2454 Most basic way of life in the coming time.... The individual person's fate....

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  WORD OF GOD... through Bertha Dudde 2454 Most basic way of life in the coing tie.... !he indi idual #erson$s fate.... !he coing tie will bring a treendous change of the e%istingli ing conditions and #eo#le will be forced to lead a co#letelydifferent life in the idst of disorder and dreadful chaos& for theforthcoing natural disaster will cause iense destruction and itwill ta'e a long tie until the forer order can be restored again. ( ery #erson will ha e to content hiself with a ost basic way of life& he will be unable to lay any 'ind of clai to a cofortable lifeand be e%#osed to de#ri ations and tribulations which see alostunbearable to hi. )nd yet he will often as' hiself the *uestion of why he is sub+ected to this aggra ated life and be unable to gi eany other answer than that the state of his soul needs this test. )nd if he coes to this conclusion by hiself he will also try toada#t to the aggra ated li ing conditions and as co#ensationen isage an easier life in the beyond& in which case it will alsobecoe ore bearable on earth& for he should coe to therealisation that e erything that befalls #eo#le corres#onds to God$seternal counsel. )nd then he will also ha e a co#assionate heart for his fellowhuan being& he will hel# where er it is feasible and those whobelie e in God and are stri ing towards ,i will utually ease thead ersity. For lo e dwells within the and this hel#s to endure ando ercoe e erything because it #ro ides the huan being withstrength fro God& Who is lo e -tself.  The human being's attitude towards their neighbours'hardship will determine how long he has to live in povertyand difficult living conditions on earth himself....  ,e cani#ro e these by being willing to hel# his neighbour& for then Godwill also #ro ide hi with the o##ortunity to #ut his will into actionby gi ing to hi what he needs hiself so that he can also shareit with those who& li'e hi& li e in ost wretched conditions andthus lead a tough e%istence. !he indi idual #erson$s intelligence will not be decisi e since it willnot be able to acco#lish uch because all #re ious li ingconditions will ha e changed and only utost #atience and awillingness to a'e sacrifices will a'e life bearable aongst eachother. For it de#ends on this which 'ind of fate God will bestowu#on the indi idual to endure. God ,iself is lo e& and this lo e does not want #eo#le$s sufferingbut their ha##iness e%ce#t that this ha##iness cannot be grantedto the as long as they thesel es do not recognise that God islo e. ,owe er& in order to learn to recognise ,i a heart has to becoelo ing& and lo e generally awa'ens through great ad ersity anddistress. )nd thus God has to send those u#on huanity in order tofan the s#ar' of lo e in e ery #erson$s heart& and de#ending howhe will then #ro e hiself he will also be considered on the #art of the eternal Deity. )nd so he can ery *uic'ly #re#are a tolerable life for hiself againif he also does e erything on his #art to ease his fellow huanbeings$ ad ersity. )nd he will truly be offered enough o##ortunity to let his hearts#ea'.... ,e will be able to be lo ingly acti e in any differentways.... /#iritually as well as earthly deands will be ade on hiwhich he only needs to fulfil in order to also reduce his ownhardshi# and a'e his life ore bearable.... )en  0ublished by friends of new re elations of God 1 -nforation&download of all translated re elations& theeboo'lets at3 htt#3www.berthaenglishl  — htt#3en.bertha
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