, CLIENT sv_maxupdaterate 101, sv_maxrate 25000 to dm_userconfig.cfgADDED: Footsteps <1|0> to dm_userconfig.cfgADDED: Bot sv_maxupdaterate 99ADDED: 250 additional botnames (now > 400)ADDED: Some infos to dm_info.cfgCHANGED: sv_spbots is now time in seconds how long BOTS get SPAWNPROTECTIONCHANGED: sv_sptime is now time in seconds how long USERS get SPAWNPROTECTIONFIXXED: fy_dustworld   ________________________________________________________________________________ 4.5a -> 4.7aADDED: New connectionmessageADDED: sv_spbots <1|0> (0 removes spawnprotection of the LuxBOTz)ADDED: sv_intro - removed connection messageCHANGED: motd.txtFIXXED: MSG_ONE bug ________________________________________________________________________________ 4.0a -> 4.5aADDED: Support for de_erdnuss, de_rats, de_ratz, de_hell, de_aisle_esl and de_storage_b11ADDED: CSDM Spawns for de_rats, de_ratz, de_hell, de_aisle_esl and de_storage_b11ADDED: New de_nuke spawnsADDED: Extra spawnprotection time for small maps (de_erdnuss)ADDED: Optional bullets trace lines of enemiesADDED: Optional MaxBots on the 4 different map types in dm_userconfig.cfgADDED: Optional PodBot menu binding in dm_userconfig.cfgADDED: Optional autoexec of dm_beta.cfg in dm_userconfig.cfgADDED: Optional NoRecoil Mode for LuxBOTz/usersADDED: Info how to change Serverside Silentaimer for LuxBOTz/usersADDED: More waypoints for cs_italy (roofs)ADDED: Some infos in dm_info.cfgADDED: install.txt ADDED: modt.txtxCHANGED: waypoints on de_nuke for bombplant/defuse positionsCHANGED: Optimized CSDM spawns for de_nuke CHANGED: Standard spawnprotection color increasedCHANGED: Optimized spawnconfigs inner alignment for better overview in aequitas config logsCHANGED: Alignment of dm_userconfig.cfgCHANGED: Some redundant lines removedFIXXED: MSG_ONE_UNRELIABLE Bug from connect_message.amxxFIXXED: aimtrain showing waypoint errorsFIXXED: Bug where you would get 5 damage because you were jumping to fastREMOVED: FAQ.txt _____________________________________ 3.2c -> 4.0aADDED: New Spawnprotection: Rewrote Spawnprotection - should work now to 100% - no prespawnkills from botsADDED: Support for most ESL FY/AIM_MAPS (aim_ak-colt, glock_tok, aim_dgl, aim_wallbang, auffe_omme_v, fy_snow, fy_baga, fy_simpsons, fy_spongebob, fy_quark_esl, aim_wallbang, aim_fixit, aim_brucke, aim_00, de_russka, scoutknifez, aaa_arena, de_westwood)ADDED: optional cs beta 5.2 movement (beta 0.2: maxspeed, bunnyhop, rollspeed)ADDED: Jumpfrags: You can now jump on a player and damage him (=fallingdamage) and even get frags.ADDED: Console closes automaticly after loading config


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