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1994 - Klaus Wedekind, with Charlotte Wedekind, Initial Survey of the Zway Area . S.L.L.E. Linguistic Report no. 14 January 1994

1994 - Klaus Wedekind, with Charlotte Wedekind, Initial Survey of the Zway Area . S.L.L.E. Linguistic Report no. 14 January 1994
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  Initial SLLE Survey of the Zway AreaKlaus WedekindandCharlotte WedekindSIL International2002  2 Contents 1 Introduction2 Update: Population Estimates3 The 320-Item SLLE Word List on Zway, Provided by Beriso Sado Bedecha, with Silt'e Entries Provided by Eeva Gutt and Hussein Mohammed  3 1 Introduction  This report presents findings from a short visit to a settlement of Zway speakers west of Asella at the shores of Lake Zway. The first results will be presented here without interpretation. ∗    Zway   (Lak'i) is a language which is comparatively well-researched, with the exception of its sociolinguisticaspects and its developments during recent decades. The survey team gratefully acknowledges the help which was given by various individuals and the administrativeoffices concerned: We appreciated the preparation of explanatory letters by Ato Katamaa Wayyeessaa   and his staff (The Oromiya Council, Addis Ababa); the directions from Ato Abote   of the Showa Administration(Zway), and the enjoyable hospitality and help from the school director Getachew Eshetu Belachew   and his staff atthe shores of Lake Zway: The data were provided by Beriso Sado Bedecha.   We also appreciated the linguistic helpwhich we received from the Silt'e dictionary team, who took time to prepare a Silt'e  word list to facilitate lexicalcomparisons: thanks to Eeva Gutt and Hussein Mohammed. 2 Update: Population Estimates   The teachers Getachew Eshetu Belachew   and Beriso Sado Bedecha    provided estimates about the Zway-speaking population. The figures are those of the following sketch map; the total comes to a little less than 4000 speakers.  On the shores: Herera Mendoyu: 30 Zway speakersMek'i town: 300 Zway speakersWoch'eessa area: 1000 Zway speakersZway town: 100 Zway speakers  On the islands: Funduro: 50 Zway speakersTsedecha: 700 speakersDebre Tsiyon (Tullugiddo): 500 Zway speakersDebre Sina: noneGelila: none  Zway   (Lak'i)- speaking areas: sketch and figures(based on a sketch by Beriso Sado Bedecha)  ∗ An earlier version of this report appeared in Survey of Little-known Languages of Ethiopia S.L.L.E. LinguisticReport 14, January 1994. Addis Ababa: Institute of Ethiopian Studies and Summer Institute of Linguistics.  4 3 The 320-Item SLLE Word List on  Zway, Provided by Beriso Sado Bedecha,with  Silt'e Entries Provided by Eeva Gutt   and Hussein Mohammed No. English Gloss Silt'e Zway 320.all(h)ul ˘ hul˘umanÆ 326.and-wa ˘ wa 129.animaldi ˘ nat / bisa ˘ wa / giza ˘ t  gÆza˘t 137.antgo ˘ nda/go ˘ nde  tÆfa˘Su 251.arrow?  