1st Year English Important Questions

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  1st Year English Important Questions & Notes for Exam 2013   Q1: Why did Norma consider (he (One and attitude Df Mr. Steward Offensive?    Ans. she found Mr. stewards attitude uflensiye because he had ignored her indinerent attitude.   Q2: Why did Arthur disagree with his wife?    Ans. Arthurdisagreed with her oecause he thought it wduid be a murder to get someone kiiied.   Q3: Why did Norma persuade her husband to agree with her?    Ans. she wanted to have me money in orderto fulfiii her desires for a better iire.   Q4: what were the reasons Norma gave to her to her husband to accept the offer?    Ans. she said it might beiust a sort of survey or research   Q5: Why did Mr. steward continue persuading Norma?    Ans. He knew that she was a weak character and worid graduaiiy come round to his suggestion.   Q6: what was the message Norma received on pushing the button?    Ans. she was iniormed that her husoahd had heen i<i|ied in supway accident.   Q7: what is the significance of Arthur’s me —insurance policy?    Ans. It was the only source or big money tor Norma.   Q8: mu Norma remain normai on hearing the news of accident of her husband?    Ans. No she was desoerateiy unset.   Q1. what dues hunger niean on a large scale as viewed by the author?    Ans. hunger on a lavge sceie means never rieving enough to eat   Q2. Describe some great famines or the past?    Ans. some great rainines oi the past are listed beiowrl guring the reign or an Egyptian priaraoh the river Niie   reinaineg wllhoulflocd Tor seven years causing a severe ramine.(2)hom me hirth orcn ristto about 1300 chere   occurred one iemine every rive years in Europe   Q3. HOW do famines occur?    Ans. (1) when the number oi cieopie is greater than the amount of food avaiiaoie. (2) when crops raii due to some    disease. (2) when there are iess crops heoause of the iack of rain.   Q4. What iS meant by birth rate and deilh rate?    Ans sinri rete meens the numberof hirth per 1000 popuiation whiie ueeth rate means the number oiueeths oer   1000 popuiation.   Q5. What have public health measures to do with increase in population?    Ans Pubhc rieaith measures iike the discovery and use of meoicines and epidemic controi have gone a lung way to   decrease the death rate when dath rate decreases. nooulauon increases.   Q6. Account for the high! birth— rate in the underdeveloped  countries?    Ans. in underdeveloped countries uirth rate is very high as people are iiiiterate they think mat they need not pian   their iire as God is responsitiie for an their rieeos. They oniy preauce children but no means or Ieeoing ano educating.   Q1: what was the color of the overcoat of young inan?    Ans. The color or the Yourlgmarl’s overcoat was brown.   Q2: what was his appearance?    Ans. he locked a danoy Vourlgman of smart ano graceful appearance He was wearing a graceful piown oyeiooat   Wllh a cute llttle CF55″! colored row lrl VH5 collar. Orl VH5 head WE had 6 chic hat and lll hlS hand El smart lltllé came   SUCK ln short he looked the rnooel of fashion and genmel manners.   Q3: Why did the people come out on the Mall?    Ans. The people came out on the mall for amusement and nth varlety or food that was ayailanle at various hotels,   restauiano and stalls.   Q4: what were the people wearing who came on the mall?    Ans. Most 01 the oeoule were wearing oyercoats and other winter wear   Q5: Why was the cat shivering?    Ans. The at was shivering with cold    Q5: Why did the drive of the triielt speed away after the aeeident?    Ans. The truck driver speu away to escape arrest tor running over the vosrcrrian   Q1. Describe a day in theme of a Chinese student?    Ans A Chinese student gels up early in the morning Does a lew chores in the house ann after haying his oreaklast   goes to school where he stays till 11 Then he goes to his home butartertaklng his lunch he comes back to school   and remains there till 3 o’clock. Then he goes back h ome.   Q3. Why has the world changed its attitude towards china?    Ans After inoepeiioence in 1241, sne oecamea oig power in zo years The chinese depended on themselves They   promoted agrlcullure, controlled the riyers and floods and checked population. The improved their lrlduSU’V and   foreign trade, languages and the arts, ano yillage and city lire.   Q4. Discuss the cliinese agriculture system?   Q7: Why did the son at the age of sic cry?    Ans. The son cried oeoause he had lost the lidle wooden toy plough that his father had made for him   QB: what were the feelings 01 the old rnan at the age of seventy?    Ans. The old man was still in high spirits and loved to go un wurklrlg as a farmer.   Q9: Why had the old man planted his secret garden?    Ans. he had planted his secret garden to honourthe memories of his youth, when he had huilt up a large rami with   the help of his wile   Chti mil} Dark Thev \\ ere Antl Golden Evetl   Q1: why did rlarry want to go hack to earth?    Ans. harry wanted to go hath to the earth, because the and his family had lost their identity an the rriars. There   was a strange effect in the Martian air harry felt that it would gradually drive them our of their wits.   Q2: why did he want to stay?     Ans. harry wanted to stay on the mars till the end oi the nuclear war on the earth. here at last they were sale Al   hrst he had wanted to go back, out me news of war on the with changed him mind.   Q3: what was the climate they faced?    Ans. The climate 01 mars was strange it was pleasant when the landed on the mans. But the surnmer was   intoleiiahly hdtand dry. Even the canals went dry.   Q4: what was the condition of the Bittering family on hearing the news pr war on   Q10. Why couldn’t penicillin have been discovered in the research laboratories of     America?    Ans. Penrcrllrn was drscovered accidentally when the germs culture pram was contamrnated oy mould spares. But rn    Amerrca research lahoratorres the culture plates could never he contamrnated, ror the arr was too pure, there was no   way rn tor spores or common mould.   Q11. Fleming’s achievement paved the way for other discoveries in the medical field.   what are they?    Ans. Fleming’s achrevernent has opened new horrzons or drsease treatment. He rounded the growth rnhrurtrng   treatment or disease He provoked others to seek new antrorotrcs Making research on the lrnes grven dy Flemrng   tame new drugs, make oy nature ol whrch the oest known at present rs streptomycin   Q12. Give an account of the early life of Fleming?    Ans. Flemrng was born rn mat rn Scotland Hrs ratherdred when he was rust seven, he studred at the Darvel School   trll the age of twelve Then he studred at the Krlmarnock academy At rourteen, he went to Landon where he studred   at regent street polytechnic (that rs a technrcal school). Al sixteen Fleming got the lob ofa clerk rn a shrpprng hrm. At   twenty he gota share rn a property Thus m he got the money to study medrcrne.  
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