Zhirinovskii in the First Russian Republic: A Chronology of Events 1991-1993

Zhirinovskii in the First Russian Republic: A Chronology of Events 1991-1993
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  This article was downloaded by:[Canadian Research Knowledge Network]On:6 May 2008Access Details:[subscription number 783016864]Publisher:RoutledgeInforma Ltd Registered in England and Wales Registered Number: 1072954Registered office: Mortimer House, 37-41 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JH, UK The Journal of Slavic Military Studies Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information: Zhirinovsky in the First Russian Republic: A Chronologyof Events 1991-1993 Andreas UmlandOnline Publication Date:01 July 2006To cite this Article:Umland, Andreas (2006) 'Zhirinovsky in the First RussianRepublic: A Chronology of Events 1991-1993', The Journal of Slavic MilitaryStudies, 19:2, 193 — 241To link to this article: DOI:10.1080/13518040600697761URL: SCROLL DOWN FOR ARTICLEFull terms and conditions of use:,teachingandprivatestudypurposes.Anysubstantialorsystematicreproduction,re-distribution,re-selling,loanorsub-licensing,systematicsupplyordistributioninanyformtoanyoneisexpresslyforbidden.Thepublisherdoesnotgiveanywarrantyexpressorimpliedormakeanyrepresentationthatthecontentswillbecompleteoraccurateoruptodate.Theaccuracyofanyinstructions,formulaeanddrugdosesshouldbeindependentlyverifiedwithprimarysources.Thepublishershallnotbeliableforanyloss,actions,claims,proceedings,demandorcostsordamageswhatsoeverorhowsoevercausedarisingdirectlyorindirectlyinconnectionwithorarising out of the use of this material.     D  o  w  n   l  o  a   d  e   d   B  y  :   [   C  a  n  a   d   i  a  n   R  e  s  e  a  r  c   h   K  n  o  w   l  e   d  g  e   N  e   t  w  o  r   k   ]   A   t  :   1   1  :   1   4   6   M  a  y   2   0   0   8 Journal of Slavic Military Studies  , 19: 193–241, 2006Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLCISSN 1351-8046 printDOI: 10.1080/13518040600697761 FSLV1351-8046Journal of Slavic Military Studies, Vol. 19, No. 02, April 2006: pp. 0–0Journal of Slavic Military Studies ZHIRINOVSKY IN THE FIRST RUSSIAN REPUBLIC: ACHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS 1991–1993 Zhirinovsky in the First RussianRepublicAndreas Umland  Andreas Umland The rise of Vladimir Vol’fovich Zhirinovsky in 1991–1993 from anobscure Russian presidential candidate to an important player in the Russian State Duma is still largely unexplored territory. The following“fact sheet” concludes a cycle of three articles on Zhirinovsky’s pre- and early political life and lists, in chronological order, the major eventsrelated to Zhirinovsky, his party, and his allies between 13 June 1991and 12 December 1993. It also briefly discusses the sources used. Thechronology demonstrates the high activity of the LDPR between 1991 and1993, and suggests that, already in this early period, the political successof Zhirinovsky cannot be solely reduced to putative support from the KGBand his effective media campaigns in the weeks before Russia’s first post- Soviet multi-party parliamentary elections. The chronology below concludes a cycle of three articles devoted to thesuccession of the events leading to the rise of Vladimir Vol’fovichZhirinovsky, leader of the so-called Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia,in 1946–1993. 1 This final part covers the period between the first Russianpresidential elections of June 1991 and the first multiparty post-Sovietparliamentary elections of 12 December 1993. The LDPR won the pro-portional part of the State Duma election with 22.92% of the officiallyreported valid vote. Concurrently, the Russian people adopted, in a refer-endum, a new constitution—which is why the period covered below islabelled “the First Russian Republic.” Address correspondence to Andreas Umland, DAAD Lecturer at the National TarasShevchenko University of Kyiv, in Embassy at Kiev, vul. Bohdana Khmelnytskoho 25,UA-01901 Kyiv, Ukraine. 