t'Ælo 205.ashesamad  /am´d 118.ask, she askstasa ˘ la  t´sa˘l´nu 327.atba-  ja ji 051.axekalta  SÆbat˘a 032.back   tS 'in / an tS 'e  mÆsk´t 257.badbo ˘ z  bad˘u 182.bananamu ˘ z  mu˘z 179.bark, it barksnok'e  /u˘nba˘lo 052.bark, of treelit'a ˘tS 'e  lit 056.basketk'ar  tS 'a ˘ t  k'urk'u 135.bat  tS 'alas /  j a ˘ ro ˘ t unf   ja˘ru˘t 'unf  304.bathe, he bathestara ˘ t'a  t´ra˘t'anu 113.bear, she b. a child  tS 'e ˘¯ e  tS'iN˘itunu 018.beard, cf. chinkin tS if   /areda 144.beehivek'afo  ga˘gura 029.bellydal  dad 265.big  j aro ˘ re / gido ˘ n (tall)  gÆd˘ir 152.birdunf   /u˘nf  181.bite, verb/ vt. / nakasa  nakasanu 242.blackt'e ˘ m  gambal´ 046.blooddam  d´m 007.blow, he blowsnofe / foge / uf  ˘  ba ˘ la  ufumbal´w 044.boneat'm  /at'Æm 250.bow, see arrow?-028.breastt'ub  t'ub 230.bridgezara ˘ m ˘   j i ˘ ndat li dZ  / ma ˘ t'a / wa ˘dZ i  /u˘n 246.brownda ˘ ma / ka ˘ ra  bun˘am˘a 171.buffalorafazo  goS 200.burn, it burns/ vi. / nadada  n´d´d´nu 048.bush?-033.buttocksfo ˘ do  mo/o, he buysvt. / wakaba  w´wh´b 229.canoesafi ˘ na / markab  dZ´lba 174.catadan  /adur˘u 151.chickenin tS 'a ˘ k'o  /Ænta˘k'u  5126.chiefwa ˘dZ i-119.child  tS 'u ˘ lo  baju 017.chingu ˘ n tS 'a  /areda 153.claw  tS 'a ˘ fla-211.clayafar /  Sirk'a (fresh dung)  SÆrk'a 296.clothingliba ˘ s  lÆba˘Sa 222.clouddabana  da˘bana 202.cold, adjectivebarad  bara˘du 203.cold, of weatherbird  k'or˘a 180.come, it comesmat'a  m´t'a˘nu 081.cook, cooks food/ vt. / dZ e ˘ re  /abasaltunu 088.cough, he coughs/ vi. / sinababa /ux˘anba˘lo 184.count, c. the bananas/ vt. / e ˘ lak'a  jil´k'´nu 148.cowla ˘ m  la˘mun 169.crocodileaz ˘ o  /az˘o 262.crookedmuk  ˘ t'ama˘ma 084.cupsi ˘ n  kok˘ob˘´ 074.cut, he cuts meat/ vt. / k'o ˘tS 'e  k'o˘tS'in, he dances/ vi. /  S e ˘  bala / tafe ˘ k'ara  t´f k'´r´nu 227.dewloja  fit'ensa 093.die, he dies/ vi. / mo ˘ ta  mo˘tanu 062.dig, he digs/ vt. / kare  k'umf´r´nu 299.dirty, of clothingnit'r   n´t'aru 176.dogbu tS o  gÆNi 149.donkeyuma ˘ r   /uma˘r 189.door, see gatewazgab  gÆfÆt' 284.downkolo  w´st' 083.drink, he drinks/ vt. / sa tS e  sat˘Si 011.drumkarabo  /arabu 298.dry, of clothingdarak'  d´r´k' 249.dulldurzuz  du˘ma 213.dusttib ˘ a  /aS´waj 004.earizn  /ÆzÆn, groundda tS˘ i  leJm, he eats/ vt. / bala  b´l´n 078.eggbu ˘  b ˘ a  /Ænk'ak'u 103.eightsum ˘ ut ˘ sum˘utÆn 035.elbowkirma ˘  jo  tSÆkÆl´ 302.emptygo ˘ f  ˘ a  gu˘funu 191.enter, e. the house/ vi. / gaba  gaba˘nu 192.exit, e. the house/ vi. / wat'a  w´t'a˘nu 022.eyei ˘ n  /in 021.eyebrowk'irb  kÆfkÆft 092.fall, he falls down/ vi. / wadak'a  w´d´k´nu, field/ vt. (field) / arasa  /urawSa 077.fat, grease  tS 'o ˘ ma / mo ˘ ra  tS'o˘ma, mo˘ra 115.fatherabot / a ˘  b ˘ o  /a˘bu
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