01_Metals Structure & Weldability

01_Metals Structure & Weldability
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  1 MetalsMetals– –StructureStructure and Weldabilityand Weldability Indian Institute of Welding–ANBRefresher Course–Module 01 Contents  Structure of Metals  Structure of Steels  Weldability of Steels  2 3 A Metallurgical Process  Welding is the joining of two or morepieces of metal by applying  Heat or   Pressure or both …. to form a  Localized union through  Fusion  Re-crystallization across the interface Why should Welding Technologistslearn metallurgy  Welding is mostly done for fabrication of metalsand alloys  Thefinal propertiesof the welded assembly willdepend on themetallurgical structureof the parentmetal and the weld.  All welding processes involveheating and coolingof the components being welded  Thus to ensure a satisfactory welded component,it is necessary tounderstand metallurgicalstructuresand how they and the weld thermalcycle, determine the properties of the weld joint .  3 Welding a major fabrication process  General Engineering  Construction-Earthmoving equipment, cranes  Infrastructure-Buildings , bridges , roads, flyovers, tunnels  Projects-,refineries, fertilizers, steel plants, chemical &petrochemical plants  Automotive sector-2-wheelers, cars, trucks, buses  Railways-Coaches, locomotives, wagons  Shipbuilding and aircraft  Power plants & pressure vessels  Consumer durable-Refrigerators, ACs, Almirahs  Defence-Tanks, APCs, Aircraft, Rockets  Food processing-Dairy, brewery, cooking, freezing eqpt. Materials of Construction  Mild steels, High strength low alloy steels  All general engineering, Infrastructure, Automotive, Shipbuilding,Railways  High tensile steels Defence, penstocks for hydel plants  Creep resisting steels. Boilers and piping in thermal power plants  Stainless steels-Austenitic Chemical & petrochemical plant, refineries, cryogenic plant, foodprocessing, pharmaceuticals  Aluminium Light structurals, boats, dairy equipment, busbars  Copper, Nickel and alloys, Titanium Vessel, piping & heat exchangers in chemicals & food  4 Structure of Metals   All metals and alloys are crystalline  bodies with their atomsarranged in regular order  , which is periodically repeated in three directions   They distinguish them from amorphous bodies whose atomsare in random order   Metals obtained by conventional methods are polycrystallinebodies, consisting of great number of fine crystals differentlyoriented with respect to one another    All typical properties of metals can be explained by the factthat they contain highly mobile electrons  . Structure of metals

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