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  10000 quiz questions and answers 10000 general knowledge questions and answers  10000 general knowledge questions and answers  NoQuestions Quiz 1 Answers 1Carl and the Passions changed band name to whatBeach Boys2How many rings on the Olympic lag!i e#$hat colour is ermilion a shade o%ed&'ing (og ruled which countryAlbania)$hat colour is *poc+,s blood-reen.$here in your body is your patella'nee / it,s the +neecap 0$here can you ind ondon bridge today3*A / Arizona 04$hat spirit is mi5ed with ginger beer in a 6oscow mule7od+a8$ho was the irst man in space9uri -agarin1:$hat would you do with a 9ashma+$ear it ; it,s an Arab eil11$ho betrayed <esus to the %omans<udas =scariot12$hich animal lays eggs>uc+ billed platypus1#On tele ision what was !lipper>olphin1&$ho,s band was ?he Quarrymen<ohn enon1)$hich was the most successul -rand National horse%ed %um1.$ho starred as the *i5 6illion >ollar 6anee 6a@ors1n the song $altzing 6atilda ; $hat is a <umbuc+*heep14$ho was >an >are,s greatest enemy in the =agle6e+on18$hat is >ic+ -rayson better +nown as%obin /Batman and %obin0 2:$hat was gi en on the ourth day o ChristmasCalling birds21$hat was *+ippy / on ?7 0?he bush +angaroo22$hat does a unambulist do?ightrope wal+er 2#$hat is the name o >ennis the 6enace,s dog-nasher 2&$hat are bactrians and dromedariesCamels /one hump or two02)$ho played ?he !ugiti e>a id <ason2.$ho was the 'ing o *wingBenny -oodman2$ho was the irst man to ly across the channelouis Bleriot24$ho starred as %oc+y Balboa*yl ester *tallone28n which war was the charge o the ight BrigadeCrimean#:$ho in ented the tele ision<ohn ogie Baird#1$ho would use a mashie niblic+-oler #2n the song who +illed Coc+ %obin*parrow##$hat do deciduous trees doose their lea es in winter #&n gol what name is gi en to the No # wood *poon#) you has caries who would you consult>entist ; its tooth decay#.$hat other name is 6ellors amously +nown byady Chatterlys o er #$hat did <ac+ Horner pull rom his piePlum#4How many eet in a athom*i5#8which ilm had song *pringtime or Hitler?he Producers&:Name the legless ighter pilot o ww2>ouglas Bader &1$hat was the name o inn in ?reasure slandAdmiral Benbow&2$hat was =rich $eiss better +nown asHarry Houdini&#$ho sailed in the Nina ; Pinta and *anta 6ariaChristopher Columbus&&$hich leader died in *t HelenaNapoleon Bonaparte&)$ho wrote -one with the $ind6argaret 6itchell&.$hat does ring a ring a roses reer to?he Blac+ >eath&$hose nose grew when he told a liePinocchio&4$ho has won the most Oscars$alt >isney&8$hat would a *cotsman do with a spurtle=at porridge /its a spoon0):$hich award has the words or alour on it7ictoria Cross Page 2  10000 general knowledge questions and answers  NoQuestions Quiz 1Answers )1 you had pogonophobia what would you be araid oBeards)2$ho would ta+e sil+ as part o their @obBarrister )#$ho won an Oscar or the Arican QueenBogart)&$ho sang the theme song in 8 to )>olly Parton))$hat in business terms is the 6!nternational 6onetary !und).%ingo *tar narrates which children,s ?7 series?homas the tan+ engine)$hich country grows the most ruitChina)4$hich company is owned by Bill -ates6icrosot)8$hat would you do with a maris piper=at it ; its a potato.:n Casablanca what is the name o the nightclub%ic+,s.1$hat was the irst <ames Bond boo+Casino %oyal.2$hat +ind o animal is a lurcher>og .#$hat is the currency o Austria*chilling.&$hat is the slamic eual to the red cross%ed Crescent.)n able who sold a cow or i e beans<ac+ / and grew a beanstal+ 0..How did Alred Nobel ma+e his moneyHe in ented >ynamite.$ho was the irst man to run a sub our minute mile%oger Bannister .4$hat are 6unroes6ountains in *cotland.8$hich car company ma+es the Celica?oyota:Air ingus is the national airline o which country%epublic o reland or =ire1$ho disco ered radium?he Curies2$hat does an alopecia suerer lac+Hair #$ho painted ?he Haywain<ohn Constable&?ris+adeccaphobia is the ear o whatNumber 1#)$hat is a baby rabbit called'it or 'itten.