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  What is the MAIN purpose of a Master Test Plan?Q #:7File:305 A To counicate ho! inci ents !ill e ana$e % D B To counicate ho! testin$ !ill e perfore % A C To pro uce a test sche ule% B   D To pro uce a !or& rea& o!n structure% Ans:'In a ()A*TI+) approach to testin$ !hen !oul ,ou e-pect the ul& of the test esi$n !or& to Q #:.File:3/5e e$un? A  After the soft!are or s,ste has een pro uce % A B urin$ e1elopent% C C  As earl, as possile% B   D urin$ re2uireents anal,sis% Ans:AThe process of esi$nin$ test cases consists of the follo!in$ acti1ities:Q #:/File:04i% )laorate an escrie test cases in etail , usin$ test esi$n techni2ues%ii% pecif, the or er of test case e-ecution%iii% Anal,se re2uireents an specifications to eterine test con itions%i1% pecif, e-pecte results% Accor in$ to the process of i entif,in$ an esi$nin$ tests6 !hat is the correct or er of these acti1ities? A iii6 i6 i16 ii% A B iii6 i16 i6 ii% D C iii6 ii6 i6 i1% B   D ii6 iii6 i6 i1% Ans:A Incorrect form of Logic coverage is:a.Statement Coverage b.Pole Coveragec.Condition Coveraged.Path CoverageAnd:d  Fault Masing isa.!rror condition hiding another error condition b.Creating a test case hich does not reveal a faultc.Masing a fault b# develo$er d.Masing a fault b# a tester Ans:A Question 0What is the ifference et!een a proect ris& an a pro uct ris&?Q #:0File:345 A Proect ris&s are potential failure areas in the soft!are or s,ste8 pro uct ris&s are ris&s that surroun the B proect9s capailit, to eli1er its oecti1es% B Proect ris&s are the ris&s that surroun the proect9s capailit, to eli1er its oecti1es8 pro uct ris&s are A potential failure areas in the soft!are or s,ste% C Proect ris&s are t,picall, relate to supplier issues6 or$aniational factors an technical issues8 pro uct ris&s D are t,picall, relate to s&ill an staff shorta$es% D Proect ris&s are ris&s that eli1ere soft!are !ill not !or&8 pro uct ris&s are t,picall, relate to supplier issues6 C or$aniational factors an technical issues% Ans:'  Question ;Which of the follo!in$ is a characteristic of $oo testin$ in an, life c,cle o el?Q #:;File:/0 A  All ocuent re1ie!s in1ol1e the e1elopent tea% D B oe6 ut not all6 e1elopent acti1ities ha1e correspon in$ test acti1ities% C C )ach test le1el has test oecti1es specific to that le1el% A D  Anal,sis an esi$n of tests e$ins as soon as e1elopent is coplete% Ans:* Question .The follo!in$ stateents are use to escrie the asis for creatin$ test cases usin$ either lac& Q #:.File:4or !hite o- techni2ues:i inforation aout ho! the soft!are is constructe %ii o els of the s,ste6 soft!are or coponents%iii anal,sis of the test asis ocuentation%i1 anal,sis of the internal structure of the coponents%Which coination of the stateents escries the asis for lac& o- techni2ues? A ii an iii% A B ii an i1% C C i an i1% D   D i an iii% Ans:AWhich is the M<T iportant a 1anta$e of in epen ence in testin$?Q #:3/File:=/ A  An in epen ent tester a, fin efects ore 2uic&l, than the person !ho !rote the soft!are% B B  An in epen ent tester a, e ore focuse on sho!in$ ho! the soft!are !or&s than the person !ho !rote C the soft!are% C  An in epen ent tester a, e ore effecti1e an efficient ecause the, are less failiar !ith the soft!are D than the person !ho !rote it% D  An in epen ent tester a, e ore effecti1e at fin in$ efects isse , the person !ho !rote the soft!are%  Ans:  For testin$6 !hich of the options elo! est represents the ain concerns of *onfi$uration Q #:3File:335Mana$eent?i% All ites of test!are are i entifie an 1ersion controlle 8ii% All ites of test!are are use in the final acceptance test8iii% All ites of test!are are store in a coon repositor,8i1% All ites of test!are are trac&e for chan$e81% All ites of test!are are assi$ne to a responsile o!ner81i% All ites of test!are are relate to each other an to e1elopent ites% A i6 i16 1i% A B ii6 iii6 1% B C i6 iii6 i1% C   D i16 16 1i% Ans:A Question 35In !hich of the follo!in$ or ers !oul the phases of a foral re1ie! usuall, occur?Q #:35File:/73 A Plannin$6 preparation6 &ic& off6 eetin$6 re!or&6 follo! up% D B >ic& off6 plannin$6 preparation6 eetin$6 re!or&6 follo! up% C C Preparation6 plannin$6 &ic& off6 eetin$6 re!or&6 follo! up% B   D Plannin$6 &ic& off6 preparation6 eetin$6 re!or&6 follo! up% Ans: Question 37*onsi er the follo!in$ techni2ues% Which are static an !hich are ,naic techni2ues?Q #:37File:/=3i% )2ui1alence Partitionin$%ii% se *ase Testin$%iii%ata Flo! Anal,sis%i1%)-plorator, Testin$%1% ecision Testin$%1i Inspections%
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