Velangaye Comprehensive Technical High School Title of Paper: Grade 12 Academic Performance as a Paradigm shift to the School of Excellence

Velangaye Comprehensive Technical High School Title of Paper: Grade 12 Academic Performance as a Paradigm shift to the School of Excellence
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   Paper Presented By Ngogi Mahaye At Velangaye Academic Day On The 10th Of October 2019 1 Velangaye Comprehensive Technical High School Velangaye Academic Day   10 October 2019   Venue: Velangaye High School (Nkandla)   Title of Paper: Grade 12 Academic Performance as a Paradigm shift to the School of Excellence Presented by Ngogi Emmanuel Mahaye (Department of Education) KwaZulu-Natal     Paper Presented By Ngogi Mahaye At Velangaye Academic Day On The 10th Of October 2019 2 Introduction It is an honour and privilege to be given such a golden opportunity to openly engage in the space that is affording me a moment of advancing academic momentum. The academic day of this nature and calibre stretches our mind intellect to nourish the young rising generations in general and grade 12 in particular. The philosophy of pragmatism and progressivism in its nature and paradigm draws us closer to the realities (ontology) of the golden knowledge we seek to achieve (epistemology). This day count to the strategy, ways, methods, and means to extrinsically motivate matriculants to excel in the coming examination. But it demands and beconing all grade 12 to respect the social compact or contract that this noble institution of its own kind was sealed as a canon. The fighting spirit, the noble values, the philosophical skills, the tenets of excellence, knowledge and wisdom, the resilience pact, the hard work, and God ’s spirituality  was the radical cause of the so called noble Velangaye Comprehensive Technical High School. Those were roots and bedrock at which this institution was standing upon. Learning and writing exams like never before and as if you gun pointed was not just a slogan but doctrine in the face of adversity. So, by no means that the 2019 Grade 12 learners compromise this legacy that has made productivity in the anal history of patriotic teachers. Therefore, this paper seeks to revive that fighting spirit, tender teacher’s tenderness to teach an African child as if they are gun pointed, challenge parents and community to safeguard the school and give strict security till exams get finished. This paper as I put it on your sensitive necked sight postulates excellence, raising standard, the value of National Senior Certificate, the paradigm of public quality education through critical thinking, (People ’ s Education for Peoples Power), 4 th   Industrial Revolution, Innovation and creativity and the do’s and don’ts . Key words: Velangaye, Excellence, 4 th  Industrial Revolution, Innovation, Paradigms;   Paper Presented By Ngogi Mahaye At Velangaye Academic Day On The 10th Of October 2019 3 BACKGROUND OF VELANGAYE COMPREHENSIVE TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL Velangaye High School is a public Secondary school located at Mahlayizeni Reserve, Mabengela area. Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa. Velangaye Comprehensive technical High School is a result driven institution whose values are derived from its vision which says “ to enable all students to become contributing members of society, empowered with skills, knowledge and values necessary to meet the challenges of the changing world, by  providing a highest quality educational experience we can envision ’’ . This institution of its own kind watered by an incontrovertible evidence of producing of  producing quality results across the spectrum of challenges. But always exhibit resilience and accuracy in reading correctly the thermometer in the socio-economic stratum. Velangaye has widening aperture to deal with its reputational attractiveness as this 2019 academic year  blooming with 561 Grade 12 class to blossom. This is classical for the deep rural school which is remote to record such a big number which we usually see in urban settings. This demands a divine, revolutionary cadre if not a philosophical thinker to stand on a pedagogical barometer in which its derivatives are marshalled by esoteric content and standards. It has produced countless medical doctors, engineers, health professionals, accountants, lawyers, politicians, teachers, to mention the few. It is worth mentioning the recently graduated student (Dr Zine Mahaye) of this school by PhD in science from University of Pretoria. 1.   What is excellence? 1.1 Penn State, 2019. Teaching excellence is viewed as:    An academic process by which students are motivated to learn in ways that make a sustained, substantial, and positive influence on how they think, act, and feel;    A process that elevates students to a level where they learn deeply and remarkably  because of teacher attributes such as: commitment, dedication, hardworking, tolerant,  perseverance, sense of integrity, honest, self-determination, and self-actualization with highest professional standard.   Paper Presented By Ngogi Mahaye At Velangaye Academic Day On The 10th Of October 2019 4 1.2 Ron Kurtus, 2012. Postulate excellence as:    Doing an acceptable job in your schoolwork means that you have completed the assignment as required, it was turned in on time, and it was without errors or omissions.    Doing your best On the other hand, doing an excellent job means you have done your  best and have exceeded the expectations of the teacher. Hopefully, it will result in getting a top grade.    In the eye of the beholder, to some degree, excellence is in the eye of the beholder. If you have done your best, you may feel your schoolwork is excellent.    Gain confidence and esteem, it is a good feeling when you complete a difficult school  project. It can increase your confidence in being able to do even more challenging tasks.    If you have done your best, gone the extra mile and produced what you feel is an excellent assignment, you should feel proud of yourself and your abilities. It is especially gratifying if you can look at what you have accomplished with pride.    Get praise and acknowledgement, if your teacher and fellow students also feel that you have done excellent work, you may receive praise or acknowledgement for what you have done.    They may recognize you as a student who does his or her best to do quality work. A student with a reputation for doing excellent work will certainly get better grades than someone who often does a shoddy job.    Becoming excellent, you should make an effort to gain excellence. 1.3 Raise your standard high The first step is to agree on what excellence actually looks like in your subject. What can an excellent year 7 geography student do? What are your expectations of the quality of work for a year 12 student in chemistry? In our department, we start planning every new unit of work  by coming up with a checklist of what we expect students to know and be able to do. We can then use this to plan the learning and create knowledge organizers for pupils to use at home. This approach means that we are always thinking about the purpose of our subject and considering the best it has to offer.   Paper Presented By Ngogi Mahaye At Velangaye Academic Day On The 10th Of October 2019 5 In department meetings, we share examples of excellent work that pupils have created, and log them so we have a bank of work to exemplify standards. This can then be shared with pupils,  parents and colleagues so everyone knows where we are aiming. 1.4 Lead the way Once high standards have been set, we can start ensuring that all students know how to meet them. The bank of excellent work is one way to do this; it can be annotated to explain the criteria it meets and then displayed and discussed. One of the most powerful ways to support a culture of excellence is through live modelling, where the teacher answers a question themselves and explains their thought process in front of the class. The technique can be adapted so that a piece of work is  produced as a class and developed through carefully planned questioning. Varndean College in Brighton has been embracing the idea of a culture of excellence with a number of working groups looking at various pillars of teaching and learning. One group has  been focusing on the use of academic language in discussions to show the standards expected. Complex, subject-specific words are used with their meanings added as an aside. Pupils are challenged on the use of colloquial words in their answers to questions and asked to respond more formally. 2.   Tenets of excellence The Practice Principles for Excellence in Teaching and Learning provide a foundation for the conversations, collaborations and actions at the centre of teaching and learning. For most teachers the Practice Principles will be a familiar part of everyday practice, so the purpose of this resource is to bring them together to guide teacher reflections and conversations about what they teach, the way they teach, and how they think about teaching. Early year’s  teachers will also draw on the VEYLDF Practice Principles for Children’s  Learning and Development which provide an evidenced based understanding of the science of early learning and development to guide teachers to know what children up to eight years of age need to thrive and the pedagogy that best supports this. The Practice Principles
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