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Heat Transfer
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  SEMI-INFINITE SOLIDS CALCULATOR Katherine Reinke Deason  Motivation  Easily solve the complicated equations for semi-infinite solids   Accurately solve the non-linear equations to find any variable in all 3 cases   Calculator GUI Description of application for each case Material properties calculated at Ti of the solid Choose one of 3 variables to calculate If a non-linear equation is produced, a pop-up window will prompt for a guess to begin the solver   Click solve to calculate the highlighted variable! Fill in given temperatures   Choose which case applies to problem  Example 1: Problem 5.71 in Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer 6 th  Ed Problem : A tile-iron consists of a massive plate maintained at 150 ° C by an imbedded electrical heater. The iron is placed in contact with a tile to soften the adhesive. The adhesive will soften sufficiently if heated above 50 ° C for at least 2 min, but its temperature should not exceed 120 ° C.  Assume the tile and subfloor to have an initial temperature of 25 ° C and to have equivalent thermophysical properties of k=0.15W/m/K and ρ cp = 1.5E6J/m 3 /K. How long will it take to soften  Answer:  At 0.004m it will be 323K or 50 ° C after 48.71s.
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