1 Andreas Umland, ‘Zhirinovsky Before Politics: A Curriculum Vitae  1946–1989,’ The Jour-nal of Slavic Military Studies  , vol. 17, no. 3, 2004, pp. 425–447; idem , ‘Zhirinovsky Enters Poli-tics: A Chronology of the Emergence of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia 1990–1991,’ The Journal of Slavic Military Studies  , vol. 18, no. 1, 2005, pp. 15–30.     D  o  w  n   l  o  a   d  e   d   B  y  :   [   C  a  n  a   d   i  a  n   R  e  s  e  a  r  c   h   K  n  o  w   l  e   d  g  e   N  e   t  w  o  r   k   ]   A   t  :   1   1  :   1   4   6   M  a  y   2   0   0   8 194  Andreas Umland  The various caveats mentioned in the introductions to the first twochronologies apply here too. In particular, future research might specify,modify, or falsify some of the information below which is heavily basedon published primary sources, in particular on information given in the1991–1993 issues of the party newspapers  Liberal (The Liberal), Sokol Zhirinovskogo (Zhirinovsky’s Falcon), Pravda Zhirinovskogo (Zhirinovsky’s Truth), and Slovo Zhirinovskogo (Zhirionovsky’s Word)as well as on secondary sources linked to the LDPR. 2 Obviously, thesepublications will, at times, give biased information. The unbiased second-ary sources used in compiling this chronology too might, at times, reflectpropaganda or canards by the LDPR rather than real events. 3 As another chronicler of the history of the LDPR linked to this party hasrevealed in 1998, the LDPR has its own “archival service” which collects documents and materials on the congresses, plenums, meetings and con-ferences conducted by the party; documents on the work of the faction of the LDPR in the State Duma, the Highest Council, Central Apparatusand regional organizations of the LDPR; materials and stenographicreports of the presentations of V.V. Zhirinovsky and deputies of theLDPR faction at meetings, faction sessions, in the State Duma, etc., doc-uments and materials on the electoral campaigns and others. 4 2 Irina S. Kulikova, ‘Fenomen Zhirinovskogo,’ in: Irina S. Kulikova and Sergei N. Plekhanov, Fenomen Zhirinovskogo (=Seriya ‘Tainy vlasti v organizatsiyakh,’ 3rd vol.), Moskva: Zhurnal‘Kontrolling’ 1992, pp. 5–81; Sergei N. Plekhanov, ‘“Ya – odin iz vas”,’ in: Kulikova andPlekhanov, Fenomen Zhirinovskogo , pp. 82–95; V. Ivanov, Naslazhdenie gibeli. Politika v Rossii:ot nauki do psikhopatii  , Moskva: Akim 1996; I.S. Kulikova, Zhirinovskii: ot Vovy do VladimiraVol’fovicha (Bibliotechka LDPR) , Moskva: n.P. 1997. 3 Vladimir Pribylovsky, Slovar’ novykh politicheskikh partii i organizatsii Rossii  , 4th edn.Moskva: Panorama 1992; idem, Sto politikov Rossii: Kratkii biografichesky slovar’  , 2nd edn.Moskva: Panorama 1993; idem , Russkie natsional-patrioticheskie (etnokraticheskie) i pravo-radikal’nye organizatsii (Kratkii slovar’-sparvochnik) , Moskva: Panorama 1994; idem , ‘A Surveyof Radical Right-Wing Groups in Russia,’ RFE/RL Research Report. The Politics of Intolerance: A Special Issue form the RFE/RL Research Insitute  , vol. 3, no. 16, 22 April 1994, pp. 28–37; idem , ed., Russkie natsionalisticheskie i pravo-radikal’nye organizatsii 1989–1995: Dokumenty i teksty  , 1st vol., Moskva: Panorama 1995; idem , Vozhdi: Sbornik biografii rossiiskikh politicheskikh deyatelei natsionalisticheskoi i impersko-patrioticheskoi orientatsii  , Moskva:Panorama 1995; Aleksandr Verkhovsky, ed., Vladimir Zhirinovsky i Liberal’no-demokrat-icheskaya partiya: Informatsionnyi paket  , Moskva: Panorama 1994; Elena Klepikova andVladimir Solovyov, Zhirinovsky: The Paradoxes of Russian Fascism , transl. by Catherine A.Fitzpatrick, Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Viking/Penguin Group 1995; Peter Conradi, Schirinowski und der neue russische Nationalismus  , transl. by Peter Klumbach, Düsseldorf:ECON 1995; 4 Irina K. Ushakova, Liberal’no-demokraticheskaya partiya Rossii, 1989–1998: Letopis’  sobytii  , Moskva: LDPR 1998, pp. 3–4.     D  o  w  n   l  o  a   d  e   d   B  y  :   [   C  a  n  a   d   i  a  n   R  e  s  e  a  r  c   h   K  n  o  w   l  e   d  g  e   N  e   t  w  o  r   k   ]   A   t  :   1   1  :   1   4   6   M  a  y   2   0   0   8  Zhirinovsky in the First Russian Republic 195 It is hoped that this archive will, one day, become accessible to indepen-dent researchers and make it possible to verify or correct the informationgiven in this and my previous two chronologies.The remaining sources used here are listed in my dissertation. 