$hich country had ?he >auphin as a ruler!rance$ho did 6ichael Caine play in the pcress !ile /both names0Harry Palmer 4$ho won =uro song contest *a e All 9our 'isses !or 6eBrotherhood o 6an8$hich country had the guns o Na erone installed?ur+ey4:ctheologists study what!ish41$hat is a $inston ChurchillCigar 42$ho or what li es in a ormicariumAnts4#$hat type o acid is used in car batteries*ulphuric4&ts a loc+ o sheep what,s a group o owls calledParliament4)$hat animal would you ind in a ormHare4.$ho in boo+s and ilms was the man o bronze>oc *a age4$ho was *tan aurels partnerOli er Hardy44$hat +ind o ood is Cullan *+in+!ish48$hat is classiied by the A B O systemBlood -roups8:$hat plant does the Colorado beetle attac+Potato81$here did the Pied Piper playHamlin82?o where in !rance do the sic+ ma+e pilgrimagesourdes8#n which city was the amous blac+ holeCalcutta8&Christopher Coc+erel in ented whatHo ercrat8)%ay Bolger played who in ?he $izard o Oz*carecrow8.*abotage is !rench ; $hat did the saboteurs use*hoes ; sabot means shoe8$hich part o the human body contains the most gold?oenails84 you had rubella what would you ha e caught-erman 6easles886ohs scale hardest substance is diamond ; what,s the sotest?alc1::a -iaconda is better +nown as what6ona isa Page 3  10000 general knowledge questions and answers  NoQuestions Quiz 2Answers 1$ho wrote the Opera 6adam ButterlyPuccini2$hat lin+s ; -oa ; 'erula ; Assam ; Biharndia#=ric Arthur Blaire was the real name o which author-eorge Orwell&Names ; Ba+er Coo+ ob ious what did Cordwainer do*hoema+er )$hich country do *inologists studyChina.%udy *te ens became amous under which nameBarbara *tanwyc+ $hich non alcoholic cordial is made rom pomegranates-renadine4$hat is Orchesis ; either proessional or amateurArt o >ancing8?a+en literally what should you see in a HippodromeHorses1:$ho wrote the 6an in the ron 6as+Ale5ander >umas11$hich 188# >isney ilm starred Bet 6iddler as a witchHocus Pocus12$ho piloted the irst light across the =nglish channelouis Bleriot1#$hat was the irst <ames Bond ilm>r No1&$hat 1881 ilm won best ilmD actorD actressD director Oscars*ilence o the ambs1)$hat was the capital o =thiopiaAddis Ababa1.Aescapalious emblem sta sna+e -ree+ %oman god o what6edicine1-iacomo Agostini ; 122 -rand Pri5 1) world titles what sport6otorcycle %acing14$hat is the largest state in the 3*AAlas+a18ed >eighton trilogy -ame *et 6atch $hat # Capitals Berlin 6e5icoondon2:Alan *tuart 'onigsberg amous as who$oody Allen21$hich human rights organisation ounded 18.1 got Nobel 18Amnesty nternational22$hose autobiography was ?he long wal+ to !reedomNelson 6andela2#$hat was disco ered in 1822 by Howard Carter?utan+amen tomb2&Clyde ?onbaugh disco ered what planet in 18#:Pluto2)$ho won the women,s heptathlon at *eoul in 1844<ac+ie <oyner;'ersey2.$ho wrote Northanger Abbey<ayne Austin2$ho ran through the streets na+ed crying =ure+aArchimedes24$ho composed the Brandeberg concertos ull names<ohan *ebastian Bach28$ho won the $orld *eries in 1846innesota twins#:$hat is the correct term o address to the Pope9our Holiness#1n which city was Ale5ander -raham Bell born in 14&=dinburgh#2$ho composed the ballets *leeping Beauty and ?he Nutcrac+er?chai+o s+y##A- Bell opened school in Boston in 142 or ?eachers o what?he >ea #&Ben@amin 'ubels+y 148& ame as what comedian<ac+ Benny#)n the Old ?estament what boo+ comes between Obadiah ; 6icah<onah#.%obin $illiams dressed in drag or which 188# ilm6rs >oubtire#$hich chess piece could be a member o the churchBishop#4$hich -erman word means lightning war used in $$2Blitz+rieg#8Broccoli belongs to what amily o plantsCabbage&:$ho designed the irst ron ship the -reat Britain in 14&)E 'ingdom Brunel&1$hose boat Bluebird was recently raised rom Coniston water>onald Campbell&2in 18)1 which /o two0 car companies introduced power steeringBuic+ ; Chrysler &#$ho wrote Catch 22 /both names0<oseph Heller &&$hich country set up the worlds irst chemistry lab in 1.):Netherlands&)$hat lin+s the names Bot ini+D ?alD 'arpo D !ischerChess $orld Champs&.$hat is the national lower o <apanChrysanthemum&Bombardier Billy $ells was seen on many %an+ ilms ; whyHit -ong&4$here in !rance do claret wines come romBordeau5&8$hat did mathematician <ohn Napier in ent in 1.1&ogarithms):$hat was the worlds irst high le el programming language 18) B6 !O%?%AN Page 4
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