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CTWEL CWI Proposal (english version)
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    Training Program for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors   CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN TƯ VẤN VÀ ĐÀO TẠO CTWEL CTWEL - Consulting and Training Joint Stock Company  AWS CWI TRAINING COURSE This program was built to training for Welding Inspectors, meeting the requirements of AWS QC1:2007 & AWS B5.1  –    Specification for the qualification of Welding Inspector  . Address : 25A Le Van Them Str., Thanh Xuan Dist., Ha Noi City/ 347, Doi Can Str., Ba Dinh Dist., Ha Noi City Phone : 04.35578563 Fax : 04.35577928 Email :  ebsite :  CTWEL/CWI/prop/16092014 [CWI  –   Training Program] 2 September 16, 2014 To our Customers, INTRODUCTION TO THE TRAINING PROGRAM    This program was built base on the necessary knowledge of a Welding Inspector meet the requirements of AWS QC1:2007 and some guides from AWS.    This program provides for trainees the knowledge about: Welding processes, cutting  processes, welding symbol and drawing, welding inspection, welding metallurgy, testing methods (DT, NDT) and quality of weld, …   COURSE CONTENTS I.   Part A: Fundamentals  : 1.   Welding Inspection and Certification 2.   Safe Practices for Welding Inspectors 3.   Metal Joining and Cutting Processes 4.   Weld Joint Geometry and Welding Symbols 5.   Documents Governing Welding Inspection and Qualification 6.   Metal Properties and Destructive Testing 7.   Metric Practice for Welding Inspection 8.   Welding Metallurgy for the Welding Inspector 9.   Weld and Base Metal Discontinuities 10.   Visual Inspection and Other NDE Methods and Symbols II.   Part B: Practical 1.   Equipment The following equipment must be in good working order and fit for its purpose: 1.1.   Welding equipment Processes covered by the syllabus may be shown by means of demonstrations or video presentations. 1.2.    NDT equipment Equipment for the following methods must be available for demonstration and/or practical work. The number of pieces of equipment is shown in brackets. X-ray equipment (One set minimum, only for demonstration) Radiograph viewers (Two persons per viewer) 1.3.    Measuring instruments Weld size gauges, magnifying glasses, rules, angle protractors and other appropriate equipment must be available for visual inspection exercises. 2.   Specimens  CTWEL/CWI/prop/16092014 [CWI  –   Training Program] 3 A range of weld specimens containing appropriate defects for practical NDE exercises must reflect the range of joint types found in practice, such as butt joints in  plate, Tee joints. The defects must be fully recorded in control diagrams. A range of weld specimens for visual inspection must also be available containing surface and surface breaking defects. Weld cross sections containing defects, polished and etched, should be available to demonstrate the types of defect found in welds made by the processes listed in item 1.1 above. 3.   Radiography A collection of radiographs covering a range of applications must be available for  practical work on radiographic interpretation. III.   Part C: Code Book AWS CODE CLINIC-AWS D1.1 /D1.1M:2010 or API 1104 1. Review the code section(s) being considered; 2. Consider how the subject of the module is or may be applicable in practice; 3. Answer the exercise questions. CONDITION TO OPEN THE COURSE    CTWEL will open the course if have from 7 to 15 participants (maximum is 20 people  per class). And the price above was calculated in case of the class has 7  –   15 trainees. REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICANTS    Welding Engineer with over 01 years of practical experience in supervision of welding    Mechanical engineering with over 02 years of practical experience in supervision of welding.    6G welder or have more than 05 years of practical experience.    Ability to read and understand technical documents in English TRAINING COURSE/ EXAM DATE    This is an intensive course to be presented over ten (10) consecutive days.    The training course/ exam dates will be decided based on our mutually agreed dates (01 day).    Schedule of study:    Morning: from 8:00 am  –   11:30 am    Afternoon: from 13:30 pm  –   17:00 pm    Break-time: each 30 minutes (After each 90 minutes of study). CERTIFICATION & QUALIFICATION Organize the exam and certification following the guide of AWS QC1:2007 & AWS B5.1, Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors.  CTWEL/CWI/prop/16092014 [CWI  –   Training Program] 4 For Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) For Certified Associated Welding Inspector (CAWI) COURSE FEE Items Unit Quantity Price ( VNĐ ) Total (VNĐ ) Note 1. Training course: Participant 1 16,000,000 16,000,000 7  –   10 applicants/class 14,000,000 14,000,000 11  –   15 applicants/class 12,000,000 12,000,000 16  –   20 applicants/class 2. Exam and certification issue Cert. 1 4,000,000 4,000,000 TRAINING MATERIALS: 1.   Mandatory materials:    WIT - Welding Inspection Technology;      AWS D1.1 - Structural Welding Code  –  Steel  ; Or  API 1104 - Welding of Pipelines and  Related Facilities (20th Edition with 2008 Errata/Addenda)      AWS B1.11 - Guide for the visual examination of welds. 2.   Reference materials:    AWS A2.4 - Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and Nondestructive Examination.      AWS A3.0 - Standard Welding Terms & Definitions.      ASME IX - Welding & Brazing Qualification .    API 1104 - Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities.    ASME B31.1 - Code for Pressure Piping, Power Piping. TRADE CONDITIONS: Included Price:    Training service is excluded tax (VAT=0%).    The price above is included cost for training room, training equipments, printing materials, coffee in break-time;
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