5 Its bibliog-raphy may be found on the WWW. 6 I shall be grateful for, and happilyacknowledge in possible future publications, any valuable additions, cor-rections or commentaries on the below dates, names, and events. 7 Whenno other person’s name is given, the entry refers to Zhirinovskii.1991 13 JuneTells Russian TV that he would have won thepresidential election the day before, if he had beenable to conduct his election campaign not for 20days but three months; according to the daily  Rab-ochaya tribuna , Zhirinovsky files a protest seek-ing the annulment of votes received by El’tsinbecause the latter used his official position asspeaker of parliament to his advantage.1991 14 JuneGives press-conference partly in French.1991 20 JuneAnnounces candidacy for elections of USSR Pres-ident scheduled for March 1995.1991 July Received by USSR Vice-President GennadyYanaev who promises help in finding premises forLDPSU. 8 1991 JulyUSSR Jurists Union founds weekly Yurid-icheskaya gazeta which becomes major LDPSUplatform until reappearance of   Liberal in early1992.1991 7 JulyGives interview to major nationalist weekly  Liter-aturnaya Rossiya .1991 8 JulyProposes Soyuz speaker V. Alksnis as Governor-General of a Baltic Gouvernement. 5 Andreas Umland, ‘Vladimir Zhirinovsky in Russian Politics: Three Approaches to theEmergence of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia, 1990–1993,’ Dr.phil.-dissertation (onmicro-fiche), Free University of Berlin 1997, chs. 1–3 and Bibliography. 6 Idem , ‘The Fascist Threat in Post-Soviet Russia: An Investigation into the LDPR-Ideol-ogy 1990–1993, and Some Tentative Suggestions on the Appropriateness of the “Weimar Rus-sia” Metaphor,’–98/umland.pdf, pp. 117–140. NATO’sscanning in of the document for electronic publication led to some unfortunate cuts at the endof the lines of the text. 7 Such information could be sent to me by e-mail: 8 Sergei N. Plekhanov, Zhirinovskii: Kto on?  Moskva: Evraziya-Nord/BIMPA 1994.     D  o  w  n   l  o  a   d  e   d   B  y  :   [   C  a  n  a   d   i  a  n   R  e  s  e  a  r  c   h   K  n  o  w   l  e   d  g  e   N  e   t  w  o  r   k   ]   A   t  :   1   1  :   1   4   6   M  a  y   2   0   0   8 196   Andreas Umland  1991 10 JulyPredicts foundation of new ‘third force’, non-com-munist, anti-Gorbachëv alliance of LDPSU, Soyuz and others in early August.1991 16 JulyMoscow daily MK reports an attempt on LDPSUco-founder V. Bogachëv; Bogachëv given aninjection and heavily wounded; according toBogachëv, he received on day before the attempt atelegram from Zhirinovsky urging him to stoppolitical activities.1991 25 JulyHolds press-conference at editorial-board of monthly “thick journal”  Molodaya gvardiya ; con-demns Novo-Ogarëvo Agreement.1991 28 JulyGiven triumphal reception at mass rally in Tira-spol, capital of the “Transnistrian SSR.”1991 30 JulySupports ‘Message to the People’ written byA.Prokhanov and G. Zyuganov, and signed byaltogether twelve leading ultra-conservatives;compares Message to Stalin’s 1941 call for mobi-lization. 9 1991 AugustAndrei Zavidiya’s, Zhirinovsky’s 1991 vice-presi-dential candidate, firm “Zavidiya” registered atMoscow October Rayon  Ispolkom ; “Zavidiya”official sponsor of principal ultra-conservativedaily Sovetskaya Rossiya until June 1992, and co-constitutor of principal ultra-nationalist weekly  Den’ until September 1993.1991 7–9 AugVisits Estonia, on invitation of pro-Russian  Inter-dvizhenie (Internationalist Movement) and Repub-lican Council of Strike Committees; addresses  Interdvizhenie audience in Tallin; several meet-ings at Russian-dominated factories.1991 12 AugVisits self-proclaimed Transnistrian and GagauzSSR in Moldova; gives interview to TASS ’s chief correspondent in Moldova.1991 13 AugV. Manilov, Chief of Information Services of USSR Ministry of Defense, distances himself  9 Sovetskaya Rossiya , 23 July 1991.
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